WOD for Monday 2-29-16 and Tuesday 3-1-16

February 29, 2016

CFG Open Workout 16.1  (edited from an incorrect 8 reps to a correct 25′ at 730pm)

AMRAP in 20 minutes.  25′ Walking Overhead Lunges @ 95/65, 8 Bar Facing Burpees, 25′ Walking Overhead Lunges @ 95/65, 8 chest to bar pullups.

Scale- 25′ Front Rack Walking lunges at 45/35, 8 Bar facing Burpees, 25′  Front Rack Walking Lunges 45/35, 8 Assisted Pullups

The offical pullup scale is 8 Jumping pullps, done for maximum accesability, but you will be given the option to simply use band assistance if you’d rather.

Please be aware that the nature and logistics of this workout are such that we can only run 5 people at a time.  I will arrive 10 minutes early to the 6am  and 1 pm classes so that people can warm up and go right at the top of the hour if they like.  Thereafter we’ll have heats roll in at 20 and 40 minutes after the class has started.  I will let you warmup as you see fit, but please stay primarily on the exterior portion of the room.

If that delayed start time doesn’t suit you or your schedule you are free to do your own thing or Tuesday’s workout outlined below.

Tuesday 3-1-16

5 Rounds of 1 Min max rep Double Unders (competitors), Heavyrope, Double or Singles (everyone else). 1 Min max reps Deadlifts 185/135.   Scored Separately  Rest 4 minutes.  5 Rounds total.  This is our “Interval Tuesday” format with the separate scoring a small departure from the normal way we do this.

I just completed 16.1 sunday afternoon around 12:30 or so.  Andrea was my gracious judge.  I got 193 reps, which is 7 full, plus 1 set of lunges an 6 of 8 barf burpees.  (Joel stomped the shit out of this one, with a 213!!)  I planned to pace to a 2:50 round and was a little ahead of that;  at the end of 6 I had 3 mins 10 seconds.  To that point everything was fine, but in an attempt to redline I really suffered those last 3 minutes.   Leg soreness creeping in.  I did single c2b on rounds 1,2,4 and 6,  butterflied when I felt good on rounds 3, 5  and on 7 when I felt terrible, but needed to push.    Unpleasant.  Be ready.  Start slow….





  1. 16.1 159 RX
    Thank you Brock for pushing me!

  2. 16.1 rx 164 reps. I think I wrote 166 on the board. I will change it.

  3. 16.1
    Scaled @ 35 over head
    150 reps

  4. 16.1 – 197, scaled to 35lbs overhead and regular pullups.

    I did 5 minutes of it rxd Friday and decided that 20 minutes of that would end up with me injuring myself, so I scaled it and made it more of an aerobic workout instead 😉

  5. 16.1 – 89RX
    Lunges were a huge struggle and I tried to make up time on c2b which are definitely my stronger point. But it is what it is and I did it!

    • Oh and I left some sample protein bars for anyone to try out. Gluten free and all natural. The actual meal bar is twice that size and filling.

      • I’ve tried both flavors and they’re quite good!

      • Save me one!

      • There were plenty when I left. But if anyone really wants to try it and they are gone, I’ll have my sister make more samples. My entire family are addicted to these bars! I got to my tennis match at 12:00 yesterday and munched on the bar throughout my match. That’s all I had for lunch and it was all I needed.

      • Oh! I wondered who those were from. I would love to try!

      • Blueberry was fantastic!

  6. 165 rxd. I was shooting for 7 rounds but took too many breaths before picking up the barbell. I hate to say it, but the 20 minutes went by quick.

  7. 170
    scaled @55lbs, band for c2b
    lunges we’re okay for me even at the end, so if we ever did this again I would probably try 65 pounds and plan on moving slower.

  8. 16.1: 83 RX

  9. 16.1

    6 rounds – 156 rx

  10. 107 Rx
    Not my finest

  11. 135 Rx
    Honestly I am totally fine with that. It kicked my ass. Hopefully I will be back in the game soon. Until then…

  12. 16.1 Rx’d: 15 Out of curiosity and some encouragement I gave it a shot. Overhead with 65lb isn’t easy for me. One day…
    16.1 Scaled: 158 with bar overhead
    Brock, thanks for judging!

  13. Link to CFCB standings.


    • Thanks for this. Pretty sweet

      • I may be in 55,000th place world wide, but I’m top 10 there!

  14. 16.1

    215 Rx

  15. Tuesday : DU’S 333. DL 71. RX

  16. Tuesday
    Heavy rope: 611
    Deadlift scaled @105: 68

  17. Tuesday
    DU 296
    Deadlift 102 rx

  18. RUNNING TOMORROW……weather permitting. If its pouring we may shift to Thursday, but will make that call in the am.

    12x200m sprints, with 200m jog between (or walk if you want).
    1 mile warmup, 1 mile cooldown (also optional)

  19. Tuesday

    DU 218 (I need to practice these more)
    DL 68 rx

  20. DU: 98, had one good round the rest were disasters
    DL: 82rx

  21. DU: 268 – could have gotten better if my hair didn’t keep getting in the way! Fixed it for the rest of the rounds and got much better scores.

    • DL: 31 RX – being overly cautious to not hurt my back

  22. 204? DU/65 75# hang cleans
    the DU were fine for the fist 2 rounds (50/47) then i fell apart and at one point told my jump rope to fuck itself after throwing it on the ground in a hissy fit.

    • This made me laugh out loud. I said very bad things to my rope as well

  23. Tuesday – DU and DLs @ 185

    1. 100/19
    2. 87/13
    3. 90/13
    4. 75/15
    5. 72/16

    Total = 424/76

    • DU King! hearing your rope made me hustle

    • Putting on a DU clinic

  24. DU: 64 experimented with different ropes. Most I got was 8 in a row. Back to the drawing board.
    DL: 50 Rx these degraded a bit quicker than I would have liked.

  25. DU= 184 – round 3, I did the most consecutive at one time of 25 (consecutive for me is du, single, du)
    deadlifts= 84 @105 – felt good, didn’t want to go heavier so I could protect form

  26. Tuesday: du=291 dl=127

  27. DU 191
    DL 69

  28. DU 117rx / DL 116rx

  29. Tuesday
    576 HR 87 Dead Lift rx

  30. Andrea
    DU/Deadlift Rx
    175 / 102
    Sooooo, 54 DU in the first round. Then I lost my shit. Chipped away but couldn’t get it together again. So in the last round, I did DU til 40 sec, then set up for 25 deadlifts in my final minute to push over 100. The deadlifts felt good and aided in my confidence. Brock’s initial instructution was a great “reset” to my technique and it worked well for me. Really wish I could get my DUs sorted out . . . 3+yrs in and I still suck at these.

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