WOD for Tuesday 3-15-16

March 15, 2016

Some terrific efforts and firsts today.  Eileen, Jacqui, Beth, and possibly Brian R.  and Kevin all got their first bar muscle-ups!  Well done.  If you are on that list and I didn’t include you, raise hell in the comments section.

General Population– Partner couplets-  With a partner, divide the labor however you like.  6 Minutes of 3 classic pairings:  5 Minute rest between efforts.

20 Wallballs/20 Deadlifts 185/135.

20 Airdyne Calories/20 KB Swings 24/16.

20 Box Jumps 24/20, 20 Sumo Deadlift Hi pulls 75/55.

Open Registrants–  EMOM x 20  A) up to 15 Thrusters @ 95/65,  15/12 Calories row.

So, this is a VERY tough grind.  We’re going to score this based on 5 reps.  Every 5 reps equals 1 point, so every set of 15 = 3 points.  Total points across all 20 minutes. If you get 60 points/you complete all the rounds, you are fit AF.   Ladies your row will be 4 calories per point.  Come in ready to dig deep.



  1. Got my first muscle up on Friday. Scored a 51 on 16.3 today, complete with a good rebel yell at the top of each MU. Wasn’t pretty.

  2. Tuesday open prep
    30 row
    17 thrusters

    • Greg

  3. By myself: 4min on 5 off

    AD/kbs: 75
    Deadlift/wall balls: 71
    Box/high pulls: 101

  4. Open Prep-

    Row 19
    Thrusters 17

    I could’ve squeezed another point out here or there but honestly, this sucked bad enough. I feared the lingering soreness.

  5. Open Prep:
    29 row; 18 thrusters

    • Weds:
      Wall balls: 18
      Box Jumps: 15

  6. 20 mins of AD and row.
    then i did the workout alone with some substitutions.

  7. Open prep

    Row 30
    Thrusters 20

  8. Props to the hubs and all you other badass muscle-uppers!

    Thanks to Kurt for being my partner this am. Still glad we did airdyne first.

    AD/KB 157 rx
    WB/DL 142 Rx
    Box/sumo 150 rx

  9. Open
    Row 30
    Thrusters 14

  10. Row 30
    Thrusters 17

    That sucked.

  11. Rower: 21
    Thrusters: 16

    Then some competition work

  12. Open prep

    Row 22
    Thrusters 16


  13. Kevin

    Row-23, Thrusters-11
    Had to pace so I didn’t skip a round

  14. Wednesday : EMOM FOR 20 WALL BALL/BOX JUMPS. best round for each.
    Box 15, Wall ball 18

  15. Tuesday – 20 min air dyne, 5×5 pull-ups and shoulder presses

    Wednesday – with Susan, 1 mile run warm up then 4 rounds of 800m run at goal race pace, 25 sit-ups, 20 kb, 15 push-ups, 10 pull-ups. Skipped the last round of calisthenics (knee pain) but was able to hold the runs at 4:10-4:15.

    • Yeah, what Kate did. Except my goal race pace is 4:30 for 800m. Varied between 4:15-4:30 for all 4 rounds.

  16. Tues: tennis match – won in a 3rd set tie-break

    Wed: wb – 0:27, bj – 0:23
    Round 6 started hurting to catch the wallball due to bmu bruising, so I worked on the drop/cycle method and only did about 5.

    The box jumps today were very helpful in getting over my fear of busting. I started off around 0:41 and got more confidence as the rounds progressed.

  17. Wednesday:

    WB low:20 high:24 (no rep)
    Box jumps to 24 inch box low: 27 high:30

    Some lunges too but my hamstrings went crazy…. So I stopped

  18. Weds: did the lungy good morning thang and practiced cursing at my double unders.
    went back at 5 an did the 100 PU (1 red band), push ups, AS, SU. it was kind of awful. 35:38. Now I’m gonna eat bacon and drink wine. fu pullups.

  19. WB 19…BJ 21

  20. I did every 5th minute for 25 minutes

    10 deadlifts at 185
    20 box jumps
    1 lap sled push with 45 lb plate


  21. WB/Box Jump work:
    Box jump: 17 seconds
    Wall Ball: I did not score myself..just a lot of practice…..it is not pretty.

    • jen nau

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