Special Movement Class Schedule. Programming preview.

March 24, 2016

Just an early heads up.  Due to Easter commitments, Olympic Weightlifting will again be on Friday at 7pm this week.  Come out and let Kayla fine-tune your olympic lifting game.

Yoga is on at it’s regularly scheduled time of Saturday at 8:45 am.  After the Overhead squat atrocities I saw today,  I sincerely hope some,  MANY of you will let Heather limber your stiff joints up.  Appropriate mobility won’t happen fast, but it will also NEVER happen if you don’t take conscious steps to fix it.

After the Open, for almost everyone, our competitive season will come to an end.  Many of you gamely signed up and competed despite being quite new to CrossFit, and were rewarded with the most technically difficult 5 workouts we’ve seen to date.  I hope you are not discouraged by being forced to stop some workouts early due to not yet having one of the requisite skills (doubles, muscle ups, heavy deads etc).  I DO think it’s wise,  if you’d like to compete again 47 weeks from now, to map out a training plan and schedule as soon as possible.  I’ll arrange (for anyone who wants my input) to get some individual time to figure out what you need to focus on, and when and how to best do so.

The Open ends with the deadline for 16.5 this monday.   Thereafter we will resume a Strength Bias with lifts to be determined, but certainly a deep hip flexion (IE squatting) will be among them.  Details will differ, but the jist of it will again be 9-12 weeks, test at the beginning, recurring primary lifts, rotating assistance or accessory lifts, test at the end.

Lastly, very soon we hope to resume periodic (ideally monthly) team games.  The weather over the next 2-3 months is the best we’ll see all year, and we’ll take advantage with some fun events.



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