Weekend Schedule. Notes on 16.4

March 19, 2016

Open Gym is 10-12 both days.

Mash Sunday 10-11.

16.4 Attempts fine for both days.

Recall that Yoga and Olympic Lifting were moved to Th and F and are NOT happening this weekend.

Notes re 16.4


This is the first Open WOD we’ve seen this year where most everyone entered can dig pretty deep into the workout.  There’s no “dead stop” movements that force you either to scale or come to an end much earlier than the time allotted  (as in Doubles, Toes to bar, Chest to bar and Bar Muscleups) .

Depending on your capacity, this workout will have very different qualities to it.

Deadlifts-This moderate weight, moderate reps scheme really rewards people who are technically sound and have good muscle-endurance.  All things being equal, a strong Deadlift 1 rep max is of course helpful, but you can have an average 1 rep ceiling and still do quite well. It’s critical to avoid tilting from the top as you descend.  You must condition yourself to sit first off the top, keeping the spine upright until the bar crosses your kneecap then you must STOP sitting, and begin tilting at the waist such that the bar rides down the front of your shin. Weight in the heels the entire time. If this is what you consider a heavy load you should fraction early and often, shake your hands, maybe rotate the spine and get back in. I’d make any rep where I feel myself start to round out the last rep of that set.  10 seconds and then get back in.  If this is heavy for you, this should be the slowest segment of the workout.  If this is light or easy for you,  I encourage you to blaze away.  I’m decent at this scheme and I’m looking at something like 20-15-10-10 with about 10 second breaks and wrapping up in 2:15 or 2:30

Wallballs– 55 sounds like a lot, but recall that we’ve routinely thrown 100 and 150 over the course of the last 6 months.  When you stop is less important than keeping your rests short.  Oftentimes rather than set a number and stop, with wallballs I’ll wait until I make a mistake and the ball is out of ideal position, THEN I’ll rest.  The BALL will tell ME, when I need 3 deep breaths.  Wallballs are like burpees in that you can probably keep going to some degree even under extreme duress.  Expect to suffer here but don’t worry, you’ve got a rest coming up.

The Row-  That’s not a typo,  unless you are either EXCEPTIONAL at HSPU’s or know that you cant get them at all, the row should be recovery, or at least not as intense as the wallballs.  You build a time hedge with the first two elements, with the row you must now thread the needle between losing a ton of time, and arriving at the HSPU’s too burnt to do any.  For many of you the question will be:  Am I better off arriving at HSPU’s at 10 minutes but tired, or at 11:15 but feeling good?  My strong opinion is that slower and fresher is your best play.  On anything demanding timing, balance and accuracy, fatigue typically does not recede fast enough.  If you DON’T have HSPU, your wod is essentially over at the end of the row, so you should get on that C2 and kick the living shit out of it.   PR pace!  If you are great at HSPU’s  and can do several strict reps in a row and quickly,  you might want to push your pace as well.  You don’t have the balance and accuracy demands that the kipping HSPU athlete has.  Your concern is less lung or total system fatigue and more local to the shoulders.  You should prioritize the leg drive portion of your row.

HSPU’s– Keep both of these in mind.  A) Stop 2 or 3 reps ahead of fatigue until your last minute.  B) Resting is better than missing.  I’ve done EMOM x 10 minutes 7 HSPU’s a number of times, never making all 10 sets, so I know that 55 is beyond me in this time frame.  I will probably do sets of 5’s from the get go, and only approach fatigue with 45 seconds or so remaining.  Unless you are an overhead rockstar, kip from the very first one.


Enjoy!  Finally, everyone can get some good work out of this one.



  1. 16.4 RX 157
    Well I started with a plan and wasn’t able to hold to it.
    Was trying to do 5 DL every 20 seconds
    That went great until I had about 15 to go then I had to break it down even more. I finished the DL about 3:45.
    I then took a few seconds to remove my back support and hand grips which put me starting the wall balls just after 4 minutes.
    The WB’s didn’t start so well. Many misses because I was winded and was not getting the ball over the 9 foot mark. My goal of getting 10 every 30 seconds started fading away. At that point I did as many as I could each set which was usually between 5-8. I finished the WB at about 8:30 I think. When I got to the row I was exhausted. I think I had my eyes closed the first minute or so on the rower. I had to push through the pain to keep moving. After about 2 minutes I felt like I crossed a pain threshold and settled into a good rhythm. Unfortunately I got to 47 calories when the time ran out. I had the damper set between 6/7. I’m very disappointed I didn’t get to the handstand push-ups but at the same time I learned a lot and still got a great work out in. My low back is a little sore but Brock helped me a lot with my form. Thanks for your help and good luck to all of you who still plan to do 16.4… Crush it!!

    • Beth, great effort. This is a starting point. One more to go and we’ll assess and plan.

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