It’s a great day at CFCB, here’s 2 reasons why.

February 23, 2016

First-  The DT numbers were phenomenal!  What seems like universal improvement vs October, in some cases SUBSTANTIAL jumps.  I’m going under the assumption that everyone counted their reps and rounds accurately and completed full range of motion, but if so,  today was the single best day (in terms of progress) I can ever recall in 6 years of doing this!

The top three leaderboard was completely rewritten, with the exception of Men’s first place.  Jim K.  still holds that down with a time of 8:53.  But Larry at 9:35 and Terrance at 9:45 bump up and get on the board as well.

My girls were far from outdone.  Andrea at 10 flat and Jill right behind at 10:02, surpassed only by 2016 Adelynn with a stupid fast 7:47!   Well done to all.  While I have your attention, let me remind you to record your score so that next time you have a mark to potentially improve.

Second-  This has been in the works for a while, but only over the weekend did we get things lined up.  I am thrilled to announce we’ll be debuting our second Specialty Class:  Olympic Weightlifting THIS Sunday at 8:45 am.  Kayla Sutton is a 2x State Champ with National Competitive experience. Most of her training and competition exposure was as a member of the highly regarded Port City CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting Program.    As is the case with Yoga,  this class is FREE to members.  Guests are welcome to attend but are subject to our $15 guest fee.  My hope is that Kayla can immediately triage your Oly Lifts and possibly, even at this late date,  improve your CFG Open scores when the lifts appear.

Now, I know many of you are church-goers but let me remind you of two things- a) Every church worth it’s hymnals has more than one service on Sunday and some of the really cool ones let you go on Saturday’s and/or weekdays.  b) Jeff K. will back me up on this, I’m sure;  God doesn’t want you to be weak or fat.  It’s right there in Leviticus, if memory serves.  And to be honest,  while I’m less familiar with these texts,  I’m pretty certain that the Talmud, The Koran and the Tibetan Book of the Dead all express equivalent sentiment.  So I’ll see you there!

I asked Kayla for a bio and she sent this heartfelt note:

I am beyond excited to join the CrossFit Carolina Beach family and share my knowledge and experience in Olympic style weightlifting. Starting as a CrossFit athlete, the lifts have always intrigued and challenged me so I decided to take that interest and expound upon it by competing solely in weightlifting. I have been competing since 2012 as a 58kg lifter. I am a two time NC state champion and have competed on a national platform 5 times all over the country. I have coached several male and female athletes in competition as well as programmed for athletes of all different levels. I feel like my journey is still only beginning as a lifter and a coach, and it is my dream to help others achieve their goals and work together to make each other better athletes. I hope to share with you my knowledge while learning from all of you as we go. Thank you for welcoming me as a part of your team. Lets get strong!!

PS- 58 Kg is 127 lbs.  If you ever thought the olympic lifts make you bulky, Kayla will dispell that notion.

EI 5

Good DT.  More Free Classes.  I didn’t have to use my AK. Today was a good day.



  1. Brock, one of your more entertaining posts yet! When you start quoting the bible……..now that’s some funny stuff. And you are correct, all the hip churches offer evening church nowadays!

  2. Front squats : 225×5, 235×5, 235×4
    No strength in my legs today.
    Pistol : first time ever I was able to do 6 in a row! Needed assistance for my right leg.
    Deficit handstand pushups: I was able to do 5 kipping for 2 sets. My shoulders are sore from yesterday

  3. Front squat heaviest set 5x 205
    Worked on handstand push-ups
    Got a few pistols

    • Greg

  4. Front squat heaviest set 135 x 5, only got 1 at 140
    Shoulder Press top half 70 x 5
    Excited about the olympic weightlifting class!

  5. I distinctly remember DT in October. It was the first week I joined. I only did 95lbs and it took me all 20 mins. Mostly because I was still learning technique.

    This time I lifted 135 and finished at 16:38. Four months of crossfit and I definitely can tell the difference.


    • Drew, that is great improvement! Things get better quick once the technique becomes second nature. I can’t wait to see you progress!

    • That is fantastic! Well done drew!

  6. Front squat 125-125-130-135
    Split squats 4×5 at 95 lbs
    Weighted step ups 3×8 at 45 lbs
    Glute bridges 3×12 at 105 lbs

  7. SO ready to come home y’all. I’m sunburned, have a stomach bug and it hasn’t been confirmed but I might just be getting fat. I’m so excited that Kayla is coming to CFCB- she is awesome and you all are going to love her. She has pretty much promised me a national championship….. Actually I believe the words were something along the lines of “I’m not sure there are many people in your weight class”😂 Which to me says my odd are pretty good. Just kidding.. But seriously if you enjoy the Olympic lifts she has some great tips and she only beats you with a pvc pipe if you REALLY suck. I’ll be there Sunday.. Fat and weak… But I’ll be there

  8. fs: 95×5, 105×5
    sp: 65×5, 75×5
    Left early for a tennis match, which I really thought was going to be rained out. Wasn’t raining when I left the gym…started 5 minutes after I got to the courts. Ugh.

  9. FS Heaviest X’s 5 – 235 Def have more in me, just don’t want to risk any injuries before Open.

    SP Heaviest X’s 5 – 165

  10. front squat: 110×5
    shoulder press: 85×5
    zero pistols, but going to work on those!

  11. FS 205×5….. Worked on HSPU

  12. SP – 125 x 5
    FS – 175 X 3

  13. FS – 150×5
    SP – 75×5
    Accessory work (reverse lunges @ BW and dumbbell presses @ 12×8, 20x8x2

  14. FS: 125
    Attempted pistols w band assist
    SP: max was 75×3….body was done on that fourth set. Still feeling DT
    Dumbbell press – 20 lbs

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