WOD for Friday 2-19-16

February 19, 2016

Initially I was just going to program Open Workout 12.4 (also 13.3)  by itself, but it’s SO dreary and painful I figured most of you would just skip out of doing it so I made the day a little more compelling with an additional strength piece.

A) 4×8 Ring Rows for completion-  These are for completion, not for reps or time because, much like pushups, once a quantifier is attached, form on these goes to shit.  Get some good muscle fatigue out of your four sets and don’t worry about keeping any sort of score.

B)CFG Open WOD 12.4 and 13.3

AMRAP in 12 minutes-  150 Wallballs (20/14 to 10/9), 90 double unders, 30 Muscleups.

For most, this is really just a test of pain tolerance and fortitude.  Anyone can do 150 Wallballs in 40 minutes.  A good portion of you can do it in 10-11 minutes if you want to suffer enough.   Some of you can do it in sub 8, leaving you lots of time to get deep into the double-unders.   Scale with singles at 3 to 1.

Here’s a great data compilation of stuff relevant to 12.4 from BEYOND THE WHITEBOARD.  Also on that page are several links to muscle-up tutorials…for those still looking for some help.



  1. 210 RX
    10 min on Ski

  2. Couldn’t pass the wall balls

  3. Open WOD 205 reps RX

  4. 140

  5. Jill
    Drop in at Crossfit Empirical
    Elizabeth 13:24rx
    Pretty sure this is a PR

  6. 240? or 150+270…?

    Finished my singles with about 6 seconds left.

  7. Won my tennis match in a 3rd set tie-break. 6-7, 6-1, 10-4. 1 hr 40 min. Shoulder feels great 🙂

  8. I was gonna skip this, but then I saw there were ring rows programmed and I was like–shit. i’ve got to go. 😉
    I did 5 rounds Ad 0.5 mi/ 5 pullups
    then a sad attempt at ring rows.
    then 150 WB (not full squat) and 45 double unders.

    • Nobody can resist a good ring row….

      • 🙋🏼👆🏼

  9. 150 wallballls + 34 double unders= 184
    of I ever get du’s without a single in between……I could potentially finish the jump rope part

  10. 240 – 150 wall balls and 270 singles

  11. CFG Open WOD 12.4 245 Reps (5 wallballs). in 2013, this score would have placed 109 in my age division. I’ve been working all 3 of these elements and was pleased with this effort, particularly the pacing. In competition, I feel like I could squeeze 2 more reps out. I threw 10 wallballs at a time and then limited my rest to 3 deep breaths, which kept me right at 20/minute. At 100 I switched to 5 reps then 3 deep breaths which was about 15 a minute, finished wallballs in 8:08. Doubles had about 5 or 6 misses in them, finished at 10:41 (2:33 split) which is about what I expected/hoped for. Leaving me 1:20 for muscleups. At 11 I got 2, at 11:30 2 more, and 1 final one at 11:55.

    • Nice job Brock!

    • Brock this is your YEAR!!!

  12. 230 Rx
    WB in 7:45 and then couldn’t string DU together

  13. 240 rx (1 sluggish attempt at a ring row as the timer went off)
    Wall balls took about 10 min.
    DUs…broke them up in 35, 20, 35

    • Great job!

  14. 240 Rx Then some ring row/flip thing x4
    WB in 7 minutes
    DU to about 9 minutes (not sure on this one)
    3 minutes to stare at the rings.

  15. 150 plus 56….I need some instruction in double unders!

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