WOD for Wednesday 2-16-16. Awards ceremony Details.

February 17, 2016

Awards Ceremony Details-  Our hosts are at 8008 Yellow Daisy Drive, in the River Oaks Development off of River Road (thats 28412).  Start time 8 pm.  Mix, mingle, compare your newfound sleek physiques, swap diet contest horror stories etc.  The Collective Before/After photo album will circulate and we’ll cast votes and declare our winners sometime in the 9-10 hour. If memory serves we have 33 contestants remaining and 18 dropouts, so the odds are much better at the finish than they were at the start.  Recall, that you must be present to win….  Please rsvp in the COMMENTS section.  An early headcount is very helpful to the logistics of hosting etc.

WOD for WED 2-17-16

Alternating actions as follows, for time.

Toes to Bar: 25-20-15-10-5

Double Unders: 50-40-30-20-10

So, 25 Toes to bar, 50 doubles, 20 Toes to bar, 40 doubles etc

rest roughly 1 to 1 then,

AMRAP in 12 minutes

3 Snatches @ 135/95

6 c2b Pullup

9 wallballs


There is programming tomorrow (thursday, sled push likely), but Open Competitors, you may want to take that day off, as you will likely be resting on thursdays during the Open.



  1. T2B / DU 9:15
    Snatch, Chest 2 Bar, Wall Balls 75 rx

  2. T2B / DU scaled to k2c and singles: 14:18
    Snatch, Chest 2 Bar scaled to PU, Wall Balls: 90


  3. t2b/du: 12:48 rx

    snatch @ 65lbs, c2b, wb: 63 – c2b are the only thing in this mix that I can do somewhat decently, failed miserably with the other 2

  4. Open Prep-

    WOD 1- 11:21 RX
    WOD 2 90 RX

    Just not feeling it in the mornings especially this week…those C2B pull-ups were exceptionally hard today.

  5. T2B/DU 8:12rx
    Snatch/C2B/WB 109RX

  6. t2b/du: 10:34 scaled to singles
    snatch/c2b/wb: 75 @ 65, mostly c2b but I don’t think I got quite high enough every time.

    • Eileen

  7. Jill
    T2B/DU: 8:48rx
    Snatch/C2B/WB: 105rx

  8. T2B/DU

    122 reps
    Scaled snatches to 110

  9. T2B / DU 8:38 RX
    Snatch, C2B, WB 93 RX

  10. T2B and DU 8:42

  11. Wow. Buzzkill of a day. Had to scale everything but a damn wallball.

    1: 11 (unhappy)
    2: scaled to 65, 97

  12. 3 White’s family attending. I am bringing home-made chocolate chip cookies, and I can promise you there is NO protein in them, but will be fully loaded with flour, sugar and Crisco.

    I’ll bring something else too, but not sure what yet.

  13. Egads. I did today. My double unders failed me thirty in and I ended up whipping myself with the rope for a good minute before i switched to singles. Second thingy went well-ish. 95? @ 70# 1 band. Then I came home and cooked for 12 hours. Now my legs no longer work. 😝

  14. T2B/knees up / DUs = 9:05
    Snatch @95/scale to pull-ups/wbs = 126

    Lots of scaling.

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