Notes on 16.3. Weekend Schedule. Competition Etiquette. Edited Saturday 12:45

March 12, 2016

16.3  Notes

The snatches are so light it is tempting to fly through them as fast as possible, especially since 7 minutes seems relatively short.  This is a mistake.  I would try to match your snatch reps to a natural breathing rhythm, not much faster, and unless you have ambitions of 6 or more rounds, it may be wise to fraction them into 5-5 or 6-4 from the second round on, even though you don’t need to that early.  In terms of preserving your grip, consider using the narrower 35lb bars, deliberately set the lats and rhomboids (IE “pinch you shoulder blades back and down”)  and be sure to hook grip.  You may also want to vary your hand spacing from round to round.  You can’t stop at the shoulder and redip as in a clean and jerk,  but you can kind of flow from below to above the shoulders in a “lift and press” type of situation, as long as the bar does not totally stop.  The rapid cycle and light load make an elaborate setup a mistake here.  We are much less concerned with a deep hip, a braced spine, weight in the heel etc.  Basically the lighter this is for you, the more you can cut corners in an effort to improve your speed.

The Bar Muscleups-  It’s worth taking a few seconds to gather and collect yourself if doing so gets you 3 in a row.  If you can hit singles but chaining them together is a slow and expensive task that requires a lot of hanging, swinging and adjusting between reps, don’t bother.  If this is going to be your first muscleup ever,  you must THROW YOUR KNEES like your life depends on it.  I have always known this, and continued to struggle until quite recently, when I committed to REALLY throwing them, much more aggressively than I had been doing, and in that instance, with a well timed pull right behind it, the lifting is done for you, and the shear on the shoulder reduces substantially. Thumb around the bar, no matter what else you may have heard.  You could end up on a CrossFit Fails video somewhere.  Full Extension of the elbow at the bottom.  A few of you are guilty of not doing this.

Transitions matter.  Have your bar and pullup bar 2 steps away.  Transitions should take 5 seconds,  if you are not consciously resting.

Pacing-  If these movements are both within your reach, your pacing becomes a big deal.  Divide your goal rounds by 7 minutes to get an average time per round.  Make sure your first round is not more than 10-15 seconds faster than your average, or you are starting too hot.

Saturday Edits:  Having just played with the movements, in a 3 round test run, here’s some notes.   When totally fresh I basically skipped through a “brief moment of displayed control”  at the top of the bar muscle up.  My shoulders were not over or in front of  but were in fact behind the bar, equaling a No rep.  While my elbows did lock, they were not bearing weight, I was on my way back down.  After some fatigue, I missed a rep or two and could not cycle from 1 to 2 to 3 without a momentary pause on top of the bar.  I started to fraction my snatches 6-4 from the second round and would recommend doing so to almost everyone in the gym.  The snatches are not individually tough, what you are guarding against is fatigue such that the accuracy and timing of the muscle up becomes your limiter.  THIS is the crucial aspect of your pacing.

Weekend Schedule –Saturday  8:45 to 10 AM Yoga,  10-12 Open Gym.  16.3 Can be judged and performed.  Sunday 8:45 to 10 AM Olympic Lifting, 10-12 Open Gym.  10-11 Monster Mash.


Lastly,  some notes on competition etiquette.

One of the great challenges of affiliate ownership is creating a gym culture, for lack of a better word, that is appropriate to our members when those members really are quite disparate in how they view the gym.  There are some of you that have embraced the sport of fitness and prioritize performance and scoring, there are others who only occasionally enjoy competition, perhaps when circumstances are right, there are some people who just workout for fun and who DISLIKE competing, some people who hate working out and just come to the gym for health benefits, some who don’t get it and are here for “abs”, and so on.  You get the drift.

Whitney and I try to make sure that all members know their level of fitness commitment is acceptable to us.  We don’t pressure anyone to compete or do anything beyond what they want to do.

That said, please understand the following:  when you DO consent to competition and are assigned a judge, you are subject to that judges discretion.  He or she is in a better position to see and evaluate your movement than you are, and frankly, you have much more bias than your judge does.  Of course YOU think your rep was legit.  Additionally, you have multiple concerns, the time, the fatigue, the order, the number, the judge has to only count and look.  Judging is actually pretty simple,  competing is not, so in terms of who is best positioned to call a rep good or bad, the judge gets the benefit of the doubt every time.

It is really bad form to argue with and disregard your judge, and not at all consistent with the gym atmosphere I want to exist at CFCB.  It’s basically the exact opposite of our Spirit Of CrossFit Award, and something I want no part of.  At any competition where CFCB has been represented, that point should have been made clear (respectfully, of course, as you are all adults)  but it applies to our in-house comps as well.  Don’t argue,  don’t disregard.  You’re not in control of your score.

Here’s what we’ll do going forward.  If you are registered for the open,  whether it’s scaled or rxd, get a judge and that judge will record your score on the board.  You are still responsible for submitting your score online.  Ideally, you demonstrate a rep or two of each movement prior to the start so you and your judge are on the same page about what constitutes legit and lacking reps.

If you’re not registered you can get a judge, but again, you are now consenting to their discretion.  If you’re not willing to do that, skip the judge and just do your own thing. At this point,  You can short your pullups, you can fail to touch the ground,  You can give yourself 1 rep more than Rich Froning, you can stand on top of a 30″ box and shout “I’m king of the World”.  You are playing,  not competing.












  1. I’m not competing and nursing a sprained hand/fingers so happy to judge anyone who is looking for a judge.

    • Kathleen, I think we should just randomly yell “no rep” at people. :0 I hope your hand feels better.

  2. 16.3 10 reps. Will try again Monday but my fear is that my hands are out of commission. Even gripping the barbell was painful. Darn muscle ups!

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