Weekend Schedule 4-23/24-16

April 23, 2016

Open Gym is both days 10-12 noon.

Olympic Lifting is intact at 8:45 Sunday.  There is no saturday yoga this week.

Open gym would be a great time to work on open your fist on the clean catch, or perfecting the row cadence we reviewed on thursday….



  1. CFMQ # 2 — 1 rep max deadlift. 406. Missed X2 at 427, which was my prior PR. May try again Monday after everything else is in the books. Played it a little safe in terms of going to 100%. Afraid of injuring something with everything else still to come. CFMQ # 4– For time 55 Bar facing burpees, 34 Overhead squats @ 95, 21 Ring Muscle ups: 13:07. Barf Burpees in 4:30, OHS in about 2 minutes, so about 6:30 on 21 RMU. 4×3 then 2’s then 4 singles, getting uglier as it went. I had trained Muscle Up’s in sets of 5 and down and even elevated/fatigued, they had gone well. I had NOT trained for 21 in a row and it showed. Had a very steady decline in how high I was able to swing/pull to, so my catches were progressively lower and lower and therefore more demanding on the shoulder. Pressing out the dip became a real challenge at the end.

    • Praying for you to advance Brock! You can do it! You deserve to go for sure.

    • Good luck Brock! Those are some tough workouts

  2. Thank you both! Very Appreciated.

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