TEST OUT and WODS for the week 5-31-16 to 6-3-16

May 31, 2016

I was thrilled at the turnout for 2016 Murph with right at 4o athletes participating.  Well done to all.  No AC and no fan and everyone made it through, and MOST even did it with good pushups throughout!  I was THRILLED that some of our newer members jumped in,  with the Hamlet’s, Joey J, Meghan, Cam, BJ and a few other first timers really getting after it. In my opinion, the EVENTS like Murph or team games or the diet contest are really where we separate from other fitness facilities/systems, and sometimes it takes a little while before newer people embrace that aspect of what we do. Thanks to all who came out! That was rough fun…

Testout Week

So.  Here we are.  This is showtime.  You have enormous latitude over the next 4 days to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it.  If you come in and the plan is backsquat, but you just feel like pullups that day,  do pullups.  If you want to test two lifts on the same day, go for it.    Please check with your instructor BEFORE your heavy attempt if there’s ANY question in your mind as to what needs to be done to insure a valid and successful lift.   If you squat shallow, if your butt pops off the bench, if you twitch your knees on a shoulder press, better fix that sh*t now. We try to keep movement standards very high.  Progress is great, but we want no theoretical question marks as to your legitimacy.

Below are some WOD choices.  Many of them are a little off the beaten path/outside the regular programming template.  This is a great time to experience some of our equipment that doesn’t  make it into our regular lineup perhaps because of technical demand (pistols/rope climbs) or because we don;’t have a lot of them (ski erg/ treadmill).   Most of them have a pretty high suck factor but are not too long.

A)  5 Minute Amrap – 5  Dumbell Burpees, 5 Dumbell squat cleans, 5 DumbellShoulder To Overhead  40/25

B) 5 rounds for time – 10 Calories Ski erg, 1 Lap Sled Push 90/45

C) EMOM x 10 – 2 Rope Climbs, AMRAP- Alternating Pistols.  Score is total pistols.  Sub Lunges with a KB 24/16.

D) As far as possible in 5 Minutes –  1 Tire Flip/ 2 Tire Jumps, 2 Flips/4 Jumps, 3 Flips/ 6 Jumps etc.

E) (My favorite)  AMRAP in 10 minutes.  10 Airdyne Calories, 10 Burpees.

F) 21-15-19 For time  Squat Clean 135/95, Pullup.




  1. Tuesday test out:
    Shoulder press: in 185, out 190 2.7% gain. Failed at 195
    WOD: 10 AMRAP 10 AD 10 BURPEES
    TOTAL 114

  2. SP in 75, out 81. 7ish% increase.
    500m warm up row, 1500m of 30 sec on 30 sec off at 28spm, cool down.

  3. Shoulder press 160
    Wod A-55 reps

  4. SP 205

    I don’t have a test in number to compare to since I came in 3 weeks late due to injury. My best was 210 back in 2014 but missing the first 2 weeks of reps of 8 is crucial IMO.

    Ski Erg/Sled Push 8:20 RX.

  5. SP in 140 out 151….. PU in 80 out 91.5

  6. WOD A- 50 REPS with 45lb dumbells (not by choice by necessity)

    1Mile Run@ 7:40

  7. sp:
    in: 85
    out: 90

    in: 200
    out: 215

    Tennis match yesterday and was happy that I was able to actually move around, lift a racquet and get an ace on top of doing Murph the day before!

  8. Tuesday: push press- in:87 out:90
    Tire flip WOD: 51
    Wednesday: pull ups in:17.5 out: 18.5
    AD/burpee WOD: 109 (I’ve done this 4 times and always get 100. I’m moving up in the world)
    Not super impressed with test out so far- but I keep reminding myself that I sporadically participated due to Olympic lifting.

  9. 21-15-19 For time Squat Clean@135lbs & Pullup. (7:44 Rx)
    Body weight(230)+150lbs pullup

    • Very strong!

  10. Bench Press 255 no test in to compare.

    Dumbbell WOD – 64 @ 40 lbs

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