WODs for the week of 6/6/16 to 6/10/16

June 6, 2016

First some notes:

Terrance, Rob, Glenn, Lindsey and Selena all threw it down in the heat at the Battleship Firefighter Challenge.  Ad Hoc and not much practice at all and off they went.  That’s OLD School CrossFit right there.  Not sure of their placement, but very proud of all.  To the best of my knowledge, that was the first Outside the CFCB Box comp for Selena and Glen!

Olympic Lifting is Moving from Sunday to Thursday night at 7pm.  Addition, Kayla will be coaching the Thursday 5 and 6 pm CrossFit classes, and (no coincidence) Thrsday’s in this cycle have Oly on the front burner.  If you have trouble with the fast lifts, GET IN FRONT OF KAYLA ASAP!  She has a great eye for diagnosing what’s off.

Please be advised, we will lose the Friday 6pm class for the duration of the summer months, and bring it back shortly after labor day.  5 PM is still on for the time being.


Monday- (Short Metcons)

1st-  FRAN  21-15-9 Thrusters/Pullups  cap at 10 mins.

rest 10 minutes, break down your bars,  then begin the following


A. 5 tough Kettle bell swings, 10 burpees as fast as possible
x3 sets. Rest 2:00 between sets then

B. 5 box jumps, fast Heavy Rope 20 seconds FAST, x3 sets Rest 2:00 x3 sets

C. Row sprint 30 seconds @97% Rest 2:00 x3 sets

Fran is scored.  The sprint sets are not, but limit your rest to 10 minutes after Fran.

Tuesday (Technique)

10 Min Technique–Double Unders.  Alternately– 10 min to establish your best unbroken set of double unders.  As many attempts as you like

Rest 5 mins

10 Min Technique on Split Jerk or Find your 1 RM for that day.

Wednesday (Weightlifting)

Preserve your strength gainz from our latest strength cycle.  Rotating Slow lifts, typically 2 per week.  If you have a particular interest or goal associated with a specific lift, cut and paste in into today’s session.

Chinese Row 4 x 8 @ 2-2-2-2

Front Squat 5 x 2 – First rep at 2-2-2-2, second rep at optimal tempo (no restrictions)

Thursday (Olympic Lifting) 

10 mins Hang Snatch Technique Review, then

10 Mins- Find your 1 RM

Then- for time:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Fitness: Hang Snatch at 95/65, Burpees.  Competitors:  Hang Squat Snatch @ 95/65, Bar Facing Burpees. Caps at 10 minutes.

Friday (Long Monkey Stompers)

1 round of Cindy, 1 Clean and Jerk at 135/95.  1 Round Of Cindy 2 Clean and Jerks.  1 Rd/3 C & J.    Fitness Athletes 115/75.  Competitors 135/95.








  1. Anyone recall the last date we did Fran?

  2. Fran 3:42

  3. Fran: 6:01

  4. Fran – 8:48 rxd
    Previous time was 10 or 11 something at +2

  5. Fran- 9:50 @55lb & rx Pullups
    Previous was 9/15/14 7:22 @50lb & +2 bands

  6. Fran 3:57rx. This is my first “official” sub 4minute fran. My fran recovery efforts were a disaster. I literally pulled a “marcos” for about 12 minutes.

    • I resemble that!

  7. fran-esque 8:40 (push press instead of thrusters) #oldladyhip and 2 bands. I was seriously wiped by the afterwork. Fun am.

  8. Fran: 8:04 rx & PR!! Felt good to get that on my bday 🙂

    Saving my bday chipper for tomorrow if anyone wants to join me!

    • I will birthday chipper with you tomorrow!! 8:45? June birthdays!!

      • Yay!! Yes, 8:45!!

      • Well I won’t be there at 8:45 now either! Stupid school delay.

      • My husband just informed me I will not be at the gym at 8:45 tomorrow. Birthday surprise.

    • Boo–can’t make 8:45 tomorrow 😦

  9. Fran = 5:10 rx

    – this is my first official time with Fran in probably 4 years. I think I was in the 6-7 minute range, maybe higher, back then

    Completed all additional work as well.

  10. Fran 4:39 rx/PR

    Last PR was WAY back in 2011 @ 4:47, so not by much but a PR nonetheless. One day sub 4 will be mine! My 21 thrusters were unbroken today and 1 break on the 15’s and 9’s. Pull-ups were really bad. Several breaks in all sets, but not because I went unbroken on thrusters. It wasn’t my lungs holding me back.

    All else also completed.

  11. Fran: 8:51 Rx (pull-ups were really slow, thrusters felt good – I want to try again and see if I can do better on the skinny pullup bar)
    Previous Fran times that I could find are:
    1/2013 = 10:19 Rx
    6/2011 = 12:04 RX

    Slow and steady progress over the years.

  12. Fran: 8:58 RX-PR
    Previous was somewhere around 11-12:00, cant’t find it. However found one from last August at 17+. Goal was to be at sub-10 today so I am happy.
    went 16,5T; 5,5,5,3,3 PU; 5,5,5T; 5,3,3,4PU; 9T;3,3,3PU.

  13. FRAN – 11:31 with skinny gray band assistance for round of 21 and half of 15. Had to switch to black band assistance for rest of 15 and round of 9. Recovered and did the row. Was too exhausted to do the other 2 mini WODs

  14. Tuesday :
    34 DU’S unbroken my DU’S SUCKED today. I’m sorry to all for throwing my rope at the wall, the rack, the floor and the box. Now I will have that stretch where I can’t even string 4 or 5 together.
    Split Jerk 245
    WOD 1 yep! 1 freaken set of 10 unbroken out of 10 minutes. So frustrating!

  15. Monday
    Front squat 115/Push press 95

    Had to modify the workout due to not being able to due pull up. Movements felt great but wasted a lot of time changing plates.

  16. tuesday
    consecutive double unders = 83
    I worked on split jerk technique and therefore did not go over 175.
    Wod=24rds rx

    more workouts with double unders please!

    • NO!

  17. Monday: Fran 7:11 at 85. Haven’t been here in 3 weeks and wasn’t sure how’d it go. Was really gassed for the remaining workouts but struggled through.

  18. Tuesday

    Unbroken DUs = 88 / 95 / 136 (3 attempts in 10 minutes)
    Single Split Jerk = 205
    WOD = 26

  19. Tuesday
    DU 38
    PJ Practice
    WOD 21 Rx. Missed 3 sets of DU

  20. Unbroken DU- 33
    Jerk Max- 230
    WOD 15 rounds.
    I lost about 2 minutes when my rope came apart and I had to find the screw, then a screw driver to fix it. Bummer I could’ve done 20 rounds easy.

  21. My favorite chipper: 33:38 rx
    100 du
    90 air squats
    80 sit ups
    70 push ups
    60 kbs
    50 box jumps
    400 m run
    30 push press @ 65lbs
    20 burpees
    10 deadlifts @ 185lbs

    got 38 unbroken dus during the 100

    Whitney: 26:16 rx
    Dawn: 38:49 @ 135 dl

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