WOD for Wednesday 3-2-15

March 2, 2016

Open Competitors – EMOM x 24 for completion

A)3 Cleans. Power or Full @ 185/125

B) 10 Wallballs. (cycled, no drops) 20/14

C) 3 Muscle Ups or Muscle up attempts/swing-pull.

D) 10 Box Jumps.  24/20′ (2 foot takeoff)

E)3 Snatches. power or full @ 135/95

F) 10 Toes to bar.

This is done for completion, and is meant to give you as much tool exposure as possible, not meant to be a huge metabolic or strength hit.  Look to go unbroken and/or touch and go whenever possible.

Athletes not in the open-

5 Rounds for time

20 KB Swings 24/16

15 Jump Squats 45/25

10 CrossOver Pushups

5 Laps Shuttle run (10 m)





  1. Wednesday
    Got all rounds rx

  2. 14:34 rx for the not open workout

    • I was trying to catch you but came up short!
      14:42 rxd.

  3. I’m in trouble if there are heavy cleans and snatches in the open.
    cleans @ 105
    snatch @ 65 & 1 @ 70
    10 consecutive t2b for all rounds – only thing I got unbroken

    I left more samples on the counter.

  4. Wednesday
    All rounds RX. Box and Snatches on last round RXX

  5. I did the multi movement Open WOD with 2 substitutions: 10 thrusters at 95 vs 10 wallballs, and 20 Doubles vs t2b because my toes to bar are decent and I didn’t get the double under exposure you all did yesterday. I kept my splits as follows:
    MU- 15, 11, 12,10
    Box Jumps- 16,17,17,14 (rebound jumped the last set)
    Snatch- 14, 15, 12, 12
    Thruster- 20, 20,19, 21
    Doubles- 11, 11, 11, 10
    Cleans- 13, 10, 10, 10

    Movements felt pretty crisp. Didn’t miss any reps.

  6. Open Wod. Completed all actions except for muscle ups. I only got 7 of those…Wait a second…wait one cotton picking second…Did I say I actually GOT a muscle up!?! Yep! Got 7, never got one before, and I can feel I am really close to chaining consecutive ones. Aside from the day of wedding my beautiful bride and witnessing the birth of my children, today is the greatest day of my life!!!

    • Congrats Marcos! That’s awesome!

    • Fucking rockstar!

    • That’s awesome!

    • Hahaha! Awesome, buddy! You’ve worked hard!

    • Haha. That’s awesome!

      • congrats!

    • Shrug, You see one birth, you kinda seen them all, so I’d put today ahead of one of those kids, probably the second one.

    • Sweet! That’s huge! Congrats!

      • Thanks you guys! It only took 6 years! Your encouregement really means a lot. Heres to many more!

  7. Did the open workout- otherwise known as a kick to my self esteem. Did snatches at 55, cleans at 85,skipped some wallballs, skipped some t2b due to ripping my hands, and pretty sure I woke up an old shoulder injury doing the muscle up pulls. But hey- I was rocking those box jumps and Whitney says my hair looked good so it’s a win. I’m still going to silently hope for max reps burpees even though we have already seen them. A girl can dream.

  8. General: 13:44 RX
    Jacqui- would love to order some bars for my kiddos, let me know how to thanks

    • Either text or email the contact info from the label. Or just let me know which flavor and I’ll pass it along.
      Blueberry, cranberry orange or papaya pineapple. $30/doz twice as big as the sample bars.

  9. Track will be tomorrow (Thursday). Thwarted by rain this morning.

    12×200 with 200m jog between sprints. Walking that is option.

  10. (Not open workout)
    4 rounds in 20 min
    Completed the 5th round after the 20 min cap

  11. open WOD
    all rounds completed Rx except MUs
    got 3 straight MUs on the first round (first time ever getting more than one in a row)
    then 1, 2, 1 for the rest of the rounds

  12. 18:55

  13. 18:23. 5 rounder with kettle bells, weighted jump squats, crossover PU, and shuttle run. This was a bitch….or maybe I’m the little bitch this week.

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