WOD for Monday. Diet Contest OVER! Awards Ceremony remains. Clear your schedule, and rsvp in the comments.

February 15, 2016

The 2016 Diet Contest is concluded, with only the winners left to be determined.  As in past years there were some great results, some ok results, some complete lack of results and a number of dropouts.

To my dropouts:  Sometimes life intrudes and it’s just the wrong time to tackle big changes.  I am aware of extenuating circumstances for some of you, but several more people didn’t take after pictures to my very great surprise.  If there’s changes to the contest that could be made that would’ve helped you finish, please give me your input.

Remaining is what has become known throughout the Cape Fear Region as THE Social Event of the Season: the Awards Ceremony!!!   Where our two winners will get their $400!  In year’s past, winners have: quit their jobs the next day,  blown it all on P90X Videos, hoarded every last cent in a bottle of diet Cheerwine hidden in their crawlspace,  rolled around on the floor giggling in ecstasy, and flipped off all the “losers”  at the party and peaced-out right after.  It’s always fun to see the reactions!

Please take this seriously:  Any and all CFCB members are invited.  Contestant or not, you are welcome.  Spouses yes.  Kids No.    Drop outs, you definitely should go, as you helped pay for the supplies.   Details and address to follow but count on a start of 7-8 PM and a finish 2 or 3 hours later.  So 7-11 is the absolute largest window.   Everyone attending,  please rsvp in the comments as soon as possible.  This stands to be the largest awards ceremony we’ve ever had and a head count would be VERY helpful to Joey J.  our gracious host.   Please bring a food item to share and/or something to drink if you don’t like soft drinks and beer.  Those are provided by CFCB.

On a different note….

It’s Valentines Day.  Partner WOD. As follows.  Both Open Prep and Diet Contest.

“The Couple that Cleans Together”

For time:  Partners alternate through a simple barbell complex: 1 Power Clean, 1 Squat Clean  @ 155/110.  Mixed Gender Partners use separate bars, same gender uses the same bar.  Play to your weaker member’s tolerances. Each partner will hit the cycle 15x.  So 30 pulls off the ground total.

“The Bicycle Built for 2”

Airdyne for total calories:  2 men 100, 2 Women 70, Mixed Pairs 85.  Partners can alternate whenever they wish.  Partner NOT on the Airdyne must maintain a Parallel Squat Static hold.

“Jack & Diane”

Elements of the two benchmark workouts  Jackie and Diane spliced together.   Split anyway you want.

21 Deads At 225/155, 21 HSPU, 15 Deads, 15 HSPU, 9 Deads, 9 HSPU,  1000m row, 50 Thrusters at 45/35, 30 Pullups.

Chet Baker and the like are the soundtrack.  Adapt and overcome.  Fun Sh*t, for sure.




  1. Whitney and Brock will be attending. Bringing beer for the masses.

    • What is the address? I know it’s River Oaks off River Road but I don’t see the street address

  2. Boyettes are in. Kevin and Selena

  3. Jamie and I will attend

    • We will bring a hot dish and Gin

  4. Beth Grace will be there and bringing her husband, Jess!

  5. Jesse and I will be there & hoping for some votes!! Thanks for hosting Joey, whoever you are. I only know the 6am crew mostly. We’ll be bringing a paleo side dish and some clear liquor 🍸

    • ^ Lisa & Jesse Jones

  6. Joe and I will be there!

  7. What is the date of the party?

  8. I’m only doing this if you agree to blare Jack and Diane AND you turn the heat off.

    • The partner WOD ⬆️⬆️⬆️

  9. Terrance & Whitnee will attend and bring mac and cheese

  10. I’m coming

  11. Kate and Dave will be there, bringing dessert and a bottle of wine.

  12. Count Ryan and I in for the party!

  13. Monday valentine’s day wod
    Partner Clark
    155/85 cleans 6:17
    Bike/squat. 6:08
    225/155 Deadlifts /HSPU/Jackie /Diane. 10:51

  14. Brian and Eileen will be there

  15. Thomas and I will be there and I’m bringing my husband Richard.

    Not sure what I’m bringing yet….

  16. I’ll be there….with chocolate strawberries and wine.

  17. i’ll be there. might bring my little cousin. will bring protein wine.

    • 😍😍😍😍😍
      I’m trying it first!!

  18. Mon partner workout —
    Lisa Lisa and the cult jam as Brock said– we happened to draw cards as partners.
    ______ + 5:03 + 5:17
    can’t remember Deadlift round, want to say 8 something. Today I discovered I actually can do a modified HSPU, so that’s awesome! Thanks Lisa for bringing home the pull-ups

  19. Jill and Daniel are in! Will bring a bunch of kale balls and some wine

  20. Partner workout with Aaron:
    cleans: 5:45 – Aaron RX / me 85lbs
    airdyne: 6:56 – Aaron biked most of the time, squat was easy for my short legs – tried to keep the seat at Aaron’s height and I couldn’t reach the peddles
    jack & diane: 18:06 RX – thanks to Aaron for being so patient while it took me forever to do the hspu!

    John & I will be there.

    Joey – let me know if you need chairs/tables/coolers, etc.
    Not sure what I’m bringing yet, probably a meat & veggie

  21. Ginger and I will be there and I will probably be wearing my party Tutu!

    Partners with Kevin who carried me though…
    Clean/Squat Clean complex at 135/110 in 5:18
    Airdyne/Squat in 6:07
    Jack and Diane in 12:47- scaled HSPU because I got involved


  22. Joan and I will be there! Thank you and a big thanks to Joey!

  23. Monday partner wod with Amber
    Cleans 6:41 @ 155/85
    Bike 7:02
    Jackie/Diane 10:51-225/145 with wall walk ups

  24. Mary Kay and Jason will be at the party. Bringing grilled meat!
    No WOD today.

  25. Partner wod
    Cleans 5:03 @ 155 & 55
    Bike/squat 7:11
    Jack & Diane 11:31 Diane did deads at 95 while I did hspu’s, thrusters Rx, pull-ups Jeff Rx Diane used grey band.

  26. Partnered with Selena and Ken…. Not sure on the times………Janet and I are coming on Saturday

    • Thanks to Bob for being a powerhouse…and for inspiring us to PUSH! I think times for the three of us were like close to 7 for cleans, 7:08 for 115 airdyne cals and 14:43 for the deads to pullups part. I think we all went Rx except box HSPUs for all and Ken and I banded pullups.

  27. Clark and Andrea wrangled a babysitter for Saturday. Looking forward hanging out with everyone. Not sure what we are bringing.

    Gotta say, this partner WOD was just what I needed today. Open prep has been kicking my ass and I’ve been feeling really defeated. This was a fun way to start the week. Shelby and I balanced one another pretty well. If we never do that squat/AD combo again, I’m fine with that!

    • I agree! So much fun to do this WOD with Andrea! I may have said some choice words, which is not typical for me. Obviously a good workout! I hope to be there Saturday!

  28. Rick & Wendy will be there. Probably bringing buffalo chicken dip.

  29. Zach and Adelynn also wrangled a babysitter and will be at the party. Not sure what we are bringing yet.

  30. Ryan and I will be attending.

  31. Liz Brantley will be there. food is TBD.

  32. Kristin will be coming solo.

  33. I’ll be there. I might bring some moonshine.

  34. Adding sister who came into town and a bottle of American honey to sweeten the deal

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