WOD for Friday 4-8-16. Weekend Schedule. AND, If you’ve had a positive experience at CFCB, we’d like to hear about it.

April 7, 2016

You may have noticed some cosmetic and formatting changes to the CFCB website.  One addition we’re looking to make is the creation of a “Stories”  or “Testimonials” page. If you’ve had a good experience with us and wouldn’t mind sharing it, we’d love to hear from you.

Here’s a great example.  Actually, great doesn’t even do it justice,  this example is pretty much perfect.   I was extremely touched to read these kind words from Pam S.  In fact, I may have cried a little. (Not like, sobbed out loud,  but a single masculine tear may have fallen).

Why I joined CFCB

Several years before I even considered joining a Crossfit my husband had become a member. I will tell you those first few years of his cross fitting were challenging because it was all he talked about – this WOD, that WOD, none of which made any sense. I even met Brock at a party we had and was very clear with him that I would not be setting foot in a Crossfit gym. Brock was very gracious; no pressure to do something I was not interested in. However our conversation and an opportunity at work to meet a motivational speaker/trainer challenged my thinking – maybe this 43 year old, working mom could do Crossfit.

I have now been active at CFCB for close to 3 years. I am certainly not the strongest or fastest member, I cannot do double unders or even one unassisted pull up like many other women in the gym but I can carry a 40 lbs. bag of dog food up 28 stairs, I can carry my 50 lbs. son down 14 stairs when he is asleep to put him in bed and I can lift my 80 year old mother off the floor when she falls – by myself with no distress to her or me.

I have become functionally stronger and healthier during my time at CFCB. I have met an amazing group of men and women who do not judge you for the amount of weight you lift rather support and challenge you to work hard and challenge yourself.

If you’re willing, please email your story to me at Crossfitcb@gmail.com. We’d certainly appreciate it,  but absolutely no pressure.  This is kind of like CFCB car window stickers, some people have different ideas about stuff on their vehicle and I take no offense if they just don’t want a sticker on their window and/or don;t want to write a testimonial for whatever reason or no reason.

Schedule:  The weekend schedule is intact with both Yoga and Olympic lifting at their normal 8:45 hours.  Open gym is 10-12 both days.

WOD:  Friday: Primary Lift– Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift.  Accessory- 3x 6-8 reps Snatch Grip Deadlift.  Pause 1 Second At 1″ off the ground.  Start at 50% of A.  Work-  21-15 -9 Overhead Squat @ 115/80, Burpee Box Jump.



  1. Bench 2 1 2 tempo @155
    WOD 20, 10, 8, 10 = 48 RX
    Accessory 25, 30, 30

    • Sorry that should have been placed on yesterday’s post

  2. Friday; 3×8 @205 / snatch 3×8 @115. WOD 8:47 RX. I was able to do all OHS unbroken. Started off doing box jumps on the 21’s then switched to step ups afterwards

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