WOD for Thursday and Friday 4-21-16 and 4-22-16

April 21, 2016

Recall  Yoga is TONIGHT  (thursday, 4-21 at 7pm ,  no Yoga Saturday.


Warmup/Tech Combined-  Row Review and Clean Review.

Primary-  Bench Press 3×8

Accessory- Lying Dumbell Tricep Extension 3×5 @ 2-1-2-1

Work-  “Seal Drags” for time.  2 attempts.


Primary- Deadlift 3×8

Accessory- Snatch Grip Standing Barbell Shrug 3×5 @ 1-1-1-1 (Basically, this tempo just means “control the weight”  as opposed to bounce or twitch like a maniac)

Work- AMRAP in 10 Minutes– 10 Cleans (power or full) @ 155/105,  30 Double unders (90 singles).  I did this yesterday and got 4 full founds plus cleans BUT i jumped in fresh with no deadlift fatigue preceding it.

OPTIONAL ADDITIONAL WORK- For anyone who wants additional work, and/or is up for some more, The Master’s Qualifier Workouts just posted. Feel free to test drive these wods for me and if you do so, I;d love your feedback on how they went. They are as follows.

1) 1 Rep Max Deadlift. No time limit. As many attempts as possible.

2) AMRAP in 15. 55 Doubles, 15 c2bar pullups, 5 Hang Power Cleans at 155/105

3) 21-15-9 for time Row Calories/ Thrusters @ 95/65.

4) For Time- 55 Bar Facing Burpees, 34 OH Squats 2 95/65, 21 Ring Muscle Ups

Instructors: No need to prep people on these options. Please focus on the 10 Clean/30 Doubles WOD.

Shoulder Prehab-  ESsENTIAL.  We’ve been away from this too long.  2×20 Banded scapular retractions.  2×20 r & l  resisted external rotation. 2 Minute demo video on our Facebook page.





  1. Bench 205×8, 215×8, 225 x4
    Bar bell 3×5 30lb.
    WOD. Down and back 30, 2nd run 30 for total 60.

  2. Bench 95×8, 100×8, 105×8
    barbell at 15lbs

    I didn’t time the seal thing. Probably somewhere just under a minute for one try??

  3. Bench heaviest set of 8 was 215
    Wod 70 seconds

  4. DL today: heaviest set 165
    Skipped work, not shoulder friendly and rowed 10 min instead

  5. pull ups.
    CGBP 80×8, 85×4, 85×5.
    I DNF the bloated carcass seal drag. I was both awful at it and it hurt my shoulder.
    went home and moved furniture while screaming at my kids to pick up their shit.

    • Best post of the day, for sure. Y r ur kids so bad!??!

      • i’d blame the rap music, but it’s clearly my parenting.

      • That rap music or those video games or maybe the smart phones! Kids these days…. (shakes fist)

  6. BP 195×8, 200×8, 205×2! Total crap out on 3rd set.

    Seal drag – 35 and 36 seconds

  7. Thursday

    CGBP – 3×8 – 175 / heaviest set
    Triceps – 20lb DBs
    WOD – 47 and 43 – total 90 seconds

  8. Bench:75, tricep work, seal drag x2: 1:39

  9. Maybe someday I will make it back to the gym…

  10. Friday deadlift 285 x 10
    Wod 182 rx

  11. Thursday – ran instead
    Friday – deadlift 145. Pull-ups +1
    Wod- 130 at 85 subbing 30 grasshoppers for double unders.

    • Why oh WHY would you sub grasshoppers???? I think you were delusional…😁

      • Yea, that sounds like shit to me. Kate likes the grasshopper for some demented reason….?

      • Pale blue shorts + double unders = no Bueno

  12. Thursday: tennis match
    deadlift: 145
    work: 4 rounds + 3 cleans = 163 @ 95lbs

  13. Deadlifts – sore all over and my first time doing deadlifts this strength cycle so went pretty light. 185,205,225 all times 8.

    WOD 163 reps RX…I think if not so sore I could get through to the round of 5, at the very least through the cleans in round 5. No excuses but my Lats be like WHOA!

  14. DL 120×8, 125×8, 130 x 2. my back just refused to pick up another.
    WOD got thru 3 rnds + 10 cleans (90#) and like 12 singles. My daughter left my magic goldilocks rope in the garage and i couldn’t get a single du on any of the gym ropes. She is now dead to me.

    • You are so funny!!! Poor Sadie…

  15. DL 340×8…… Word 121rx

  16. DL 3×8: 215×8, 220×8, 220×3. The first set at 220 was really tough so I didn’t go up in weight. 8 reps is a long time to be pulling that weight and I was really didn’t want to injury my back. On the 2nd set of 220, I hitched three reps and got the fourth off the ground, but was too fatigued to finish it. Skipped the work and did the accessory snatch shrug at 45/65/65 then rolled out and did the shoulder prehab. Literally every muscle from my neck to my knees is sore. Good week of programming Brock!!

    Want to wish Jill, Andrea, Adelynn and Jade good luck at their team competition this weekend!!! Have fun and kick some butt while your at it.

  17. DL 125,135,145
    Snatch shrug 3×5 @ 65
    WOD: total shit storm. Poor Brandon just looked at me with disgust. 87 reps @ 85 lbs. I cycled my first 5 cleans and then it went to hell very quickly…and my double unders never showed up either. Oh well.
    *** I also say good luck to my lifting buddies: Jade, Jill, Andrea, and Adelynn!

  18. Fri WOD: 200 @ 95

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