WOD for Friday 3-25-16. CFG Open WOD 16.5 (also 14.5) Recall, Olympic Lifting is at 7pm.

March 25, 2016

First, don;t forget, Olympic lifting is Friday 3-25 @ 7pm.

While I expected something with more sizzle and pop, I’m fine with this workout.  There’s no fancy tricky stuff.  Burpees slightly favor the small, thrusters slightly favor the larger, stronger athlete.  Both moves are accessible.  Like last week, everyone can get into the workout and get a little dirty with it.

It’s simple enough that I’m going to program it as your WOD for tomorrow, leaving us able to jump right into our Strength Bias programming block on monday.

If you are registered and submitting a score, it may be smart to experiment with some measure of test run on Friday or Saturday and then possibly your attempt on Sunday or Monday.  This is NOT a workout I’d repeat in it’s entirety.  Too long and too taxing.  If you did this 2 years ago, you likely agree.  If you did the Open two years ago, your score is archived on the Leaderboards,  I just went back and checked mine.

I got a 13:20 in 2014, which is 4.76 seconds per rep.  Probably that was more like 3.75 seconds per thruster and 5.75 seconds per burpee which turns into 21 thursters in 1:18 and 21 Barf burpees in 2 minutes.  When you look at it like that, it seems less fearsome.  You just don’t have the luxury of a 15 second rest or that 1:18 is now :55 seconds and the 2 minutes is 1:30.  Rounds 21 and 18 are just about the halfway point, way too early to be all smoked out, so measure and pace yourself.  Saturday I’ll probably do rounds 21 and 18 pacing towards 13 minutes flat and see how I hold up, then take my shot on Monday.

The wod is

For time

21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Thrusters 95/65,  Bar Facing Burpees.



  1. 16.5. 18:57 RX. Went into this as a practice run. I really don’t want to do it again! Ryan Fox was my judge.
    21. :49-3:45
    18. 5:13-7:53
    15. 9:04-11:533
    12. 13:05-14:5338
    9. 15:34-17:22
    6. 17:52-18:33
    3. 18:43-18:533827

  2. 16.5
    17:39rx. That was awful

  3. 18:38, 39 Rx, 44 @ 55#

  4. The comments from 3/29/14 are funny. The main reason for surviving this was the food that was served afterwards. Think we should have a repeat? 😉

  5. Came in and got to the set of 12 and called it, practice. Need to speed up


    • Monday
      16.5- 24:50 RX
      Thanks Beth for judging.

  6. NEVER again. 16.5=27:45 Rx
    Second workout that I’ve done thrusters at 65#. I did 5,5,5,3,3 in the round of 21 and 3’s the rest of the time. Burpees were fine. Had to pace the crap out of thrusters. Worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.

    • Also did one hour of snatch work before the 1:00. Snatch balances, full snatch, and from the blocks. Thank you Jill, Rob, and Andrea for staying late to watch me suffer and cheer ☺️

    • Jen, I’m impressed girl! 35 got heavy pretty quick…can’t imagine 65! Job well done.

  7. 17:23 rx

  8. 16.5
    14:55 Rx
    I think this may have been the hardest workout I have done yet.

  9. 26:11 RX – score reflects just how sucky that was…

  10. Great job!

  11. 16.5
    16:24 Rx and a pounding headache

  12. I did the 21 and18 rounds in 5:35 and was distressed but not destroyed. I think u can make a run at sub 13. I expect my thrusters will degrade but I sprawled down and ground to 1 knee to standing on the way up and that felt sustainable.

    • I’ll tell Joel.. He cannot wait to do it again 😂

  13. 16.5
    14:58 scaled @ 35lb

  14. Andrea
    Really excited to do decently at one of these workouts!!! 14.5 16:18 and vowed never to do it again. It shows up this year. Nuts! Clark and Jill were there to verify. I finished at 13:19rx. So happy with that!
    As well, Friday night I hit a full snatch PR of 100, under Kaylas coaching. This is a HUGE but break through for me. Can’t wait to see where I can go with that movement!!
    Now I’m drunk. . .

  15. 16.5
    16:03 rx
    Awesome time Joel! Thanks for pushing me.

  16. 16.5- 24:50 RX
    Thanks Beth for judging.

  17. 16:33

    Last time was 17:17 at about 8 weeks pregnant, so it’s hard to compare. I wanted a faster score, but I’m glad it’s over. Let’s get strong!!!!

    • And a special thanks to Andrea, my Crossfit doula, who took time out of her day to judge me. She took the cap off my water, got my chalk ready, Ensured my music was at a proper volume, and encouraged me when I needed it (during the 12 burpees!).

      • 😘

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