WOD for Monday 3-7-16

March 7, 2016

General Population:  Crossfit Open Workout 16.2

As rxd is the following:

4-min. AMRAP + bonus time:

25 toes-to-bars
50 double-unders
15 squat cleans @ 135/85

Time extends 4 minutes each time a round is completed.

Next round the first two elements remain the same but the cleans go to up in weight to 185/125 but down to 13 repetitions and 225/155,  11 reps in the third.

While the scaled version IS easier, it is not the hugely altered creation that 16.1 scaled was.  If you feel that this suits your abilities better, please consider this option:

Beginning on a 4-minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
15 squat cleans, 95 / 55 lb.

If completed before 4 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
13 squat cleans, 115 / 75 lb.

If completed before 8 minutes, add 4 minutes to the clock and proceed to:
25 hanging knee raises
50 single-unders
11 squat cleans, 135 / 95 lb.

Open Athletes:  Clearly if you have yet to take this WOD on, today is your last chance to do so.  When done with your attempt(s), please make sure you submit your scores online by 7:30 pm.

If you are done with 16.2,  attention turns towards next week.  It’s smart to note what remains:  Snatches, Rowing, Wallballs, Deadifts, Box Jumps, Thrusters, Muscleups, and any aspect of shoulder to overhead, including HSPU’s have all been featured frequently in the past but not yet this year.

Here’s some Metcons that conform to some of what we’ve seen in the past.  For tomorrow, lets discuss and see which from among these choices suits you best.

  1. AMRAP in 15 Minutes– 20 Cals Rowing, 10 Power Snatches 115/75 ( In November I did this and got 5 rds plus 20 cals plus 4 snatches/174)
  2. AMRAP in 15 minutes– 15 Cals rowing, 15 S20 @ 115/75 ( I got 182 or 6 rds +2 also in November)
  3. AMRAP in 10 minutes- 3 HSPU, 10 Box Jumps 24/20, 6 HSPU, 10 Box Jumps, 9 HSPU/10 Box Jumps etc etc Up by 3 reps every HSPU set.
  4. AMRAP in 15-  30 Wallballs, 15 Deads @ 225/155

Here’s some single element stuff  I’ve found valuable/helpful/challenging in the past few months

EMOM x 10-  Up to 7 Unbroken HSPU’s.  SO the best score you can get is 70.  My best is 69. You can stop anywhere in the rep but if you come out of your Handstand at any time, you are done for that minute.  If this sounds easy to you,  don’t do this one, your HSPU’s are fine.

E90 Seconds x 10-   5 reps – On Rhythm Push Jerks.  Start medium and go up if you are successful and maintain rhythm.  I usually start to lose consistency at around 145-155.  You should be challenged by your 3rd set or so.  If you miss, drop back to your last successful weight.

E3MOM- 15/12 Cals Airdyne then Max Reps Muscleups to 90 Seconds.  then rest 90 seconds x 5 Cycles.  This is muscleups under aerobic duress.  You lungs will be working, but your shoulders wont be fatigued and the overall volume is low so you won’t be beat up for the next day.




  1. I did 16.2 on Sunday and got 170.

    • Tie split 6:20

      • Great JOB! Those squat cleans got heavy quick

    • You rocked it. Your composure was impressive!

    • Impressive ninja nurse 😉

  2. 16.2 part 2 170 RX tie split 6:45

  3. 16.2 120…very disappointing. My legs just felt like I had cement blocks for feet after the first round…everything went swimmingly in the first round and I just couldn’t move in the second. Recovery was unreal.

  4. 16.2: 156 RX – 6:15 tie split (end of t2b in round 2)
    My goal was to get out of round 1. I did it & was rewarded with what I would describe as a mack truck hitting me!

    round 1 splits:
    t2b: 17/8 0:52
    du: 49/1 1:36 (rope hit the mat behind me on the 49th rep, otherwise would have gone unbroken)
    squat cleans: 3:59

    Then the mack truck hit me…

    • Got it DONE! Favorite 16.2 moment thus far! –Brock

    • That’s great, Jacqui!

  5. 16. 2 RX
    28! T2B was a bit tougher than I thought with several misses. However, I did not plan to get any DU’s, so I broke new ground.


  6. Couldn’t muster up the willpower to do 16.2 for a 3rd time. So I did HSPU/box jump workout- 110 reps- 15 HSPU into the round of 18.

  7. 165rx

    I pulled one time at 185 and it wasn’t in me.

    • You were out for 2 weeks man.

  8. Did 16.2 on Sunday – 141rx
    Monday – hspu/box jumps – 128 total, then row 40 cal and 50 wb

  9. 16.2
    168 rx

  10. Andrea
    16.2 173rx
    I think my tie split was 6:38
    I’m happy with this – volume t2b and du. At least we should be done with those elements

  11. 167 Rx
    7:32 tie breaker

    Strung 40 DU together for the first time ever in the first round!

  12. 16.2 RX 80reps…..dbl infers did me In

  13. 16.2
    166 Rx

  14. 16.2 rx
    1st attempt Friday 171
    2nd attempt Monday 174

    This is the reason I like Crossfit.
    It is like a mind game of pace or sprint, capable or incapable.

  15. 16.2 136 Rx

    I am going to take it on again outside the open when I can breath and now I am not joking.

  16. 16.2 second attempt. Performed at around 430 today. 177. Had the bar racked and at depth on the last rep of the second round and I dropped it with 6 seconds left. Not enough time to reposition and try again. One less miss on double unders or one second faster on the prior 12 cleans would have given me a second chance. Small margins make for big effect, almost every single time.

  17. 16.2 scaled: 170

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