WODs for the week of 3-14 to 3-18-16

March 14, 2016

Monday 3-14

A) CFG Open Workout 16.3.  AMRAP in 7 minutes:  10 Snatches @ 75/55, 3 Bar Muscle-Ups.  Scale is 10 Snatches @ 45/35, 3 Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups.

B) 5 reps each at a challenging weight.  Shoulder Press.  Push Press.  Push Jerk.  Split Jerk.  Theoretically you should be able to go up in weight as you proceed through the actions.

C) Shoulder Prehab

Tuesday 3-15

Partner couplets-  With a partner, divide the labor however you like.  6 Minutes of 3 classic pairings:  20 Wallballs/20 Deadlifts 185/135.  20 Airdyne Calories/20 KB Swings 24/16.  20 Box Jumps 24/20, 20 Sumo Deadlift Hi pulls 75/55.

Open Registrants–  EMOM x 20  A) up to 15 Thrusters @ 95/65,  15/12 Calories row.

Wednesday 3-16

A) 3x 8 r and 8 l Walking lunges.

B) 3 x 10-12 Good Mornings

C) 3x 10 prone Cobras

Open Registrants-  EMOM x 20- A) 10 Wallballs for time  B) 10 Box jumps for time.

Thursday 3-17

Angie (with an *)

Angie as written is 100 each of Pullups, Pushups, Situps,  Air Squats, in the order written.  I feel pretty strongly that this is TOO much pullup volume for all but the most resilient athletes,  and therefore we’re doing Angie, with an Asterix.   You will acquire the same volumes,  100 of each movement,  but you’ll do so in ANY order,  thereby reducing the incredible stress and subsequent soreness of being completely spent in the biceps and elbows but still having 45 reps to go.  This workout will be plenty hard even chopped up.  Belee’ dat!

Friday-  To be determined based on 16.4.



  1. Shoulder press, push press, push jerk. Shoulder rehab.

  2. 16.3 scaled should be five (5) jumping chest to bar pull-ups not three (3) as written.

  3. 16.3 50 reps.

  4. 16.3: 70rx

  5. 16.3 rx
    2nd attempt

  6. 16.3: 24rx
    Shoulder is sore, skipped presses/jerks and did light front squat sets

    • You did so great!!! Your muscle ups looked pretty too 🙂

      • You too! So glad you got them!

  7. 16.3: 24rx – 4 of the ugliest, do not recommend repeating bar muscle-ups ever seen…but I did it…with lots of cussing

    • Great, great effort. Very proud of that grit!

    • Any tips? Neither of you were even close last I saw? What in the world did you do?

      • Ha! That didn’t sound very positive. I’m happy for you two! Was it the children on the other side of the fence imagery or just pure technique work?! -jen

      • Haha! For me, it was pure ugliness, bruising of the ribs catching myself and hanging on for dear life while kicking my way up! My shoulders did not hurt one bit while doing them, but my ribs took a beating. Technique is still not there.

        I can’t speak for Eileen, but what I saw is the jumping to the bar helped give her momentum and everything seemed to click where she got up with prettiness!

    • Well it’s awesome- ugly or not! I saw some video of some really ugly ones on CrossFit Website. But all that matters is you got it! I doubt I will try again today- my hands are still raw meat.

  8. Monday – 10 snatches (@75) / 5C2B pull-ups = 5rds (or 75 reps)
    Press – 115×5
    Push Press – 135×5
    Push Jerk – 155×5
    Split Jerk – 175×5

  9. Congrats all you muscle-uppers! Very impressed. #summergoals

  10. 16.3
    76 Rx

  11. 16.3
    10 Rx
    No. That is not a typo. 😦

  12. 16.3 51rx

  13. Decided to preserve my hands and my mental stability and not do 16.3 a second time. Just waking up from a nightshift is probably not the best time to attempt a new movement. Worked on strength instead. Muscle and power snatch, push jerk doubles, triceps work, and some ab work.

  14. 45 band assist c2b

  15. 16.3 scaled 94 reps

  16. I got 92 reps or 7 rds plus 1 snatch. This was better than I thought, but worse than I think I could’ve done. In the past, Ive scored the best on the ring muscle up workouts in 2014 and 2015. Getting sick is like getting injured; to some measure that’s part of the game too. managing your health and staying injury free are components of fitness. Sure, if you get hit by a truck and miss the workout that’s one thing, but if you twinge your back because your deadlift form degraded, that’s on YOU the athlete to a large degree. Anyway, it couldve been much worse.

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