WOD for Wednesday 4-6-16. More on Individual and Goal Specific Programming.

April 6, 2016

A) Primary lift– Pullup or Barbell Row.

B) Accessory-Pullup athetes 3 x 6-8 reps of the row.  Row Athletes– 3 x 6-8 Top Half Wide Grip Pullups.

C) Technique/Work- Rope Climb Technique OR  Rope Climbs for time.  Men 5 Ascents.  Women 3 Ascents. Rest to recovery, x 3 sets.  Score is Total Time.


Spealler and Chan  Rope Climb Technique HERE .  2:52

WOD PREP,  How to wrap your feet HERE. 3:35


Some brief notes about Goal-Specific, Individual Programming.  First off, no one need feel like their missing out if they don’t have some dramatic, performance based, big deal GOAL with a finish line and fireworks etc etc.   Our regular programming is designed to make you as fit as we possibly can for goals unknown and unknowable and to do so in an hour or less 4-5 times a week.  For most of you, regular attendance is likely enough.  Just focus on your frequency and work hard when you’re here and you should be fitter than 95% of people comparable to you.

But, as some of you develop your fitness, and perhaps want to compete, or want to specialize, or want to push past 95% to 99% etc, more specific work with a more specialized focus may be in order.

I’ll create a sign-up sheet on the whiteboards at the gym and we’ll set a time to discuss.  Please be prepared for the following questions

WHAT is your goal?— Could be “see my abs”.  Could be “Get my first unassisted pullup”  could be “Go to the CrossFit Games in 2018”.  Can’t be “feel better” or “get real fit”  or “look Hot”.  Which is to say,  the goal must be specific.

When is the event?  This may be dictated by you (I want visible abs by Memorial Day)  or something else (I need double unders by next February’s CF Open) but how long between now and goal is important.

How often can you train?  You may have a perfectly specific goal, but if the time frame is too short and your schedule doesn’t permit enough training time, something may need to change.

Noteworthy Obstacles?  If “I want to be in the top 10% of my age group in the CFG 2017 Open” is the goal.  “But I don’t have muscleups!”  is an obstacle.  “Single digit bodyfat!” is the goal,  “I have an insatiable appetite for Doritos and Twizzlers”  is the obstacle.

Similar efforts in the past?  If you’ve tried and failed before, lets discuss.


Then based on the above info, I’ll givve you some broad-stroke ideas about how to adjust and prioritize your efforts in addition to, possibly in replacement of the regular CrossFit prescription.

Look for days and times on the whiteboards later this week.  Now go watch the rope-climb videos.





  1. Bench Row: 3×8 slow tempo @115
    Accessory work: 3×6 wide grip top half pull ups
    Rope WOD: 2:53, 3:07, 3:18 TOTAL 9:18 very happy to even do 15 period! !!

  2. Pull-ups tempo at +10
    Rope climb total 4:49

  3. Pull-ups: +2, +1, +1.5×2. Rounds 2 and 4, my last reps got a little kippy.
    Row- 20lbs x 8
    Rope: 4:08.

  4. Pullups- +2bandx8x3
    Row- 20lbx2, 25lb
    Rope- 5:06

  5. pull-ups: 2 blue bands x 8 x 2, 6 x 1
    row: 55lbs x 1 (35kb done incorrectly)
    rope: 2 x 2 – no strength left at all after 3 1/2 hrs of tennis yesterday

  6. pull-ups: 3×8 +2 red bands
    row: 1@55, 2@65
    rope: 2:42 total (splits were 48, 58, 56)

    • Do we count up and touching the floor at the end of the 5th climb for total time?

      • During 7am, it was stated that time stops when you return to the floor.

      • Just wanted to make sure since I blazed through that WOD like a Boss. 🙂

  7. Tempo pull-ups bw, +1, +7

    Row 95, 115

    Rope climbx5 1:07, 55, 59=3:01rx

  8. Rope WOD
    2:23 total

  9. flailed around on the rope like a half dead fish having a seizure. #winning

  10. PU BW+10×22, BWx2…… Stopped after the 8th rope climb for fear there would be a chalk outline of me tomorrow morning.

  11. Pull-up Tempo: 3×8 + grey&red
    Row: 55 x 2 & 65 x 1
    Rope: instruction

  12. PU BW plus black band 3×8

    did yesterdays back squats
    205 3×8 a little light
    static at 135


    • So, Jason recall that if you stick to the tempo and succeed in getting 8 reps, please go up on your next set.

      • 10-4,thanks

  13. Pull up tempo: +1 skinny band. Missed the 8th rep on 3rd set and my body really wanted to kip, but I tried to fight it.
    Row: 55,55,65
    Rope climb: DNF- 2:03 for first set, 2:30 for 2nd set and I was short of completion on the 3rd climb. Opted out of 3rd set because I was scared I would hurt myself. 😳

  14. Pull-ups – +3 – 3 sets of 8
    Then did supine row
    Did this Friday.

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