WOD for Friday the 13th of May 2016

May 13, 2016

A) 4×5 deadlift.  Ascend if you 1) get 5 reps  and 2) feel safe about doing so.  Remember every rep starts from a standstill.  No touch and go reps.

B) 3x 5-8 Snatch Grip Deadlifts.  Guys, index fingers outside the first mark in the knurling. Ladies, middle finger on the same mark.

C) 2X Static hold for combined max length.  Use your heaviest weight from B.  Stand the snatch deadlift to the top and start the clock. No stacking the bar on the thighs or anything else.  Shoulders behind the bar, elbows locked.

D- Work Capacity is different than originally programmed.  I have concerns about the logistics of the room.  Here’s your adjusted workout.

AMRAP in 15 minutes

8 Steps Overhead Walking lunges 45/25 lb plate. Touch knee, full extension, alternate legs.

8 Burpees onto the plate. Exactly like burpee box jumps, no clap necessary, 2 foot hop. Body can be in any position relative to the plate.

8 Steps Overhead Walking Lunges 45/25lb plate.

8 Pullups, any style.

Brandon is running the show all day with the exception of the 1pm, where Jill’s got you, dawg!





  1. Deadlifts
    295×5, 305×5, 305×5, 29 5×5
    Snatch grip 205x5x3
    Static snatch @205 40, 33 total 1:13
    WOD: 184 RX very humbling being in between Joel and Greg during this WOD as they lap me

  2. Deadlift heaviest set of 5 was 305
    Snatch hold at 135 for 45 sec
    Wod 271 rx

  3. Deadlift: 180×5 – I backed off a bit from last week’s 190 as it felt rather terrible and my form was going. 180 felt decent
    Snatch grip – 95lb; static hold 45secs
    Work: 232rx

  4. Tennis is ruling my week. This weekend I’ll be playing in the Smash Cancer tournament at Empie Park. From 9-4 tomorrow, there will be free head and neck screening available to everyone.

  5. Felt so beat up this morning, tore up from the floor up and real weak.

    Deadlifts- 5×255,265,275 3@285. Last week I got 5 @ 295 😦

    Snatch grip static hold 1:06

    Work 206. Lots of complaining and standing around led to a poor performance. Most my pull-ups were singles, hands are shredded. I know I could get in the 250 range.

  6. I went light on deadlifts due to my hip hurting 125? Combined static hold was 72. That was harder than expected. Pull up work. And i did 10 min of workout 3 rnds. I’m burnt out from working 24/7 and can’t wait for the month to be over. I have most of the weekend off so I’m looking forward to some sweating.

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