WOD for Wednesday 3-9-16

March 9, 2016

General Population-  DECK OF CARDS

In this workout, each suit pairs with an action.  The number dealt =’s the designated reps.  As a group, the class works it’s way through the deck of cards one at a time, for time.




  1. By far the hardest deck of cards in 5 years! Thoughts of quitting or cutting reps in half crossed my mind several times. Stuck it out because I didn’t want to look like a whimp.

  2. 33:30RX
    1pm Team

    • That was rough. Survived RX thanks to some encouragement from you folks.

  3. I skipped doc because I did hang cleans, burpees, s20 with Susan yesterday. Did the row 20cal/10 snatch 55 instead. 5 rounds in about 17.

  4. I am down for the count today.
    Incredibly sore from bench press, more sore than I can remember ever being -likely due to aches of fever? idk, but after yesterday I’m dead to the world today.

  5. That was a tough one! Proud of our 5pm, big class. 25:25

    Makes us “winners” if Bob and the 6pm gang didn’t kill us

    • Oh, and I did rx for about 6 minutes (all of which felt like s2o)

  6. Andrea
    Well, I thought this was fun! I know many won’t agree, but that was just what I needed today.

  7. 20 cal row,10 snatches at 115 score – 146 4 reps shy of 5 rounds.

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