WOD for Wednesday 3-30-16. Reminder of April’s membership increase.

March 30, 2016

First off,  GREAT energy during today’s sled push.  Some sports psychologist/human behaviorist types could probably cite studies of how good for the soul, emotional well being, etc etc it is to have people cheering for you;  strangers even!  Probably has something to do with endorphins.  I don’t really know the scienceness of it, but there were some great efforts made me close to misty-eyed.

Some surprisingly good strength numbers as well, with people PR-ing.  I am psyched.

Wednesday is our designated upper body pull day.  This cycle you have a choice to make.  In the past we’ve done pullups, and they will be an option again, but also available will be what we commonly refer to as the Chinese Row.  This has the athlete facing down, chest on a bench, barbell at arms length.  The athlete draws his/her elbows up, with the goal of contacting the bar to the bottom of the bench.  We’ve done it in the recent past.  Which should you choose?  In brief, the pullup is certainly more valuable to Crossfit.  You’ll always see pullups in competition and probably never see anything like the Chinese Row.  But pullups can be tough on the shoulder  capsule.  The row would do a good job of preserving the muscular demand of a pullup with less joint stress.
 Programming protocols are largely the same.

With that in mind, here’s your wod for Wednesday

A- 12 Minutes Test 1 RM Pullup or Row

B- 12 Minutes 3×8 Pullup or Row @ 2-2-2-2  50-60% of 1 rm for the row.  Trial and error on the pullup.  Tempo this slow will force many of you into assistance bands, even if you haven’t used them for years.  Don’t worry about it.  2-2-2-2 x 8 @ bodyweight is very demanding.

C- Work: EMOM x 15   –  a) 30/20 Seconds Chin above the bar Static Hold    b)  15/12 Row Calories  c) 15 Wallballs 20/14

Lastly, please recall that as of April 1, there is a $5 increase per person in rates across the board. The one exception is to those members who have been with us for less than 6 months; your rates stay the same through the end of your 6th month of membership. Thank you all for your continued patronage.



  1. I picked the Bench Row for my pull strength cycle. Max 1 rep 230. 3×8 2 sec tempo @95
    WOD 15 RX

  2. Pull-up: if I start with my feet on the ground I can do a pull up. If I start with my feet off the ground, I can’t do a pull up. Stupid pull-ups.

    Work: 15 Rx all day

  3. Max pull up
    Body weight 178
    + 126
    Wod 15

  4. Pull-up- BW +12.5= 138.3
    Tempo +2 band x13, +3 band x6- did t get to finish
    Wod- 13rx skipped 2 rounds of WB…blah

  5. pullups – bw+25
    tempo with gray band

    wod – 15rx


    2X400, 2X800, 1200, 800, 400

    Approx 1 mile warm up, cool down if time – otherwise we just jog back to the gym.

  7. pull-up: bw + 25 = 158lbs
    tempo 8 x 1 with 3 blue bands – ran out of time
    work: 11rx – I need wallball practice every single day until I beat those stupid things!

  8. Pull up max: 127.5 (bw+16)
    Tempo 3×8: 2 bands
    Did not do WOD
    Did snatch and clean&jerk work:
    Heavy snatch double @60
    PR single full snatch @62
    Heavy c&j double @ 80

  9. -Pullup max= 366
    (Body weight) 229 + 137 (plates+vest)
    -3×8 pullups (black band)
    -EMOM=13 out of 15

  10. 1 rep pull-up = 272
    Tempo = grey band
    WOD = 15

  11. Pull-up max: bw + 27.5 = 149.5
    Tempo – 2 skinny bands
    WOD: 15

  12. Pull-up wide overhand grip (that sucks by the way)

    I pussed out on the tempo shit again. Apparently I am a baby.

    Changed the work a bit to focus on competition movements.
    Row 12 cal
    10 box jump overs
    5 C2B pull-ups

  13. Pull up 261

    Was very late to so jumped in on the WOD and completed the last 9 mins

  14. Back squat 1 rm= 190
    Pull up max total= 170.6

  15. BW plus 80lbs….. Tempo 22 unassisted the did one set of 8 with blue band

  16. Deadlift max 235

  17. Strict pull-up 1 1/2 skinny bands

    Black and red for tempo PU

    Emom 15

  18. PU 195, BW + 35
    WOD 13 – sat out 2 wb

  19. Pull-up BW + 15 = 120. Tried 16 but just couldn’t get my chin above that bar.

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