WOD’s for the week, 2-8 to 2-12-16

February 8, 2016

CFG Open Prep

Things are getting close!  This week and likely next, your programmed day of rest will shift to wednesday and M,T, TH And F are all past Open WOD’s.  Take your score and compare it to the leaderboards at  “games.crossfit.com” and get an idea of where you need last minute tweeks.  For example.  This past weekend I did 14.5 21-18-15-12-9-6-3  Thursters@ 95/OTB Burpees on Saturday and 14.3  Deadlifts 10@135, 15@185, 20@225, 25@275, 30@315 etc with 15 Box Jumps/Step ups in between every round.  I took my score and compared it to the Masters 45-49 leaderboard from 2014.  In both cases, myscore places me in the worldwide top 100,  which was my goal.  Therefore, in the brief time remaining, I probably won’t do much in the way of deadlifts/box jumps/thrusters or Burpees, opting instead for the overhead elements, Double Unders, hanging elements and Olympic pieces, where I am much weaker. ( For instance 12.2, 30 snatches at 75/135/165 etc  I placed somewhere around 200th. )

Monday– 14.4  AMRAP in 14–60 cal row, 50 Toes 2 Bar, 40 Wallballs, 30 Cleans, 20 Muscleups (ring).

Tuesday–14.5  For time 21-18-15-12-9-6-3  Thusters 95/65, OTB Burpees.

Wednesday– Rest, Roll Recover.

Thursday– 14.3  10 Deads @ 135/95,  15 Deads@185/135, 20 Deads@225/155, 25deads@275/185, 30 Deads @ 315/205.  15 Box Jumps/Stepups between every round.

Friday-  For Time-  @ 95/65.  10OHS, 10 c2b Pullups, 10 OHS, 10 c2b Pullup, 12 OHS, 12 c2b Pullup, 12 OHS, 12 c2bPullup, 14 OHS, 14 c2b Pullup, 14 OHS, 14 c2b Pullup.


Diet Contest

Crunch Time.  My suggestion for contestants is nothing but strict eating, long, moderately intense monostructural activity and isolation muscle fatigue.  To that end, if every day this week looked something like this:

20 Minutes Airdyne zone 1.  3×20 Back Exercise A,  3 x 15 back Exercise B, 20 minutes Ski erg.  

That would make plenty of sense.  So anyone who wants to follow that pattern, you are weapons-free to do so.  IF, however, you are bored by that prescription or not in the contest and looking for more Crossfit-esque programming, here we go. 5 Tough Grinders.

Monday-  Diet Nascar-  For time/12 Minute Cap.  20 Back squats 135/95, 20 S2O @ 85/65 x 5 rounds.

Tuesday- For time-  100 Deads 135/95 followed by 100 Wallballs 20/14.  EMOM 3 burpees.

Wednesday-  The Abdominal CINDY  AMRAP in 20 Minutes of 5 pullups, 10 Pushups, 15 Airsquats, 20 Situps.

Thursday– 40-50 Minutes  Zone 1 Recovery.

Friday– 5x Airdyne for 1 minute  max Calories, 1 min Kettlebell Swings for max reps.  Rest 4 minutes.  Score is total cals plus swings.





  1. I’m still sore from doing AbCindy this past Thursday.

  2. Brock- what’s the clean weight on 14.4?

  3. NASCAR- 105 RX

  4. nascar with cleans instead of squats at rx weights: 100. the cleans got very heavy, very fast.
    then i did some rowing and planks.

  5. Monday Open Prep: 170 @ 85

  6. DIET NASCAR=170Rx
    Overhead squat=225 PR (2nd place)
    Snatch=205 PR (1st place)
    Earning the right to wear CB crossfit shirt priceless

    • The force is strong with this young one.

    • Very good day, Terrance!

  7. Diet 195rx

  8. 14.4
    173 reps rx

  9. NASCAR – 148 reps in 15 minutes at 5pm class. For my own personal record I’m noting that I ran 3.1 miles at 2:45pm so I came into this already tired. And I had my running shoes on instead of my flat CF shoes. Not sure the shoes made a difference, but I’m certain the running before did. Plus I had K Fox blasting through it beside me so it was a little intimidating. 😁

    All in all a fun workout that I am going to feel tomorrow. I rolled out and am drinking Progenix so that should help.

    • Definitely the shoes didn’t help. Nice job KDAWG!

    • Nice Kathleen!!!

  10. 140rx

  11. Diet nascar 12:12

    • Holy amazeballs. I’m going to start stalking you ( a la swim fan) to find out the secrets of your awesomeness. Nice job.

  12. HBBS 195x3x5
    14.4 sub out ab mat pikes- shoulder couldn’t hang for t2b today

  13. Diet 178rxd

  14. Tuesday open workout 20:33 rx. That hurt!

  15. Diet Tuesday :
    Deadlift / Wallballs WOD: 15:51 RX

  16. Tues Open Prep: 17:59

  17. Tuesday
    Deadlifts @85
    14lb wallball

  18. Tuesday diet
    Deads and WB’s 13:30rx

  19. I did my own thing and was glad because those wallball/burpees looked awful.
    AD 3.5 mi.
    AD 0.5mi then 7 PU x 5 cycles (i red band)
    AD 1 mi.
    biceps/triceps, planks.

  20. Tuesday Open Prep

  21. I did a modified 14.4 a day late. Row 60 cals in exactly 3 mins. 50 t2b 6-5-6-5-6-5-6-5-6 every 20 seconds finished at 6:20. 40 wall balls in 2:33 finished at 8:53. 30 cleans all singles in 3:07 finished at exactly 12 mins. DNS the wallballs, wanted to save my shoulder but confident I can get at least 6 in 2 mins which would place me in the top 100.

  22. Monday
    Airdyne 20min
    Ski 6
    Row 5

    Monday diet completed Tuesday:

  23. Tuesday
    diet Rx

  24. Tuesday
    17:39 Rx

    Diet side:
    15:58 Rx

  25. Tuesday

    Diet 15:30 rx

  26. DL/WB 15:40rx

  27. 18:21RX This didn’t suck as bad as it should’ve on my lungs, a foot injury kept me from jumping over the bar as fast as I could.

  28. Wednesday diet: 564 RXD
    I was able to butterfly all Pull ups and strict push ups

  29. Wednesday
    Ab Cindy 656 reps

  30. I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder. Hopefully by tomorrow it will have stopped throbbing and I’ll finally be able to have full use of it! Workouts this week have consisted of 1 hour+ on the elliptical machine & ab stuff.

  31. Monday, Diet Nascar: 150 reps, Rx
    Tuesday, WOD from hell: 15:55, Rx

  32. AbCindy 630rx

  33. Weds: 461 rxd

  34. 610

  35. Track is on tomorrow (Thursday) – 6am. 6×400 and 3×800. Any order.

    You burn extra calories in the cold…..

  36. WED
    Abdominal Cindy
    Score 530 RX

  37. Open Prep- Wednesday

    Did Mondays 14.4. Probably not ideal AFTER 14.5 the day before.

    172 RX

  38. Abs Cindy
    Black band (ready to move to next band level, about 3 reds)

  39. Thursday diet. Ran with Jeff and Susan. Interval sprints. Ran 4 + miles total.

  40. Thurs Open Prep:
    95; got 5 reps into 185

  41. Wednesday diet
    700 Rx

  42. Ab Cindy: 536 rx (10 rnds + 6 situps) – I liked this version!

    shoulder held up pretty good, started to hurt a little during pushups

    Tennis match tonight if temps stay above 36. Don’t think I’m going to get any extra sweating workout in if it does! How many calories do you burn shivering?!?

  43. Thursday Open Prep.
    19@275 RX (disappointed)

    Came back to redeem myself with Clean @285 PR taking 3rd place on the Board
    Establishing 1st & only place on the thrusters @ 205 waiting for all challengers.

    “CB crossfit shirt is never given, only Earned”-Brock

  44. Cindy with Abs, Wednesday:
    540, with band assistance for pull-ups

  45. Open prep Thursday: 112rx

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