WOD for Tuesday 3-29-16. Goal Setting for next year.

March 29, 2016

Briefly, a little more about taking the long view towards your fitness and next year’s open.

If it’s of interest, I’d be happy to meet with you individually and draw a rough map of your training year.  In many instances, what you need the most may not be addressed by the general programming, and in which case, deviating slightly or significantly may be your best bet.  These consults will probably take 15-20 minutes and I’d like to schedule them at or around the open gym times (weekdays 8-845 and saturday’s 10-12).  There is no charge for these consults.  If you want specific, individualized programming I might charge something in the neighborhood of 20/month just cause the logistics of 4,5, 6 individual programs is time consuming,  but for most of you, your needs will be met by this initial consult.

I will say the following:  many of you were faced with actions that you could not do, not well or swiftly, but at all.  We have some athletes with good to great capacities elsewhere who were unable to showcase those talents because of their inability to get these “dead stop movements”.  If that sounds like you,  THAT is your first priority.  A great first step might be to go to you tube and keyword “progressions,  muscle ups  (or double unders or toes to bar etc etc)”  I will try to post some links to instructional entities, coaches etc that I like.

Lets get testing out of the way and then anyone interested in mapping out the year, we’ll start scheduling the second week of April.  Feel free to post to that effect in the comments section.

WOD for Tuesday 3-29

15 minutes-  Work to a heavy single in the back squat.  90-95%.  Not quite full fatigue.  If you “stick”  as you go up, but are able to push through it, that’s where we want you to be,  call that your starting point.

15 Minutes- 3×8 Back Squat @ 2-2-2-2 tempo.  50 to 60 %.  Adhere to the tempo.

Work-  Against a 60 second clock, complete 1 lap of Sled Push @ +25/+45.  Every successful lap earn you another minute to complete another lap at an additional +25/+45.  So men 0 to 60 seconds @ +45,  61-120 @ +90, 121-180 @ +135 etc.  Women @ +25, +50, +75 etc. Round robin format.  Do NOT sandbag your backsquat in order to do “better” on the work.  That is totally backwards.



  1. High Bar back squat 1 rep max 315

    • Tempo 155
      Sled push 180
      Lower back and legs are hurting

  2. Back squat 175. Probably had a little more. Max last test out was 195, but this felt plenty hard.

    Tempo @95

    Sled 125

  3. Back squat: 205
    3×8: 95

    6 laps/150

  4. back squat with the safety bar thing: 135
    3×8 @ 75
    sled 100

  5. HBBS 1 rep max test in = 195. I possibly could have gone a little heavier but didn’t want to risk it without a spotter.

    3×8 BS at tempo @ 95x3x8

    Might come back at 5pm to do the sled push.

  6. Back Squat 1 rep max 275
    Did Shoulder workout from yesterday as well. I decided to do push press-1 rep max 185.
    Sled push 180 lbs

  7. 1 rep max:
    Bench press 105
    Pull-up body weight +42.5lbs
    Shoulder press 110 (from 2 weeks ago)

  8. 405 BS (PR)
    205 BS @ 3×8
    225 max sled

    • What… that is a crazy good number to come in at, great job Terrance!

    • Back squat PR. Fantastic!

  9. Back squat: 150
    Tempo: 80
    Sled push: 125 max

  10. BS 165 may have sandbagged a little, it’s been a while
    Sled Push 185

  11. Back Squat 295, definitely have more in me, I was quite fatigued from 16.5 yesterday.

    3X8 kept it light. 2 sets @135 and 1 set on the granny bar at 145.

    Sled push 180. I think most any other day I could get 225. Finished 180 with about 20 seconds to spare made it about a 1/4 of the way with 225 and I knew I was just too spent.

  12. 1RM 305
    155 tempo
    180 sled push

  13. 165BS i think a pr for me! 85 tempo
    150 sled push

  14. I did front squat instead of BS
    1 rep 200
    Tempo at 105x3x4- I pussed out on the 8 rep scheme

    I rowed instead of sled push

  15. BS 300lbs…. Tempo 145

  16. 1RM BS 205 PR
    tempo work @100
    Sled push highest complete 135

  17. I’m in for “individualized help” on how to get better! ….even though work stole my gym time today.

  18. Back squat: 130
    Slow tempo @ 75
    Sled push: 75 (finished 100 at 1:30.. For fun)

  19. Back Squat: 105 3×8 @ 55
    Sled Push 100
    Took me a while to walk after that one!

  20. Back squat: 220
    Sets of 8 @105
    Sled push 125

  21. Squat – 250
    Tempo – 125
    Sled – 225

  22. Did SP today instead, missed yesterday due to 16.5
    SP 1 RM = 67 (booo)
    tempo = 40
    sled push = 100

    Would love to chat about a training plan!!

  23. BS 205, did in am, no wod

  24. 165 for PR on back squat

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