WOD for Friday 5-20

May 20, 2016


A) Deadlift 4×3

B)Deadlift 4×1 (singles) rep from 3″ blocks. Start at roughly 15% less than A) but ascend if you feel safe. Don;t grip it and rip it, pull the bar with control.

C) Work- 3 RFT – 5 Squat Snatches, 10 Clean And Jerks. Competitors 135/85. Fitness 95/65. Capped at 15 minutes. Snatches must be full squat, but Power Snatch to Overhead Squat is allowed. Clean and Jerk’s are any style. You must use the same bar and loading for both movements, so accommodate your weaker element.

Open Gym is 10 to 12 noon Saturday and Sunday.

Yoga 8:45 Saturday and Oly 8:45 Sunday.



  1. Brock have we done the squat snatch Clean jerk combo before?

  2. 345 DL
    10:58 RX


  3. Deadlifts : I feel really beat up this week, shoulders, hands and a tight back. Looking forward to rehab this weekend.
    295×3, 305×3, 315×3, 325 didn’t feel solid on the first pull. Stoped there.
    4×1@225, 4×1@245, 4×1@265
    WOD 9:22 RX tough one. I missed 3 reps catching low. Shoulders are burning. Rolled out for 10 minutes afterwards.

  4. deadlift: 135 x 3, 155 x 3, 165 x 3, 175 x 3

    work: 4:07 with 85lbs push jerk & back squats out of the rack

    I’m so limited this week and my knuckle is still swollen…sucks…

  5. Deadlift 315, 335, 355, 375×3

    Wod 5:06 at 95. I should’ve gone heavier but I’m protecting my shoulder.

  6. DL- 195
    Deficit DL
    Work-rowed 2500m

  7. Deadlift -235; got one rep at 245 and called it
    WOD 5:50 competition – this was a tough one but I liked it. so glad it was only 3rounds

  8. DL 385×3, 395×2…..wod fitness 8:14

    • Awesome deadlifts

  9. my gimp ass hip is not cooperating with the programming. today i did a 10 min row warm up, and then two 10 min interval sets of 30sec on/30 sec off at SPM of 30. then i did all the PT exercises i’ve been neglecting. medical people = worst patients.

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