WOD for M and Tu. &&& !! Stuff to sign up for.

April 25, 2016

Sets go up and reps go down.  Therefore, if in your last set last week you got

6 reps, go up 2%

7 reps, go up 4%

8 reps, go up 7%

9 reps, go up 10%


Primary Lift is Shoulder press 4×5.

Accessory Lift is Single arm, seated Dumbell Shoulder Press 4x 5-8 reps x 3 sets r and l

Work- 21-15-9 Row Calories, Thrusters @ 95/65.  This was one of the Master’s Qualifier Workouts.  I did this Sunday and it throws you a mean little pop.  I finished in 4:35.  I didn’t have the shoulder load directly in front of it like you will, BUT I did have the accumulated fatigue of 21 Muscleups the day prior.  On balance, I think your prior work will affect the wod more than mine.


Primary Lift is Back squat 4×5.

Accessory Work  30 second Static Hold x 3 Against a resistance band.  This is a great offset to people whose knees bow in.

Sled Push- Men at + 135/ Women at + 75.  Down and Back 1x every 4th Minute.


Team games returns!!!  Saturday May 7th 10 am to 12 noon.  Signup will be on the Benchmark WODs board.  please don’t signup and then not come.  That is a logistical mess,  (and a huge emotional letdown).  BUT, if you CAN make it, you will have a great time,  that’s guaranteed or your money back*.

Firefighter Challenge-  June 4th, also a Saturday.  Details have yet to be announced but here’s a GREAT chance to 1) compete without traveling  2) pay a below market $40 per person 3) team workouts are always more fun.  It’s at the battleship.  I have created a signup list for people who are possibly interested and who are looking for teammates.  If you are definitely interested and want to proactively recruit a team, don’t sign up cause then you’ll just have to come up with excuses for why you don;t want to be on someone’s team when THEY ask YOU…AWK-werd.

Private Goal Setting is  front burnered as of Wednesday.  Look for signup times and let’s get you pointed in the right direction.

*- Cost for team games is $0.00






  1. Pretty sure we’ve done the Row and thrusters before, any idea when it may have been programmed?

  2. Monday
    Shoulder press 5 @ 140, 3 @ 145
    Wod 5:34 rx

  3. Monday. Shoulder Press 155×5, 160×5, 165×5, 170×1
    Accessory @30
    WOD 6:03 RX. my shoulders are toast! The 15’s destroyed me.

  4. Monday: pull ups – sets 1-3 bodyweight + 2.5lbs, last set +5lbs but only got 4
    Work: 7:37 rx

    • Tuesday: back squat 145×6
      Work: 1:01
      Cool down 800M run

  5. SP – 60
    WOD – 8:02 rxd

    • Tuesday – ran with Susan
      2 mile warm up
      12x400m at 7:20 pace
      1 mile cool down

  6. SP: 65×5, 67×5, 70×2, 70×3.
    wod-subbed push press for thruster. 7:50.

  7. 5@55, 5@60, 2@65, 4@61.5
    Accessory 15lb, 20lb, 15lb
    Work- 8:48@55

  8. SP- 5×155, 5×160, 5×166.5, 5×170

    WOD- 6:31 RX.

    I think I pushed too hard on the first row causing me to take 2 breaks on the set of 21 thrusters. I need to row at a Jackie pace and I think I could do all 21 at once at the very most 1 break.

  9. sp: 67×5, 70×5, 72×4, 72×5
    work: 7:17 with pull-ups
    Thrusters destroy me and I have a singles match tonight.

  10. SP 4×5 @ 75lbs. I started out strict, but had to kip 2 reps I the first three sets and then 3 reps in the last 2 sets.

    Row/thrusters = 11:04 RXd. I think I went too fast on the first row and stared at the bar too much in the first two rounds of thrusters. I did the last set unbroken, but he damage was already done.

  11. Shoulder press

    WOD- 7:12 RX


  12. SP 85 lbs for all 4 sets
    Wod 7:15
    I think I paced the first row too much. MAYBE could have gone sub 7.

  13. SP 135×5
    Still a little shoulder pain

    Wod 4:44rx
    21 unbroken
    15 was broken into 10 & 5
    9 unbroken

    Followed by 22 minutes of rolling around on the floor and trying to “buff” my legs out.

    • Great time!!

    • Great time! If you had a good shoulder….4:15 ish time?

      • Very impressive for a guy getting ready to turn 40!

    • Sick score!

  14. SP = 95/115/125/135(x3)
    WOD = 5:43

  15. Strict shoulder 80
    DB shoulder 25 each x 4 sets
    Work: 8:38
    In Richmond

  16. SP 135 X 5 X 2, 145 X 5, 150 X 5
    WOD 6:28

  17. bs with safety bar: 135 x 5 – legs beat up from last night’s match

    sled: 1:28 – however I went to the tape and not the cones – you can use me as the example of what not to do in the later classes!

  18. BS 265×5, 275×5, 280×5, 285×5

    3 laps sled push 47 seconds.

    I can’t believe how wrecked I am still fro 47 seconds of work.

    • That’s a good time!

  19. Back squats: not feeling strong at all today. What should have been easy 280 to 290 back squats were a very disappointing failure at 280×2 no rep on 3 and complete failure on 4. 3rd set in didn’t even get to the 4th set.
    Sled push. Had the outside lane (slower lane in my opinion) 18, 16, 16 for total of 50. Not a good day for legs. Good news my back feels SOLID.

  20. row 100 cal, ad 50cal.
    BS: 110×5, 115×5, 115×2, 105×5.
    sled 1:28.

  21. BS 255, 260, 265 x 5, 270×4

  22. Back squat 125×5
    Sled push: 1:16

    • I’m a liar..120×5

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