The OPEN Starts THIS WEEK. WODs Monday through Friday.

February 22, 2016

Our Awards Ceremony for the 2016 Diet Contest took place this weekend, and (I believe) a good time was had by all.   If you failed to finish, or finished but failed to attend, we’re sorry we missed you.  While I’d personally love for your CrossFit experience to expand past simply doing the workout and then leaving till the next one;  I realize that parties, socializing and having fun aren’t for everyone, and that doesn’t  make you Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs.  Nevertheless, we’d love to see you at a future social get-together, in-house competition and/or special event; in the meantime enjoy your suit of human skin.

The Winners of your 2016 Diet Contest Were- Rebecca M.  and Scott Shap.  each walking away with $400.  Michaela M. was awarded our Lifetime Achievement Award, for her great attitude and humorous blog comments dating back to 2010.  Bob F. took home the “Spirit of CrossFit” award for his consistent hard work, lack of complaints and steady improvement.  The day of he PR’ed his clean at 200 and then 205 lbs.

Lowest absolute Bodyfat goes to Glen M. (who also, for the 2nd year in a row finished second in the diet contest voting) and Beth G. at 8%(!!!!)  and 12% respectively.

Greatest total poundage loss went to Susan W.  who dropped 14 and Jesse J who shed 20.

Many pictures at on the Instagram.  Username:  Crossfitcb.  Profile is Open and you don;t have to join or sign up.


Diet Contest is now behind us.  Here comes the Open.


Competitors, recall that Thursday is the day the workouts are released and as such, you may (probably should) take at least Thursday off in order to be optimal for a possible performance on Friday, rest Sat and Sun, repeat on Monday scenario.  Feel free to disregard any WOD that you feel like might compromise your Open performance.

Monday-  DT.  5 Rounds for time of 12 Deadlifts, 9 Hang Cleans, 6 Shoulder to Overhead @ 155/105.

Tuesday-  4×5 Front Squat ascending.  4×5 Shoulder Press ascending.  3×8 Pistols (scale to Reverse Lunges).  3×8 Seated Dumbell Press.  3×20 -Slow GHD Situps.

Wednesday-   A)  AMRAP in 10-  10 Burpees to a 6″ target, 10 Chest 2 Bar pullups.  B) AMRAP in 10 Airdyne 15 calories, 15 KB swings.

Thursday- Fight Gone Bad.

Friday-  OPEN WORKOUT 16.1 is an option.  We’ll program Friday as soon as 16.1 is announced.




  1. Important Edit: As of just now, I realize I somehow missed Brian R.s 6% Body fat percentage. This vaults him past Glen, by like, 1/2 an oreo… Well done to both of you.

  2. Mon-DT
    7 rounds in 19:00.
    Yeah, 6am fog I was thinking it was AMRAP. Finished 5 rounds in 1 4ish probably

    • Scaled to 85lbs

  3. Mon: 14:40 scaled to 70lbs

  4. 9:35 RX PR last 11:11

    • Awesome!

      • Really great number Larry, keep up the hard work!

  5. DT 16:44 RX but probably not locking out on shoulder to overhead each rep

  6. DT 15:27 rx

    First time doing this rx. Pretty happy about that!

    • you earned that rx girl. you were my inspiration standing in front of me

    • A-maz-ing!!! Should be beyond happy for that accomplishment!!

    • super amazing!

      • Thank you ladies! It went much better than expected.

  7. 19:17 @ 95lbs

    First time completing DT@ 95 – last 2 attempts were failures.

    • Nice job Jacqui!!! I debated going at 95lb, but the cleans at 85lb felt heavy during warm up so I totally chickened out.

  8. My hands are all ripped up from yesterday and my attempt to grip a bar was laughable–so I did 10 rounds of 10cal AD and 10 WB. it took me 18ish mins

  9. When was DT last performed?

  10. 13:45 RX
    Previous 17:10 RX

    • Talk about shaving down your time! Great job

  11. 17:10 @ 85lbs. I’ve been slack about posting on the web site and didn’t have my old notebook with me so not sure how this compared to last time. I will say I was NOT feeling the hang cleans today.

    Kudos to Andrea who got her name on the leaderboard!!! Way to go girl!

  12. 18:49 @ 95 lbs
    Previous was 15:44 @ 75 lbs; mixed feelings on whether 20lbs + 3 mins is progress

    • Correction – 18:59 today

    • Today’s effort is DEFINTELY more total work than last time.

  13. DT – 11:36 @ 135

    First time doing DT, so I don’t have anything to compare it to.

  14. DT @ 135 trying to Conserve myself for The Open – 9:59

    • Well, I just looked up the last time I did this was over 17 minutes! and my previous best was about 13 so big improvement…but still yet to ever do it RX…next time!

  15. 13:59 rxd. I almost did 95 lb before Susan cyberbullied me into doing it rxd. It was no joke.

    • For my own notes: Last time 13:21 @95

  16. DT: 10:02rx PR
    It really helped to chase Andrea- Great job!

    • You girls are amazing!!

  17. 9:45Rx

  18. DT 13:37 Rx

  19. 9:18 @ 115lb……last time 11:22 @ 115lb

  20. 7:47 Rx – last time 9:21 but can’t really compare these two or think I improved that much because that was only 9 weeks post baby I believe. This is a PR however.

    • HFS…

      • Ditto…

    • WTF, Kenny-G’s mom! That’s incredible. I wish I had seen it! I feel like saying “great job” is patronizing. I’ll just say “wow”!

      • ~Andrea

    • 😮
      You are a scary strong woman.

  21. Andrea
    10:00 RX
    I have been very slack about posting and hit or miss throughout my time at CFCB. I have no record of a previous time on this. Kinda bummed. Trying to learn a lesson

  22. 106 reps Rx
    First time going Rx and as expected the HC’s took a toll on me

  23. 15:50 at 95. It got heavy!

  24. 17:36 @ 85 pds
    Wrist started hurting and ripped skin on inside of both thumbs!!
    Definitely have room for improvement!

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