WOD for Friday 4-15-16

April 15, 2016

Primary Strength-  Deadlift or Sumo Deadlift.  3×8.  Optimal Tempo.  Weight up 5-10% to start vs. last week’s heaviest.  If you get 8 reps, go up on the next set.  Last set go to fatigue regardless of number.  *as always, tread softly with the deadlift.  An intensity ceiling of about 90% is totally appropriate. Although the tempo is up to you, DO allow the bar to fully reset on the ground,  so NOT touch and go.

Accessory-  3×10 GHD Back Extension.  2-2-2-2.  Add weight with bumper plates if you’re not challenged. If the GHD’s are too crowded, you can do 3×10 Floor Cobra’s.

Work- As follows

0-1 min Thrusters @ 95/65

1-2 rest

2-3 Thrusters @  95/65

3-4 rest

4-5 Thrusters @ 95/65

5-6 rest

6-7 Toes to Bar

7-8 rest

8-9 Toes to bar

9-10 rest

10-11 Toes to bar

11-12 rest

12-13 Row Calories

13-14 rest

14-15 Row Calories

15-16 rest

16-17 Row calories


Score total reps for each action separately.  Athletes can star anywhere but must move thruster to t2b to row to thruster, and must complete 3 rounds of one action before moving on.

Weekend Schedule-  10-12 Open Gym both days.  No yoga this weekend. Olympic Lifting is intact at 8:45 Sunday.




  1. I am shocked. No Yoga????

    • Heather’s on vacation, ’cause Yoga’s so stressful.

      • Brad will lead the 75 minute shabasana in lieu of the professional. I will pick up keys tomorrow. Thanks!

      • I’ve heard Monster Mash is equally relaxing and restorative.

      • I’ll be at monster mash this week! (Once I tell Dave lol). Brad – I think it’s time you start a supplemental ice skating/hockey WOD. I mean, Jill does MM, I do running, it’s just your turn. β›ΈπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

      • That is funny!

      • I will be more than happy to start up the off-ice training program at CFCB for those interested – Larry, Kate, Jill, Brock, Fox…. You will be pleased to know that USA Hockey has a full off ice training program. (off-ice:That means you don’t wear your skates on the astroturf.)

      • No, I want to learn how to skate backwards asap.

  2. Made up back squat and shoulder press

    WOD 123 rx. I really really suck at t2b. Really bad.

    • I really really suck at thrusters, so I put them last. I looked at your numbers after the row and figured out how many I absolutely had to get done to beat you πŸ˜‰ Once in a lifetime opportunity!

      • Well I’m glad you put in the effort to beat me by more than just 1 point πŸ˜‰

  3. DL- 145
    GHD- βœ”οΈ
    Work- 99rx

  4. dl: 135 x 10
    work in order: t2b – 56, row – 47 – thrusters – 29 = 132 rx

    tennis matches both Saturday & Sunday

  5. Deadlift 275, 295, 300×9

    Wod 154rx
    t2b 43
    Row 61
    Thruster 50

  6. deadlift 105×8, 115×8, 125×4.
    wod: row 48cal. 85# cleans(instead of thrusters) 25, TTB 6. (yes, 6 actually connected with the bar) But my first time ever so yay! i did about 18 others that came close but never hit.
    Thanks Jacqui for the tips!

  7. DL: 150×10
    Work: thrusters – 48; t2b – 44; row – 48 = 140rx

  8. Deadlift heaviest set 10@265
    WOD 169 rx

  9. Deadlifts 245×8, 265×8, 275×5. Everything was fine till I felt my sciatic pain hit. I stopped so I don’t get hurt.
    17, 14, 15 = 46
    T2B. 18, 20, 18 = 56
    ROW 15, 17, 18 = 50
    TOTAL 152 RX

  10. DL 295, 315, 325 x 8…… Wod 136rx

  11. Andrea
    Deadlift 185, 195, 195
    Wod 161rx
    59 Thrusters
    48 t2b
    58 row

    • 54 row

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