2 shared success stories.

May 17, 2016

I wanted to take a moment and highlight the respective successes of two of our members who have, outside of our annual Diet Contest, taken it upon themselves to really focus on eating consistently well, and have achieved some dramatic visual results.

Rachel and Lindsey have made great strides in body composition/weight loss, and both were kind enough to, at my request, detail a little bit of their process. Their respective comments are below. Thanks for sharing your story with the group, Ladies, and congrats on your impressive progress.

Rachel says:
I missed the diet challenge earlier this year, thanks to vacation plans, so I was super excited when CFCB mentioned offering individual programming. Couple that with this new strength cycle, and I’ve seen some pretty awesome results fairly quickly.

Diet: About 90% Paleo, implemented a 1.5 years ago. Initially saw body changes (weight loss, definitely not much muscle definition), and noticed an improvement in whole-body functioning, i.e., more energy, better sleep, etc. Basically, as long as it was Paleo, I’d eat it, and as much as I wanted to. This included fruits and nuts, mostly without a regard for serving sizes (which led to a pretty hardcore addiction to plantain chips and grapes).

Gym: Daily (M-F), Sundays when possible but usually not Saturdays. Just did the class, nothing really more on the side. Active lifestyle, but no extracurricular sports or exercising to speak of. Not an over-achiever.

I knew I’d have to make additional dietary changes in order to really start seeing definition, and I had gotten some great info from CFCB on nutrition. I decided to try counting macros, rather than following a specific diet- literally and completely based on seeing Whitney’s AMAZING results. I started loosely food logging with My Fitness Pal, then after about 2 weeks, switched the settings to count macros, set some targets, and let it do the work for me. (Side note, this app is amazing and makes it ridiculously simple).

Diet, now: 40% protein, 40% fat, 20% carbs. I’d like to say I followed the complex formularies online to arrive at this figure, but honestly, I got tired of trying to figure it out and picked a safe starting point that was close to calculated recommendations, then confirmed it with Brock during individual goal-setting.

Tracking carbs was pretty eye-opening immediately. I’ve never counted calories or chased a number on the scale, so carbs have always escaped my scrutiny, until now. Ouch, plantain chips.

Individual programming recommended that I reduce my fruit intake to 1-2 servings per week, and limit alcohol to 2 servings per week. This really helped the carb ratio get under control quickly. In recent weeks, I’ve increased the carb intake on days when we do longer workouts, as I’ve noticed that helps sustain my energy throughout the day.

I also added the following:
· C4 Cellulor pre-workout 1-3 times per week (subbed my morning coffee out for this)- it’s a bit strong, so I reduce it to 1 scoop.

· Protein shake with BCAAs immediately after workout- I rotate between Progenix and BPI (Because they have CAKE FLAVOR. Enough said). This is something Brock recommended several times and I was off and on with until the individual programming. I can definitely tell it does make a difference, though, now that I’m consistent with it (big reduction in sore muscles and weakness following workouts).

Gym, now: Definitely still M-F classes, but I show up early/ stay late and do at least an extra 10-15 minutes of pure cardio. This should include the Airdyne and Ski Erg, but full disclosure- I hate them, so it’s mostly rowing and inclined treadmill. The more I progress, the more energy I’m gaining, which means I’ve been adding some extra cardio throughout the week in the form of swimming laps or running.

Individual programming has me doing 30 minutes per week of Zone 2 cardio, plus 2 on, 4 off cycles 1x per week, and then sticking to the regular programming for the most part. I’m adding the cardio and 2x4s on top of the regular workouts, in lieu of subbing something out, as we’ve been doing some fairly short metcons lately.

I’m sticking to the strength cycle as written and have seen tremendous improvement this round. In previous strength cycles, I certainly saw gains, but in smaller increments and with less translation into performance in the metcons. I’ve gone from 3-banded pull-ups to doing body weight plus added weight (currently at +11.5lbs). I’m *finally* able to do toes to bar and pull-ups in actual workouts. My 10 minute max in rowing, for example, has gone up 30%- which is insane for me.

For the first time in the year I’ve been doing Crossfit, I am more often than not doing Rx, and am able to do multiple movements I just couldn’t before. Couple that with a loss of 15 pounds in just about 2.5 months, and some actual muscle definition, and I am psyched at the results. My individual programming goal was to go from 16.2% body fat to 12%, and (as long as I can stay away from the Costco sample line), I’m on track to hit that goal by the end of the programming cycle.

Lindsey Says:

I am definitely not an expert on the whole diet and exercise thing. Like most woman, my weight has
fluctuated a lot over my lifetime. But, in February of 2013 I was the heaviest I had ever been. I ate like
crap all the time and did zero exercise. I stood at 5 foot 3 with 230 pounds on me (no that’s not a typo).
I finally had enough of hating myself and made a commitment to improve through a solid diet and
exercise program (CROSSFIT), I was able to lose 85 pound and for the most part have kept that off. I did
gain some weight last year (Damn Wake and Bake!) and have been working to get those pounds back off
(REALLY close now)! Below are my list of “tips” that I have discovered really work for me (back down 25
pounds since New years)!

1. Get your spouse/BF/GF/Roommate involved. This is the biggest thing for me. I am always
healthier if the people around me are also healthy. I have the benefit of telling my husband
“Hey, I really want to lose weight and get back into shape” and he will respect that by eating all
of his junk food/pastries/candy bars/donuts in the driveway before coming in the house and
chew some gun so I can’t smell it on him. He’s a good little food hoarder like that!

2. Set a routine and stick to it. I make it a habit to get up early and get moving. That doesn’t mean
you have to be a 6 AM Crossfitter (arguably the best class of the day though!) I go for a walk
around the neighborhood, do some house cleaning, fold some laundry- anything that gets me
going earlier in the day helps to also get my metabolism going. I shoot for 6 AM CrossFit 4 days
of the work week. On days I get up earlier I average about 4 thousand more steps when
compared to days that I sleep a little later. I do the same thing on these days (I still go workout
just in the afternoon) but I just get a lot less steps in which means I burn less calories on those
days as well. Moral of this story- get up and get moving.

3. I can work out all I want but if I don’t eat right then it doesn’t matter. I was not blessed with the
metabolism of a 13 year old boy the way Ryan was. He can eat three cheeseburgers in one meal
and lose weight- whereas I gain 5 pounds just watching him eat (am I right ladies?). This is why
diet is SO important for me. I have tried A LOT of things. I did Paleo for the diet competition this
year and DID NOT cheat a single time for the whole 6 weeks. l also worked out 6 days a week
(sometimes 2x a day during that 6-week time period) and in the end I had only lost about 7

pounds. I was SUPER disappointed with this. I picked Paleo because you can eat all you want as
long as it is all of the right things- unfortunately this does not work for me. I am someone what
has to have a more measureable daily goal for food. So I have been doing weight watchers diet
online for the last month and a half and I have seen a big change from implementing that into
my lifestyle. I am now down 25 pounds and I don’t feel like I am missing anything from my diet.
If I want an occasional “sweet” I can have it- I just have to count it as part of my daily points.
Other eating components I have implemented for myself- I make simple substitutions (egg
whites instead of regular eggs, soy milk, etc.) and I have given up all cheese (this one was hard
but SOOOO worth it) and most dairy products completely. I also limit my alcohol intake to an
occasional low calorie beer, skinny martini, or glass of wine. I allow myself to have it once a
week or I save it for a special occasion like a wedding (where someone else is paying for it).
Another point about food is the issue of eating out- I am not afraid to be that annoying
customer who asks 50 million questions about everything that comes in a certain entre before
deciding to order some entirely different or asking for 5 substitutions in order to make the meal
healthier. Doing this has saved me a lot of extra calories and helped to keep me on track!

4. MOVE after dinner- This is something that I recently started doing more regularly and have
noticed a big difference in the way I feel after eating. I will eat dinner around 6:30ish and then
go take the dogs for a 15-30 minute walk around the neighborhood. I walk at a nice easy pace
and just enjoy the time (judging all my neighbors on their yards, cars, and outdoor décor). This is
also a good thing to have a buddy for! When I get done, I am less likely to keep grazing in the
pantry or fridge. Plus- it gets rid of any bloat you may have!

5. Lastly- I SET GOALS and have visual reminds of how important those goals are to me. No matter
how big or small. This seems super cliché but it really does work. Maybe it means hanging that
skimpy bikini up in the closet as motivation or taping a picture of a fat, naked, and bald Italian
man to the fridge as a deterrent (I have done both of these). Having a visual reminder of my
goals helps to push me towards accomplishing them. I think of these visual reminders when I
feel like my lungs are going to explode through my chest in the middle of a WOD or on mile 10
of a half marathon (along with a few choice cuss words of course).So… I currently weight 153 pounds. A fair amount of that is muscle (thanks to Brock’s programing).
My goals for this year are to reach (and maintain) a healthy weight of 150 pounds (getting SO close),
PR my back squat (currently at 220), get more definition in my stomach region, and get my chest to
bar pullups!



  1. Thanks for sharing! Very informative and inspiring. Great job ladies!!!

  2. Lindsey, thanks for sharing, I’ve been watching your progress on Facebook and oooh’ing and aaah’ing — you look fantastic and really glow! Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Love love LOVE these!! You girls made a choice and stuck to it without making excuses. We are super proud of you.

  4. You both look fantastic – lean and strong! I enjoyed your write ups too. Great job!

  5. Nice job ladies! You are both quite inspiring.

  6. Super inspiring ladies! Thanks for sharing

  7. Super impressed ladies! Great job!

  8. Thanks y’all! CFCB is awesome at helping get you to a goal!
    Lindsey’s list just gave me two more goals:
    1. Backsquat more than my weak lil’ 145….. (Damn girl! 220?!!!)
    2. Put a picture of a fat, naked and bald Italian man on every box of plantain chips I buy

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