16.5 notes

March 26, 2016

Not a whole lot of strategy, there’s really no place to hide here, but I’ll give you my thoughts.

Equipment wise, I suggest playing to your weakest element.  So maybe Oly shoes, wrist wraps and a belt if thrusters are stiflingly heavy.  Less gear if thrusters are OK.

The burpees can become SLOW  but do your best not to outright stop.  You can always sprawl, crawl up and hop over if you are willing to deal with the suck.

Thrusters are a different story.  Until the 15’s or 12’s  I’d suggest staying ahead of your fatigue.   1 or 2 breaks in the 21’s and 18’s.  If #7 on a given set starts to break your posture; your elbows drop or your back rounds etc, THAT is a huge clue to stop and gather some energy.  You COULD possibly do another then and there, but SHOULD you.  Injury risk aside, a thruster that’s rolling you forward, driving your elbows down and rounding you out is a very uncomfortable and taxing event.  Rest before that happens.

I recall feeling this workout is basically thirds, not in rep count but in character/flavor what have you:

21 and 18 are your first third and here some of you will feel pretty good and run out a little too fast.   I’d approach this third conservatively.  Maybe even feel like you’re going a little too slow.

15 and 12 is where you make your money.  Here you will want to stop the burpees for some water, fraction the thrusters into 2 or 3 sets etc. Don’t do it!   THIS is where you must push.  Strong thruster athletes who have paced well should go unbroken in these rounds.  Burpees should be on the same speed as in the 21/18 rounds, but now they will hurt more.

Final third is 9-6-3 is another round of 18.  No you can smell the finish.  Unbroken thrusters, and sprinted burpees.  If you’ve been stepping up, try to pop up.  You will want to delay these changes until the 6-3, but don’t.  Start your sprint in the 9’s.    This third is fast if you’re willing to suffer,  slow if you’re like “Why do I even do this?  I can;t believe I pay for this.  This is stupid.”    You get done, and the Open is over.


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