WOD for Tuesday and Wednesday 4-19 & 20-16

April 19, 2016


Primary Lift-  Back Squat

Accessory-  Good Morning  3×5  2-1-1-2

Work-  4 Minutes max reps Stepups  to 24″/20″  (alternate right and left) with a 45/25 plate held overhead.



Primary lift- Pullup or Row

Accessory- Barbell Bicep Curl 3×5 @ 2-1-2-1

Work-  Last performed 2-1-13,  before that, 11-13-12

In this workout, you must perform the buy in first and the cash out last,  everywhere else you can stop and leave as you see fit.  For example, you can perfomr 5 rope climbs to knock that off your plate, or perform 1 rope climb, move on to anything else, and return to rope climbs as you see fit.  This marks the second time in 3 days that you end up doing heavier than normal wallballs, but the volume in THIS workout is not at all huge.  Nor should 10 deadlifts get in the way of your friday deadlift strength period.  If 275/155 is prohibitively heavy (say,  greater than 85% of 1 rep max) please scale the loads down.

25 Burpee Buy In

5 Rope Climbs

10 Deadlifts at 275/155

15 Shoulder press @ 135/95

20 Front Squats @ 135/95

25 Calorie Row

30 Wallballs at 30/20

25 Reverse Burpees–Cash Out



  1. Back squats 245×8, 255×8, 260×8. Felt dizzy on the last 3 reps!!
    WOD 29 RX.

  2. Tuesday
    Wod 36 reps rx

  3. squatz 4 dayz: got up to 140.

    WOD: 53

  4. Yesterday squats 3 x 8

    Today shoulder press 3 x 8

    Split jerk 3 x 3

    Wod 62 reps.

  5. HBBS: 155×8, 165×8, 175×10
    Good mornings @ 55, 65 and 75
    Work – 27…I clearly didn’t want to suffer as much as other people. I realized it was easier for me to not lock out in terms of balance and going faster.

  6. BS 250 x 8

    Good mornings – check

    Step ups – 42 RX

  7. leg work on the tennis courts – 1 1/2 hrs

    I went to demo a racquet and told the guy what I was looking for. He said he had the perfect racquet but asked how strong I was. Not sure if I should give #s or what so I just said that I did Crossfit. Then he gave me the racquet and said I could handle it since it was a considered a heavy racquet. Loved the racquet, won at Landfall 6-3, 6-3 and bought the racquet on the way home. Forearms are feeling it now so I guess I also got an arm workout in too!

  8. BS 235, 245, 245×8…..word 29rx

  9. Bench Row 155×8, 185×8, 185
    WOD 20:52 RX shared the deadlifts with 3 others when I could have done something else in between. I know I can get in the 19’s.

  10. Squats: 135. Good mornings : 95
    Didn’t do wod , ran later i stead

  11. Tuesday – monster mash w Kate

    Pullups 1×8@bw, 1×5@bw / 3@1 skinny, 1×4@bw / 4@1 skinny

    Wod 16:42 with rope pulls and kettlebells – rx weights

  12. Tuesday – monster mash w Susan. I scaled the weight, she didn’t.

    Weds – made up squats, 110
    Wod: 18:41 w split jerks

  13. PU- 10@BW, 10@+1, 4@+2 band
    Accessory ✔️ w/ 35lb bar

  14. pull-ups: +2.5lbs x 8, +5lbs x 7, 9 @ bw

    work: 21:12 w/push jerks @ 85lbs & kbs (I would have still been there if I did the 30 wallballs!)

    • That’s EXACTLY why I chose the KBS to Wallballs to Jacqui!!

  15. Row @ 85 x 8. I was weaker at this movement this week compared to last week. It might be general fatigue from Mon/Tues work.

    WOD – 23:51 scaled the rope climb, but the rest was RX. I didn’t even notice the chaos…I was in my own little world.

    • That was me above. Not sure why it didn’t save my name…

      Also, I should note that I had to kip every single SP. Was doing 2-3 at a time towards the end.

  16. Pull ups + 78
    wod 20:16 rx

  17. Pull ups – body weight but last set of 3 only got 6…
    WOD: 14:56; subbed pull ups for s2o and left arm only KB swings with the light KB for WB

  18. PU BW + 30, 32.5, 32.5……SP 115, 125×6, 115

  19. Pull ups: 2 bands

    WOD: 15:51. Rope pulls. Did the 20# wall balls. Rx weights

  20. Missed an entire week.. So tried to play catch up today. 3×8 pull-ups @bw, biceps curls, 3×8 back squat @105, 3×8 push press @65,70,70. Then one hr Olympic lifting.

  21. Pull-ups just strict dead hang at body weight 3×8 this was my first time doing any pull-ups in over a month. Felt good no pain.

    WOD 22:24 all RX. About 5 minutes in I re-aggravated my arm so ropes and wall balls were very slow. Every deadlift felt like a 1RM!

  22. Wednesday

    BW Pull-ups
    75 lb bar curls
    WOD – 17:34 (scaled to 105 SP and 15 Rope Pull-ups – I didn’t have rope climbing technique prior to work-out. Felt like I should scale that. Marcos gave me a tutorial after the work-out.)

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