WOD for Friday 2-26-16. 16.1 Concerns, notes etc.

February 26, 2016

A)  10 Minutes- Overhead Walking Lunge Instruction.   Experiment with hand placement, stride length, etc. Start light and add weight slowly until you feel like your balance is challenged or you hit the prescribed 95/65 lbs.

B) AMRAP in 5 Minutes- 25 Feet Of Overhead Walking Lunges, 8 Bar Facing Burpees, 25 Feet of Overhead Walking lunges, 8 c2b Pullups.

C) 5-10 Minutes Pressure Therapy –  Legs and Shoulders especially

D) 10-15 minutes Zone 1 Monostructural Activity (row, bike, airdyne, heavyrope etc)

Be advised, we will do WOD 16.1 in it’s entirety (20 minutes of B above) on monday as the workout of the day.

Competitors:  Here’s some initial thoughts,  I should have a more complete breakdown midafternoon tomorrow.  Please check back.

SO- Walking Overhead Lunges.  Never seen them before in the Open.  I hardly ever do them because of a history of numerous small muscle pulls high in my thigh. Last time I did them was at the Sandstorm Competition at CFW and indeed, I suffered a small pulled muscle midway through.  I will be bringing ice bags to the gym in advance of this workout.  PLEASE, warm up well and increase your weight in small increments. Grip Width:  Narrow is usually less fatiguing at the shoulder but harder to balance, wider grip is just the opposite.  Play with both before the workout attempt.

Chest to Bar is the only element where I would attempt to move quickly.  Burpees I will measure to 1 every 4 or 5 seconds, a pace that is unhurried but doesn’t allow for any complete stopping.  I’d recommend resting and gathering yourself ahead of picking up the bar, mounting it and then trying to lunge 25 feet.

Shoes- Here I have to experiment a bit.  C2B and Barf Burpees would benefit from a light metcon shoe,  possibly the lunges would benefit from a lifter.  When in doubt, equip to address your WEAKEST element.

You should NOT plan on repeating this workout.   It’s too long, with too much eccentric muscle contraction (meaning it will make you sore!)  Friday I’m going to warm up well and run it for 5 minutes to play with my pacing.  I want to feel where I’m at after 2 rounds.  If I’m too hot, I will slow my pace a bit on the actual attempt which will likely be Sunday for me.

I have yet to hear if you must alternate legs on the lunge.  All 4 competitors did so, but if it’s not specified, there MAY be some measure of recovery advantage to doing all right leg lunges in rd 1 all left leg in rd 2 etc.

OK- That’s it for now.  More info tomorrow. Instructors, please let me know directly if you have concerns or questions about the wod, logistics etc.

(From here down added at 4:30 PM)

Having just completed 16.1 jr (5 minutes) I’ll start with some personal notes then move into more general and inclusive ideas and concerns.

At the 5 minute mark I was 2 rds plus 1 set of lunges or 57 reps in. BUT this pace was too fast to sustain (around 2:15 per round).  Knowing my capacities and based on my level of discomfort at that point, I am now mapping out a pace to get to 7 rounds, which is 2:51 per round.  If I’m significantly ahead of schedule anytime in the first 15 minutes I;d consciously rest until the appropriate time rolls around, then resume.

For me, the challenge on this workout is the lunges (although the burpees were slightly harder than I had thought) and the aspect of the lunge that’s hardest is the balance below the waist.  Perhaps oddly, my arthritic knee is good as it strides forward and bears weight, but reactive as it trails behind.  I found I needed to dedicate all my focus to my foot placement,  too far or close or wide or narrow and my knee would react. This is a problem because it slows my cycle time considerably, not only hurting the score, but fatiguing the shoulder as you are forced to hold the weight overhead longer. Eventually I found that my best bet was actually a short step forward with the left and then a small step back with my right, but clearly that shortens the distance.   I end up short striding on my left leg and regular striding on my right so my right leg/glute feels the difference already.

On that front, I did not have problems with bar stability or shoulder fatigue, at least in that short window.  I gripped probably 2″ wider than my Shoulder press grip, 6 or 7″ narrower than my snatch width grip.  This was a small bright spot.

I completed the 5 minutes in lifting shoes, but after recovery, I tried out the lunges in my Nano’s and preferred them, so I will go with them in the attempt.  The are slightly better during the burpees and c2b.

The c2b went unbroken and butterfly and I will try to keep that up for 4 rounds, then likely break 1x in rounds 5,6,7.

Gage did a great job of setting up the room, but I may move the whole course 6″ off the pullup bars and possibly shuffle the floor mats to make more room. Also, as allowed by the rules we will set the course at 7.5 m and pretend like we’re in Europe.  This shortens the 25 feet to 24’7″,  possibly saving you a step.

General Concerns-  As well as those listed above:

Attack the piece you are best at.  If that bar feels good and balanced overhead, blaze your lunges and pace your burpees and pullups.  I’m going to hit pullups hard, burpees medium, rest ahead of every set of lunges, and try to get them unbroken throughout.

C2B– If you plan on doing singles, it is essential that you get yourself set up to reach the bar with your feet still on the ground, a box, a plate etc.  Then you pump your chest through, swing, pull and DROP AS SOON AS YOU CONTACT.  Then reload as fast as your plan demands and go again.  If you plan on cycling several, make sure that your foot path is clear and you can swing/kip/butterfly with abandon, and also make sure you can reach your bar without jumping.  Jumping is very dumb, I promise.

Burpees-  At the conclusion of my lunges I will step over the bar and begin my burpees from that side of things, such that at the end of 8 reps, I am on the right side and facing the right way to gather, snatch and go.  Especially in the closing seconds, I think this is better than finishing your burpees and having to walk around or over your bar.  Burpees should be paced and frankly, sloppy.  Sprawl straight down, minimal push up, I may even get up via 1 knee on a round or two.  If I’m in the final 20% and have gas in the tank, I’ll push the tempo here.

Equipment– Double knot your shoes, chalk your bar and pullup bar, put your water bottle on a waist high box near your pullup bar. Anywhere else interrupts your flow.  I recommend knee sleeves, not so much to stop the abrasions as to assist the stability of your lunge.  If you don;t normally use them, no need to worry about them.

Warmup–  This is ideal.  10 Minutes zone 1.  10 Minutes dynamic Mobility  (aka movement mimicry.  Lunge stretches. Overhead locks. etc)  2 Mini rounds at 80% effort and 100% load.  So 15 feet of lunges, 5 Barf Burpees, 15  feet of lunges, 5 C2B pullups. You want to feel every transition.  If you feel good at the point,  recover and go.  Be warm and open, but not winded.





  1. Crossfit website said must alternate feet with each lunge

  2. 5 min of 16.1 RX 52
    2 rounds in 5. Getting the grip on the lunges and steps to the mark I think is an important part to get to 8 rounds for me.

  3. 5 min of 16.1
    2 rounds so 52 reps

  4. 5 min AMRAP of 16.1

  5. So, I obviously wasn’t paying attention. And no, I didn’t watch it either.
    How do you determine score? Just the burpees and pullups?

    • 26 per round 5 lunge, 8 burpee, 5 lunge, 8 c2b

      • Thanks Bob 🙂

        Personally, I call BS on that scoring system. It took me at least 8 lunges per stretch. Short person problems….

        44 rx (using the bullshit scoring)

    • Susan. the lunge score is based on distance not steps, so try to step longer or maybe grow a little bit for monday’s attempt.

      • Thanks Brock – I’ll get on that! Maybe Michaela’s protein wine will grow my legs.

    • I agree with you on the short person problem!! I thought the lunges were going to be a benefit for short legs, but quickly realized it was going to take me twice as long to cross the mat! My thinking was the score of 5 was for 5 meters. So each tick mark was 1 point.

  6. 5min 16.1: 29 RX
    I struggled big time with balance on the lunges. Probably need to go a bit wider with my arms. Maybe wear a belt too to mentally help keep everything in line.

  7. Brock,
    Will you address scaling? Is it better to do a few RX or many more scaled? I’m concerned with C2B but feel the scale on the the other two elements are “too easy”, in my situation. Could possibly get a round or two of C2B but will be slow.


    • Jason. Scaling is as follows:

      Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 20 minutes of:
      25-ft. front rack walking lunge @ 45/35
      8 burpees
      25-ft. front rack walking lunge
      8 jumping chin-over-bar pull-ups

      So here’s an example of what I consider a flawed scaling scheme. If you can’t do 95/65 overhead, the solution is not reduce the weight or simplify the movement, the solution is both reduce the weight to a ridiculous extreme AND simplify the movement. Same thing with jumping pullups. I can’t see why the logical scale of regular pullups is bypassed, and your choices are c2b (advanced) or jumping (excessively simple).

      So, to your question. If quantifying and measuring is important to you, I would hold to the standard and do the workout rxd. Last place RXd worldwide beats first place scaled. If getting a superior workout is your priority and rxd has you sitting around too much but scaled is too easy, then you can create your own mid range scale (perhaps Lunges at 75 lbs and regular pullups for instance) that will challenge you, but I suppose we’d have to score that as a scaled effort.

  8. 52 reps or 2 full rounds. But that took all I had in me. I think 6 rounds in 20 minutes would be a decent but still ambitious goal for me…that gives me 3 minutes a round with a few seconds to spare each round. This WOD is definitly not in my wheel house…but then again, not many are!

  9. 51 reps, 1 shy of 2 full rounds @55lbs.
    Lunges treated me pretty good, had more in the tank, however, jumping pull ups will slow me up for sure. Need to watch video on jumping pull ups. I used steps but couldn’t figure out how much jump to give it, etc

    • Lisa, with jumping pullups the bar should be 6″ or more above the athletes head.

  10. 16.1 Rx 134 Brock made all the right comments, shorter steps, don’t rush it, pace yourself, coming from someone who really has trouble with pacing. The lighter shoes worked better for me… go get em

  11. 16.1 – 5 min – 47rx

    5 lunge / 8 burps / 5 lunge / 8 c2b
    5 lunge / 8 burps / 5 lunge / 3 c2b

  12. 40rx in 5 minutes…… That’s going to be a miserable 20 minutes!!!

  13. Andrea
    16.1 @ 5min 57rx
    I’m not really sure about this one. C2B is going to be my weekness and I hope to make up time in lunges. It takes 8 steps across, for me. It Brock permits I would like to mark my paced to remove the question in this long slog.
    I am trying to figure out if it is better to “just keep moving” or to strategize breaks.
    In the end, I think I’ll be lucky to get 6.5 rounds. I don’t think I can keep the pace of 2 rounds every 2.5 min.
    What a way to start!

  14. Andrea
    16.1 full 20 min completed on Sunday
    7 rounds even = 182
    I finished round 7 with about eight seconds left but simply couldn’t pick the bar up again to lunge through the first line for one more rep. I was shooting for 6.5 rounds so I am happy with this. Tough workout . . . Glad it’s over!

    • Great push, smart pacing.

    • You are amazing!!! Very impressive work as always!

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