WOD for Friday 3-18-16. Olympic Lifting At 7pm.

March 18, 2016

Recall that Olympic Lifting for this week is Friday @ 7pm.

A)  10-12 Minutes- Handstand Pushup Technique and Instruction.  As always,  don’t invert if you are not comfortable doing so and confident that you won’t fall on your head.  Seriously.  Please be smart.  Ask your instructor for a progression or scale if inversions are at all  iffy!

B) Every fourth Minute x 4 Cycles

15/12 Row Calories

10 Bar facing Burpees

5 Deadlifts @ 275/185

These are short sprints that elevate you and then ask you to lift moderate to heavy loads, but not for very long.  The deadlifts are meant to be heavy, but there should be no issue with preserving good spinal position.  If 275/185 is weight you would struggle with when fresh, then it will be too heavy at the end of this sequence, so please scale.

Open Athletes,  16.4 is

Against a 13 minute clock, complete as many reps as possible of the following:

55 Deadlifts @ 225/155

55 Wallballs

55 Calories Row

55 Handstand Pushups

Initial thoughts- Deads to wallballs to row to HSPU are pretty disparate skills/demands, meaning at least locally, fatiguing one wont hinder the next movement, other than total system elevation.  So, at 40 reps, when you are dying, push through and then you get a “break” as the movement switches and different muscles come into play.  No hanging gymnastics elements.  Stronger, bigger athletes should do decently well here.

Start your kip from rep 1 of HSPU even if you don;t initially need it.  Don’t drop too many deads.  Costs you time AND you have to break the bar out of a dead stop.  Touch and go if possible.

Total volume is not terrible.  Deads and HSPU are the only thing that might leave some soreness.  I might run 25 reps of the first three elements and see where that leaves my HSPU capacities.  Or I may do the whole thing Sat/Mon.  I’m still coughing but my pred/zpack double shot has put the worst behind me.  More notes tomorrow.



  1. 16.4: 168rx – missed my first HSPU but did manage 3 after that.

    • Well done, Eileen. When did you finish the row?

      • 12:38

  2. 16.4. In rep 20 a sharp pain hit my lower back and muscles tightened up HARD i couldnt walk. I stopped, rolled and stretch the rest of the morning. I’m hoping to try again Monday. My back has always been my weakness.

  3. I did some trial runs of each movement this morning.
    DL: touch n gos were really slow for fear of jarring my back (which I’ve done several times). I got more doing 1 at a time (8 in :30), goal is to finish in less than 4 minutes.
    WB: still trying to figure out which timing scheme will result in the least amount of cussing
    row: damper b/w 5 & 6, 15 cals/min
    hoping to get to the hspu with about 1 minute to spare

  4. 1:45
    Total 8:04 Rx

  5. 16.4 165 in 12:41

  6. 16.4 – 55 DL, 55 WB, 55 calories – 10:22
    If only I could do a handstand push-up. Tried. Failed.


  7. 16.4
    180 Rx
    Tie break 10:20

  8. 16.4
    87 Rx
    The deads were on the heavy side for me, so I took longer there. Finished them around the 10 min mark and then got some wallballs in. Might try this one again; think I could go a little further

  9. Brock, I see you said you were on zpak. me too. I had pneumonia, when I exercise (or attempt to), I feel slow, winded, it’s been one week since finishing zpak. I haven’t been to cf since we ran a mile for time & I was diagnosed next day. March not looking good for me!

  10. 16.4 =74 Rx Obviously disappointed. The deadlifts are heavy for me- but that’s no excuse. Finished them at 9:58. Then to wallballs. My least favorite movement. I cannot cycle them due to my shoulder and found out I cannot let ball bounce. So singles it was. And then I think about 5 no reps because I just couldn’t get the ball high enough. That’s it. No row. No HSPU. Story of my life- there’s a movement that I love and I cannot even get to it because they put a bunch of crap in front of it that I suck at. Boo hoo for me.

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