WOD for Th 3-3-16

March 3, 2016

I had hoped to program HELEN yesterday, but AM rain forced us inside, and now, having done KB Swings on WED I don’t want to repeat that element so soon,  so here’s your HELEN-Esque WOD:

For time

Run 800 m


3 rounds of 21 S20 @ 95/65, 12 Pullups


Run 800 m

Expect temperatures in the low 40s tomorrow AM and dress accordingly, please.

Afternoon and evening should be a palatable 55 degree.

Open Athletes-  Mobilize, Zone 1 easy monostructural,  MAYBE light skill work, IF you feel great.  Nothing heavy, ballistic or intense.

Congrats are due to some first time accomplishments:  Marcos got ring muscle ups.  Beth, Fox K, and Wendy got first chest to bar pullups.  Andrea hit some 95lb snatches.  On a side note:  years ago, I first got into this business because I enjoyed watching people suffer, but as time has gone by, I’ve slowly, steadily started to appreciate seeing you progress and achieve things as well.  So, these firsts and accomplishments are very gratifying.  Well done!



  1. I think you’re still mainly in it for our suffering…but then again you did complement me mid workout the other day

  2. Post your scores! I know more than 10 people worked out yesterday. It’s more fun and builds community when you post. New members, the sooner you start recording scores, the faster you’ll see progress. I can still pull up my 17 minute 40lb RANDY score from 4 years ago and see how far I’ve come.

    And just to not be a hypocrite, I didn’t go to gym but today but did an 8 mile tempo run workout instead. Hope to do this one later on.

  3. 800 m run
    3 rounds of 21 S2O 12 pull-ups
    800 m run
    13:15 rx

  4. 19:18 rx

  5. Brock’s getting soft. That kid really changed him.

    • Lol^^

  6. Rolled out, DU practice, 10 min on the bike.

  7. 21:51, 1 red band. AD 1 mi.

  8. Modified workout due to sprained hand.
    800m run
    3 rounds of 21 box jumps, 12 push-ups
    800m run
    Time was 18:07

  9. 23:15 @55lb & 1000m row

  10. Ran 1 mile, battled DUs, 2000m row, battled more DUs

  11. My shoulders are sore from yesterday and my toes to bar need work so I did:

    800m run

    3 rounds
    21 box jumps
    12 toes to bar

    800m run

    Time: 14:57

  12. Open Prep

    10 minutes Row
    10 Minutes AD

    In between I did a little WOD of 10 Box Jump Burpees and 1 Muscle-up. I had 1 minute to complete each set and rest the next full minute and repeat. My intention was to have to perform a muscle up under the duress of having to beat a clock and be winded at the same time. My fastest score was 50 seconds.

    • Marcos above

    • Marcos

      • Stupid WordPress

  13. 23:38 run/S2O/PU WOD


  14. HELEN (REG)
    400M+21KB swing+12 PU (3rounds)
    12:42 RX

  15. 14:57 rx

  16. I’ve been wanting to take Helen on a date for a while now so I opted for the real girl and not her cousin Helen’ish. The evening went well and it finished with 9:24 of fun. I wanted sub 9 but Fran popped into my mind.

    • Dam that is fast!!!!

  17. 1 mile run
    3rds – 21 s2o @ 95 / 12 pull-ups
    1 mile run


  18. Biked a little, rowed a little, did a few bmu, and rolled out!!!

  19. Over heard Zack and Terrance talking about taking on the real Helen during warmups so I decided to join in on the fun and finished with 14:42 rx. This was my first time doing this workout and I plan on repeating again in the near future to try and get sub 10 and make the board!

  20. 20:01 a little disappointed in my time. Rx weight, gray band for pull ups. Hard week, sore and lacking “juice”.

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