Murph and Programming Notes

May 30, 2016

MURPH is Monday 9-11 am.   be advised,  scattered but heavy thunderstorms are forecast.  If you;re not concerned about lightning and want to embrace the theme of shared suffering that, for many people, characterizes the day, you can run in the rain.  If you do so, BRING A TOWEL.  Possibly a second pair of shoes.  Run, towel off, pull/push/squat, re-shoe and run again.

Beer available afterwards.  I always dramatically overbuy on these occasions, so tomorrow I’m going to be more conservative, but don’t let what may appear to be a limited supply stop you from joining the fun.  I can easily and quickly pick up more.

That said, it’s appropriate for me to discuss the mood of the day, as many of you are new to CrossFit in general and Murph in particular.  Many CrossFit Affiliates have a much more direct connection with our Military than we do, but on this day, there is a solemnity associated with this workout, much like there should be/used to be with Memorial Day at large.  Now, you could figuratively roll your eyes at the pointless symbolism of doing a workout to commemorate a soldier’s death in combat; nevertheless that is what our collective CrossFit community has embraced.  I ask you to embrace it as well.

There is no demand to do the workout in it’s entirety (In fact, I myself will likely do Half-Murph) and no demand not to scale or modify things such that you can complete what you start. BUT, what I would hope you all would do is respect the workout and its message such that your movement standards are start legitimate and remain such throughout.   In my opinion there is no room for shallow squats, for pullups that don’t have a straight elbow at the bottom, for pushups that don’t hit the floor (or your target, in the event of a scaled athlete).   Take your time during the setup, establish what you think will be a challenging but doable standard and then see it through.  Deciding at #30 that you went “too heavy” and adding to your scale runs contrary to what this day is about, tenacity and sacrifice.  If you scale too much at the outset, simply go faster and the suffering will increase.

Scales for the run are a 2000 m row or a 2 mile airdyne per mile.  Pullups, scale with bands.  Pushups scale by touching your chest to a plate(s), airsquats should not scale unless you are guarding an injury.

I’ll have an athlete briefing at 9 and we’ll start the WOD around 9:15 am.  If we see a large number of athletes subbing rows and airdynes to stay out of the rain, we’ll send you out in staggered heats.

The remainder of the week will be an unusual format.  I’ll give you a lot of latitude to pick and choose from among a handful of workouts that you can mold around your strength test out schedule.

Testing will run Tuesday through Friday and then the programming pivots as follows.

For the next 8 weeks each we’ll have each weekday correspond to a specific fitness domain or concentration. I’m not 100% on this but I’m leaning towards this type of breakdown:

Monday- Medium Length Metcons (Metcon Monday)

Tuesday- Technical Mastery.  (Technique Tuesday)

Wednesday- Weightlifting (Weightlifting Wednesday)

Thursday- Olympic Movements (Oly Thursday)

Friday- Long,  Monkey Stomping Beatdowns (Freaky Friday)

(Cute names are pretty popular with the kids these days,  and easy to remember.  I had alliteration going until thursday, if anyone has ideas about what to call Thursday, let me know.)

PS- Check our instagram (crossfitcb) for a Group Murph photo from 2012.  Many of you are in it. You look SO young….







  1. 59:51 with vest

  2. A little over 54 minutes pushing a stroller for the runs. Thanks to all for coming!

  3. such fun! thanks for putting this on

    • Glad you made it Michaela. Saw that FB memory from 2010. Holy Moly that is a long time ago!

  4. I went 29:15 on half the volume. First time running in over a year so I used the treadmill. Set it to a 5 grade to equalize vs the bad terrain, turns and stops that our outdoor runners have to deal with. On the calisthenics I went c2b pullups, chest but no thigh on the pushups and jumps squats on the air squats. I really don’t think those additions made things much harder. The heat was significant and my second COUGH … “run” was a real mess. Rxd Full Murph definitely much more debilitating than what I did. Vested in this heat is really for the tough.

    On a different note, I was thrilled at the turnout, with Hamlet’s, Joey J, Meghan, Cam, BJ and a few other first timers really getting after it. In my opinion, the EVENTS like Murph or team games or the diet contest are really where we separate from other fitness facilities/systems, and sometimes it takes a little while before newer people embrace that aspect of what we do. Thanks to all who came out! That was rough fun…

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