WOD for Thursday and some of my own training notes.

May 12, 2016

First and foremost, recall that Yoga is in session at 7pm.


A) Bench Press 4×5

B) Close Grip Bench Press 3x 6-8 reps

C) Single Arm DB/KB Incline Burnouts

D) 10 Minute AMRAP –  2 Rope Climbs, 4 HSPU, 8 Pistols (alternating)

Rope Climbs Scale to 6 rope pullups.  HSPU scale with a) reduced weight or b) push press.  Pistols scale to Single leg Step-ups.


On a personal note, my training post CFG Open has shifted somewhat.  This is what amounts to my “offseason”.  Last year, with an eye toward healing and recovery, I took the months of April and May and largely avoided the more aggressive or ballistic aspects of the CrossFit toolbox.  This worked decently well for me, and by June I felt very good and was eager to get back under heavy weight and pound some metcons.

I’m repeating that same 2 month offseason this year, but because I was fortunate enough to advance to the Master’s qualifier, my time frame was pushed back to May and June.  The short term goal is to arrive at my 45th birthday (June 30) at single digit bodyfat, which would demand a drop from my current level of about 12%.   Currently I have relaxed my diet (which, more significantly than anything else, involves the reintroduction of moderate but frequent alcohol) and changed my workout to a scheme that seemed to do well last year.  As of June, I will look to eat more strictly.

4 to 5x a week I perform a 10 min monostructural max effort on the following devices  Monday- ski erg  (pr 180),  Tuesday- treadmill @ 25 degree incline (pr 177), Wednesday- Airdyne (pr 201), Thursday – Row (pr 185).  Friday is off and Saturday I may do a light metcon,  eliminating any hanging elements or heavy ballistic actions.   The max efforts are stupid hard and I dread all of them, with the row being the worst of the bunch.  The fanwheel machines are fantastic tools for getting incredible intensity that still does not burn the athlete out.  Following these 10 min sessions, my short term recovery is pretty ugly, but  by the next day I am fine, rarely if ever sore, and ready for the next one.

I am lifting weights, (typically 1 bodypart per day) but at slow, controlled tempos and doing a lot of experimenting with band resistance, which is very gentle to the joints.

The goal is to restore some of the total system fatigue that sets in by the end of the CF Open.  Several years into CrossFit and  many more working in more traditional fitness venues have led me to the following conclusion:  Metcons can beat me up!  It’s not very macho to say/write this but I am forced to admit that I am a pretty fragile athlete.  I can rev my engine at a pretty high level every so often,  but the time between these bursts needs to be carefully monitored.  This realization has seeped into and influenced the way I program for the gym.  In essence, I am probably a little cautious or conservative in terms of how often I throw a monster like a 5 round KELLY or DT  or 100 Thrusters for time at  you. Frankly, some of you could handle more, and don’t have the recovery concerns I do,   in which case, I hope you know you are encouraged to do more if you feel like the regular programming dosage is too light.  In particular, The Sunday Monster Mash was a small step towards giving are more resilient athletes a good weekly bomb.  If you haven’t done a mash yet  and feel like you are “handling”   the week without much challenge, make sure you give it a try asap.

I digress.  At the end of June, if I feel good and am free of tweaks and twinges, I will turn my attention toward the next Open and spend a 2 month block attacking the weaker elements of  my game:  Overhead Strength.  Olympic lifting.  Low rep absolute strength.  Likely, I will push Olympic lifting to the front burner and specialize in that domain through July and August.

Questions about what I’m doing are always welcome.  No one should feel like they are bothering me,  such is not the case at all.






  1. Bench press
    235×5, 245×5, 250×2, 225 x3
    Accessory 145 close grip, 30 & 40 incline dumbbell
    WOD 63. (Scale pistols to horizontal band)

  2. CGBP 87×5, 90×2, 90×3, 85×5. (90 was 1rm)
    super close grip at 70#
    did back squat (120×5) and some row.

  3. Bench: 95×5; only got 3 @ 100
    Work: 60rx

  4. There is still time to register for the Wilma Dash! We have a big group already but the more the merrier. All paces welcome, very walker friendly event if you aren’t a runner. Women only, use the code WILMATEAM for $5 off.


    • Thursday 5/26 in the evening

      • Recall if you wear a CFCB shirt you get rewarded for promoting the gym with $10 cash, (theoretically to partially cover your entrance fee).

  5. BP 225×5, 230×3, 205×5, 185×6

    WORK- 72 Rx

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