WOD for Friday 3-4-16 (Edited, Notes on 16.2)

March 4, 2016

I realize that, as the Open consumes much of the programming focus, that time devoted to instructional pieces has been reduced.  Our first period today is a step toward remedying that, if you’re new and therefore unfamiliar with and/or struggle with the kipping swing, do your very best to make it to class tomorrow.  We’ll review and instruct this essential element to the multi-rep pullup and the toes to bar.

A) Warmup

B) 10-15 minutes, kipping instruction.

C) 4×5 Back Squat (High Bar) Constant weight. You should be putting the bar back with 1 or two more reps left in you. Don’t go more than 20 minutes

D) 5 minutes- Row 50/40 calories, with time remaining, max reps Burpee Box Jumps 24/20.  1 attempt only, so sprint it.

Open Athletes-

16.2 is a terrific test of fitness and is a triplet of actions we are very versed in.  Every round starts with 25 Toes to bar and 50 Double Unders, concludes with squat cleans 15 @ 135/85, then 13@  185/115, then 11@ 225/145, then 9 @ 275/175 etc etc.

You must clear the squat cleans at the 4/8/12 minute mark.

I will have detailed breakdowns tomorrow afternoon (Please see Below in italics)  There is much less need to “get familiar” with these movements versus 16.1.  This workout is highly repeatable, especially if you are someone who will not proceed past the 8 min mark.  If you feel great, take a stab at it tomorrow, with plans to repeat Sunday or Monday.

Personally, I plan on taking a test drive friday, I want to feel 185 (2nd round weight) with some t2b in front of them.  I’ll probably take a legitimate first attempt Saturday and a 2nd attempt Monday.

One important note is that, unlike years past, you can use multiple bars and/or have an assistant change load for you between clean sets, so no time or energy is spent on transitions.

I ran the first round of this today at 2pm.  Splits were:  Toes to bar – 8-8-9 finished at :55.  5 seconds to transition.  Doubles  20-24-6 Finished at 1:52.  :52 Seconds. 10 seconds to transition 15 Cleans in 1:36 Done with the first round at 3:38.  Much more fatigued than I’d like.  At this point I rested 5 minutes and then did 30 Doubles in about 25 seconds and then 5 squat cleans at 185 just to feel it.  I got 5 done at the minute mark, so about 7 seconds a clean.  Together these dry runs make me realize that getting out of the 2nd round is HIGHLY unlikely, so I am now gameplanning to get as deep into the second round of cleans as possible.  The biggest change will likely be that my pace through the first set of toes to bar will accelerate.  My grip was not a problem and I won;t need it for a 3rd round, so I hope to save 10 seconds or so there.  If I can get lucky with doubles and miss 1x THAT’S another 7-8-10 seconds. Goal is now 175, or 10 cleans at 185.

In general:

T2B– Many of you, (probably all of my new people) will be looking to maximize what you get in the first round, in which case, preserving your grip is not really an issue.  Therefore, you should likely push your toes to bar without much regard for your grip.  Even so, I’d still make sure you Hook Grip your clean bar.  For those of you gaming for the most out of round 1 but not beyond that,  the only reason to pace toes to bar is if doing so is necessary for the preservation of your double unders. If 25 toes to bar in 60 seconds or 1:15 means that your doubles turn into a car wreck, you should purposely control your aerobic fatigue,  again, not your grip.

Doubles:  if you want to get into the second round you should hit the doubles as fast as optimal (not as fast as possible)  but you can’t consciously rest.  2 or 3 deep breaths, sort out your rope and begin again.  If this WOD is a 1 round deal for you, you DO want to arrive at the barbell with enough gas in the tank to jump, sit, stabilize and stand up.

Cleans- 1 Rounders.  Your goal is to NOT MISS.  So don’t rush.  Go through your setup, stabilize your spine and go for it.  Drop every rep.  Do your best.  You’re in the home stretch.  People looking for the second round, if you feel great, I mean really great, touch and go 2 or 3.  Most everyone will drop, BUT when you do you must trap that bar, set and go.  Every last piece of your setup may not be in place, but your timeframe may not let you set up leisurely.  Pull, catch, squat, stand, drop, trap the bar, setup and pull again.  Do not  self indulge in a few deep breaths, don;t stomp your feet, get chalk, get a drink etc.  Get through the cleans and then you can pretend you need chalk as you transition to the toes to bar.

Second round–  Toes To bar- Whatever your fractioning scheme was in the first round, make it smaller.  8,8,9  go to sets of 5.  Sets of 5 go to 3,2,3,2, etc.  Doubles-  If you are limited by strength at the cleans,  you need an elaborate set up every rep then you may want to push as mush as possible here in the hope of resting ahead of  every rep not missing any cleans when you get there.  If your cleans are limited by anaerobic fatigue,  you may want to back off the doubles in the hopes of bursting 3 or 4 reps in 15-20 seconds. Either way, expect this 2 minute block of your life to be super shitty.

Equipment– Again, play to your weakest element.  For instance,  my cleans are compromised a little in my Nano’s but I can’t string any length of doubles in my lifters, so I have to go with Nano’s.  If you need a belt, my suggestion is to have it on your waist loosely from the start, and cinch it up when you need it.  I put my jump rope on the J-Cups right next to where I finish my toes to bar.  My transition from t2b to Doubles was 5 seconds.  Water on a box at hand level, not on the floor, but frankly you should be hydrated and chalked from the get go.  This workout demands that you push.

Recovery-  Second rounders, the leg hit from the cleans at 185/115 may be substantial.  I;d roll out extensively not more than 10 minutes after your wod is over.  Possibly the lats and shoulders are hit from the toes to bar, give them the same treatment,  then recovery shake and 10-20 g BCAA’s, 30-40 grams of protein.  

e–  Have someone take your splits.  Think about where you can squeeze out a few more seconds.  Margins are very thin in this workout.









  1. Also important to anyone prepping for 16.2; Power clean followed by a front squat is acceptable.

  2. 16.2 168 RX Gage as my judge. I will do this on Monday again. I learned a lot. Great Job to Joel 171 and Greg 167.

  3. 16.2
    167. Will try again monday.

  4. back squats @135
    row/burpee/box 20

  5. 16.2 – 1st attempt:
    88 rx

    1st lesson learned – make sure I have the right bar for me for t2b as I was slipping off the bar after I cycled 10 unbroken t2b and switched bars (need skinny bar with the tape). Lost time.

    50 unbroken DUs & almost 2 entire minutes to get 15 lousy squat cleans and I couldn’t finish!!

    2nd lesson learned – spend time this weekend working on stretching the underside of my arms/shoulders in order to have more flexibility to get my elbows up during the squat cleans. That slowed me down big time. Gage showed me some good ones that I can work on.

  6. 87, short of the 4 min mark by 3 cleans. T2b took 10 secs longer than I hoped and got caught up with DUs 😦 need to do this again and suck less

    • 16.2 Saturday at 11 am. 175 reps or 10 cleans in the 2nd round. Jill was my judge. Very tough. First toes to bar went 18-7 at around 45 seconds. Missed 2x on doubles, split was 55 seconds. 15 cleans done at 3:16. Second round of t2b took 1:54!! Singles with 1 set of 5 reps in the middle. This is where, if I repeat this, I’d need to do better. Second Ed doubled took 1:11, that seems about right. 10 cleans at 185 in about 1:15. Never missed but couldn’t put myself together for an attempt at #11 even with 6/7 seconds remaining.

    • We can find those 3 reps somewhere fo sho!

  7. Had to stay real light on the back squats due to hurt back at 85, but got them done. row/burpee/box 23
    Thanks for the instruction on kipping!

  8. I just spent time today exploring the movements of 16.2 I am hoping for the best but barely being able to string t2b or double unders together will prove to eat up most of my time, I’m sure. I’ve got the cleans if only I can get to them.

  9. 365 back squat
    Row (50 cal in 2:05)
    25 box Burpees

  10. 16.1 yesterday: 156rx
    16.2 today: 170rx

    • Nice Jill!!

  11. Hello my Friday morning peeps. This is Gage. I just finished 16.2. I told you guys I would post my score. I got 258 reps; 5 squat cleans at 225; my tiebreak time was 10:29. T2B were split 5×5 until the third round I went into 3s and 2s. Double-unders unbroken. Singles for squat cleans. Good luck to those who have yet to go! BREATHE!

    • Awesome job Gage!

    • That’s extremely good!

    • Awesome man!

    • Great job, Gage!

  12. Today, finally a good day!!! By mistake did 155×5 for 4 sets (didn’t realize that was my former max). Thanks Terrance!

    Burpee box after 40 cal row: 21

    • Also very happy for Kipping instruction!

  13. Back Squat 4×5 @ 185
    50 cal row
    Burp box jump = 25

  14. 16.2
    165 Rx

  15. 16.2 50rx 😫 @&$! Double unders! I will likely try again, I think I can squeeze some more time out of my t2b.

    • Second attempt at 16.2- 76 reps. practiced double unders all day yesterday. Figured out how to go single double and keep moving. Very excited about that! So take 2 went much better. Got my t2b in 1:15, DU in 2 minutes. And with 45 seconds left I missed my first clean and got one clean done before time was up. Getting to the cleans was my goal so I’m happy. Of course now I want more.. Might try to trim some time off my DU and go again tomorrow. Problem is my hands are raw meat.

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