Weekend Schedule. Team games Rosters and Event Details

May 7, 2016

Saturday-  Yoga 8:45 -10am.  Team games 10-12 Noon.

Sunday- Open Gym 10-12.  Monster Mash.  3:30 Olympic Lifting.


Team Games Rosters:

Team Beautiful People–BJ, Rebecca, Joel, Amber B, John, Shelby, Marcos, Jill

The Glorious Crusaders of Fitness– Greg, Jade, Beth, Jen N, Matt, Terrance, Zack, Rachel
Event 1-  Sled Push for time.  All Athletes push the sled  3 Lengths.  Round Robin Style.

Event 2-Combined Chipper.   1 male and 1 Female Athlete from each team will complete the  following for time:  m/f 1– 50 Deadlifts @ 225/155, m/f 2– 40 OTB Burpees.  m/f 3–30 Handstand Pushups.  m/f 4–20 Full snatches @ 115/80

Event 3- One team flips the tire(s)  100 Times while the other team acquires as many calories as possible on 2 airdynes.  Rest 3 minutes.  Switch roles.

Event 4- 0:00 to 5:00–M 1 M 2 and F1 F2 Complete AMRAP  Dumbell Thrusters 40/25 BUT 1 athlete must be in a static hold, chin above the bar. From 5:01 to 10:00 M3 M4 and F3 F4 Complete AMRAP Wallballs 20/14 BUT 1 athlete must be in a static hold Handstand.

Tie breakers will involve the ski erg.

This will be fun







  1. Wait so we are the ugly team? Wtf.

    • And now Joel is singing Marilyn Manson. 😳

      • Yes!! Best visual ever!!!

    • You’re ALL attractive in your own way.

  2. Looks like it is going to be a blast. Wish I could play. Have fun!

  3. Had a blast. Great job Brock!

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