WOD for Friday 3-11-16. Note the altered schedule.

March 11, 2016

Tomorrow you have Gage at 6 & 7,  Jill at 1pm and Brandon @ 5&6pm.  8 to 845 remains Open Gym but an instructor will not be present, and 8:45 to 9:45 the gym will be open but again there will be no instructor.  In essence, open gym will be from 8 to 9:45 tomorrow.

Andrea will stop by and lock the gym at 9:45.

WOD for Friday 3-11-16


A) Snatch Pulls.  1:30 Video HERE.    4 sets, 4 reps.  2 mins rest.  If you want more info, here’s a good snatch pull slo mo video.  Go up in weight if you are able to keep a good bar path, AND get speed at the top.  If you can’t do both every rep, drop 10% on your next set.

B)Snatch Grip Bent Row-  Video HERE.  3 Sets,  8 Reps.  As per the video, BUT keep your hands in the wider Snatch Grip.

Work- EMOM x 12 – A) 30 seconds Russian KB swing 24/16 B) 30 Seconds Heavyrope Singles. So, 6 sets of each.



  1. 16.3
    77 rx

    I will try again on Monday.

  2. 1st attempt 16.3
    36 RX tie 6:12
    Wanted to see how i would do so i did singles on bar muscle ups. Monday I will cycle them. Hope to get 4 rounds

  3. 16.3
    76 reps rx my tie break time was 5:56 when I finished round 5.

  4. 16.3
    65 RX
    Did single muscle ups
    5 rounds finishing at 6:58
    Observed by Scott, glen and jacqui

    • WOW! Great work Beth!!

    • We all reviewed the requirements and watched all the no reps examples. All legit reps! Her stomach was a bruised mess afterwards!

  5. 16.3 63 RX Tie breaker 6:30

    Not the greatest of scores but today was my first time ever getting a BMU so I am ecstatic! I intend to try again on Monday with aspiration of getting through 5 rounds with enough time to get several snatches in to round 6. I got 2 rounds of BMU unbroken the rest were a combination of singles and some doubles. I think I could’ve gone a little faster on the snatches I was worried about bouncing off the bottom.

    • Congrats! Fun movement when it all comes together. If you stop your bar for a split second at the hang, the likelihood of an illegal bounce is minimal.

    • Your on a roll with the muscle ups lately! Good job!

  6. kb 116
    Hr 348
    Total 464

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