Test-out Continues. PLEASE record your scores here!!

June 2, 2016

First and Foremost– Please record your scores in the Comments Section.  That way they are preserved on the cloud forever, rather than in your pocketbook or glove compartment or phone that will probably break.  Everyone I know who uses a fitness record keeping app has lost all their numbers at least once.

Test out week is one of my favorite events,  the drama runs high, and this week is off to a great start.  Whether it’s a raw beginner or someone approaching elite numbers, the struggle, the drama the success of a personal record is equally compelling.  Zack had a 10 second shoulder press that ultimately made it.  Christine was stuck mid rep and just barely snuck her head under for a shoulder press PR.  2+ years ago Bob tested out of a strength cycle at 325 on the deadlift, today he pulled 430, (which is 3 lbs better than my all time PR). Keep up the good work.

One note: Male squatters, please use safety bars.  That means the two racks in the back, and there’s one other mobile set.   Missed max squats are dangerous to you AND the spotter.

Tomorrow I’ll  resume taking appointments with anyone who wants individual goal setting assistance.  Check the benchmark board.







  1. Shoulder Press – 175 in / 180 out
    Back Squat – 315 in / 305 out ***Back injury kept me from completing the cycle AND I chose to test out without knee sleeves. Overall happy to do 305 given all that.***

  2. Thursday : bench press test in 275 test out 280 failed at 290 and 285.
    Back squats: test in 335 failed at 340 twice. Ran out of time to go lower so last recorded rep by Brock today was 315.
    I have to say the Murp Monday with the vest wrecked me good. I miss Wednesday due to lower back pain and my shoulders just aching as the 2nd day of soreness really set in. Next year in will test out first prior to Murph.

    • Yea, the more I see of Murph the less I like it. Too much volume for anything productive to take place anytime soon thereafter. Don;t forget you can test as late as Sunday.

  3. Bench test in 265 test out 280.
    AD/burped wod 152 reps

  4. Back squat in 255, out 295.
    Shoulder press in 140, out 155.

    • Pull-ups 205 in test out 253
      Dead Lift 355 in test out 365 – back was tweaked a little
      Bench press 190 in test out 220

  5. cgbp:
    in: 110
    out: 115

    in: +25
    out: +25 – but 2lbs heavier than test in

    I got both +27 & +30 last week. I’m blaming Murph for my lack of performance today.

    rope/pistol: got 5 pistols in 2 rounds and bailed out due to my shin turning a nasty shade of purple

  6. BS 300 in 316 out

  7. Pull up – in @ +20lbs/ out @ +25lbs
    Squat Clean – in @125/ out @135 (got under the bar at 140 but couldn’t stand it up – grr!)
    Shoulder Press – in @ 85/out @ 90
    Bench Press – in @ 120/out @ 130
    I’m pretty sure I PR’d everything (shoulder press I may have done before @ 90?) so I’m pretty pumped (no pun intended) about this cycle!

    EMOM – 2 rope climbs/pistols = 34 pistols (did first 2 rounds and switched to every other after that)

  8. Deadlifts : in 335 out 340
    WOD: B Ski/Sled 7:30

  9. Deadlift 340 out. 305 in
    21/15/9 cleans cheat to bar 8:28 rx

  10. back squat with safety bar:
    in: 135
    out: 175

    not a back squat PR, but this is the 1st time using the safety bar and I usually squat with a really low bar position

  11. As many of you know, I’ve been doing my own program these last 9 weeks. Brock put together a “get huge” lifting routine that involved lifting 3 times a week and staying away from cardio (i.e., watching everyone suffer). The lifting was 3 sets of a goal of 8-10 reps per set, followed by a lighter to-fatigue set. Weight was increased or decreased from week to week depending upon amount of reps completed during those 3 same-weight sets. I’m mentioning this because I didn’t know how the higher rep counts/lower weights would transition when going for a max lift since my muscles had not been exposed to higher-weight 2-, 3-, or 5-rep sets in this program as many of you were doing in the weeks leading up to your max lifts. I was pleasantly surprised with the results.
    I also modified my diet (macro counting) to consume a lot more calories (3000 cals on rest days and 3400 cals on lifting days) and all the protein I could find. I felt like I was eating a ton to begin with but after a week or so it felt normal to eat that much.
    I started at 170 lbs and ended at 182 lbs
    Body fat did increase as expected from 10% to 12% (4 lbs of fat gained, 8 lbs of muscle).
    Note: Test in week I was sick and didn’t max deadlift or bench press

    Back squat
    In: 305 (PR at that time – must have been new lifter shoes)
    Out: 350 (PR by 45 lbs)

    Bench Press
    In: Didn’t test in, but probably around 245
    Out: 275 (PR by 10 lbs)

    Shoulder Press
    In: 160
    Out: 175 (PR by 10 lbs)

    In: not tested but previous lifetime PR was 345
    Out: 415 (PR by 70 lbs)

    I will try to complete pull ups today, but I felt a pop in my left shoulder when attempting a 435 deadlift, so I have to see how it feels.

    Overall, I’m VERY HAPPY with these results and a big thanks to Brock for the programming! If anyone would like to speak with me more about details on the lifting or the dieting, just let me know.

  12. Pull-ups plus 91 lbs total weight 265 lbs
    Deadlift 315
    Back Squat 330 I actually did test in on this at 295.

    Rope/Pistols 68 reps RX
    Cleans@135/C2b Pullups 21,15,9 in 9:13

  13. Long sweaty chipper with Jill, modified for her broken thumb and my tweaked back
    4 rounds of:
    400m run
    35 sit-ups
    30 box jumps (Jill) tall step ups (me)
    25 Wallballs (shallow squat for me)
    20 reverse burpees
    15 pull-ups

    Me-44 minutes Jill – 40 minutes

  14. CGBP out 95. in 90.
    Workout: 15 cal row/15Wb x 5 rounds.

  15. Deadlift: 465 PR
    Previous PR 405


  16. SP-81
    Back Squat-160

    This is the first time I’ve tested my one rep max so you can count it in or out…not sure:)

    • It’s more like somewhere in the middle, but establishing some baselines is an important step. Well done Meg.

  17. PU- in 138.3 out 142
    SP- in 70 out 75
    Bench- in 95 out 100
    Deadlift– didn’t have test in…out 205
    Did not do back squat
    None are PRs..due to lack of consistency this cycle

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