WOD for Tuesday 2-16-16. Awards Ceremony RSVP

February 16, 2016

As the Open approaches (you’ve registered right?)  the separate programming tracks phase out, and there will be more days where we’re all doing the same thing.  Thursday the 25th the first workout is announced,  too late on the east coast to perform it that night, so during the Open your week will typically look like this.

MONDAY the Open WOD from the prior Thursday will be the programmed workout.

TUESDAY  will be a  the toughest day of the week. Heavy metcon and/or weightlifting.

WEDNESDAY’s focus will be a little more aerobic.

THURSDAY’s Technique and Weightlifting.

FRIDAY Another tough metcon.

Athlete’s concerned with maximizing your Open score:  Your schedule will look something like this.

Thursday– Day off.  Mobilize.  WOD Announced.

Friday, Sat, Sun, Monday:   These Four days are set aside to do the Open workouts.  Submissions must happen by Monday evening.  In the past, it’s been 8pm eastern.  Very often repeating a workout will result in an improved score.  In fact,  every time I’ve repeated a workout personally, I have improved my score, BUT I have not repeated all of them.  Some of the workouts are just too fatiguing to adequately recover and go again successfully in that 4 day window.  There’s a lot to consider when deciding how best to spend these several days.  The impact of the workout, the scoring system, the recovery of the individual athlete, your outside circumstances etc all must be factored in.  I will likely breakdown and plan the workout on Thursday/Friday.  Either perform the WOD or perhaps just a piece of it (1 Round, or 3 minutes or 21 out of 21-15-9 etc) on Saturday morning.  And repeat the workout on Monday afternoon.   Tuesday, Im going to WOD hard again, but it’s going to be a workout that focuses strength preservation and on movements we have yet to see in the Open.  As of yet, no movement has appeared twice in the same year.  So if WOD 2106.1 has Box Jumps in it, after that wod has come and gone, there wont be any Box jumps in your life for the next 4 weeks.Wednesday will be total recovery.  Maybe light Zone 1 stuff.  Nothing Ballistic or impactful.

Your WOD for Tomorrow

Open Athletes (who are registering and competing)

A)  WOD 13.2  AMRAP in 10 minutes  5 S20 @ 115/75, 10 Deadlifts @ 115/75,  15 Box Jumps

B) 5×5 Push Jerks On Rythm Ascending

C)  Shoulder Prehab.


Not Competing

A)  Bench Press 10-8-6-4-2

B)  WOD 13.2  AMRAP in 10 minutes  5 S20 @ 115/75, 10 Deadlifts @ 115/75,  15 Box Jumps




  1. 13.2 AMRAP 239 RX PR. Last time performed to 210 reps

    • 5×5 rhythmic push press.
      135×5, 155×5, 175×5, 185×5, 195×5

  2. bench press, 65-70-75-85-95
    next time I would start at 70, end at 100.

    195 (6 rounds +15) reps on amrap
    press 75/deadlifts/step ups

  3. 13.2
    217 reps

  4. https://towercrossfit.wordpress.com/2013/03/20/wod-for-wednesday-3-20-13/#comments
    ^last time

    BP – 55/65/75/85(3)/90(1)
    197rxd last time
    I think I have a few more reps in me, currently recovering from a sinus/chest infection

  5. 13.2 – 241 reps
    5×5 jerks – 85, 95, 100, failed at 105

  6. 13.2 248rx
    Heaviest set of 5×5 @ 123

  7. BP 85, 90, 95, 105, 110 – maybe could have gone 5 lbs heavier.

    13.2 – 261rx

  8. I know we get zero sympathy here in paradise.. BUT we truly do miss everyone! Congrats to everyone who completed the diet contest. I wish I could be there to vote. Haven’t seen anyone else’s pics- but Whitney will be hard to beat! Hot mama!! We are excited for the Open and will be back just in time for it. I’m just hoping to not be an atrophied mess by then. Not sure how much surfing translates to CrossFit 😳 See ya on 2/26!!!

    • Jen, The gym is strange without You, Cam and Joel in it. Cut that lip and travel safe, brah.

  9. 13.2: 199 rx – previous 192 & 214
    only did 3 sets of 5×5 @ 45/55/65

    Singles match tonight if the sun will stay out long enough to dry the courts. Already have 2 to make up this week due to cold/rain!

  10. 13.2 242RX

    • I was so close! (239)

  11. 13.2 AMRAP 180 RX. I think this was first time with this WOD. Screwed up and did 10 s2o on 2nd rd.

    5×5 rhythmic push press.
    135×5, 155×5, 175×5, 185×5, 195×5


  12. Bench press

    13.2- 262 reps
    Previous 276

  13. Disappointing 218 RX. I kept moving and I didn’t think I moved too slow but obviously I did.

  14. 13.2
    259 Rx

    228 last year

  15. i was there. i think i got low score of the day. but rxd and first deadlifts in a year. 155. so there’s that.
    BP was 75/85/90/95(2)/95.

  16. 13.2 / 181rx(not very good)

  17. I am competing but needed to bench today anyway…. But didn’t do the scheme for bench as written

    Today: 238
    In 2013: 216

  18. BP 135/145/155/165/175/185


    • BP 10 reps @135 and 145

  19. 10 lbs over my shitty PR!

    Bench 65-75-85-90-95

    182 rx

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