WOD for Thursday 6-9-16. Olympic Lifting @ 7pm. June Team Games Saturday 6-18

June 9, 2016

Thursday (Olympic Lifting) 

10 mins Hang Snatch Technique Review, then

10 Mins- Find your 1 RM

Then- for time:  10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Fitness: Hang Snatch at 95/65, Burpees.  Competitors:  Hang Squat Snatch @ 95/65, Bar Facing Burpees. Caps at 10 minutes.


Please recall that Olympic Lifting moves from Sunday 8:45 to Thursday at 7, in part to dovetail with our Thursday Olympic Lifting focus.  Kayla is instructing the CrossFit sessions at 5&6, as well as the Oly Specific 7pm.

Team Games Returns Saturday the 18th.  10am to 12 noon.  I’ll post a signup list shortly.  You probably heard how fun last team games was (it really was!) so please consider participating.  Events announced day of, but we take everyone’s abilities into account, so there will be some way for every team member to contribute.  Don’t stay away because you think you’re not strong/fit/attractive enough.





  1. Heaviest hang snatch 135. Failed at 145
    Wod 16:59 competition

  2. Heaviest hang snatch 165 caught high and ugly. Needed more time to go heavier and to catch low.
    WOD 15:23 COMP. @105. I did singles to keep good form.
    Bench 8×185, 3×6@205

  3. 1 Rep max @ 175lbs
    Metcon completed RX w/o squats 12:20

  4. 1 rm hang snatch: 75lbs
    work: 10:08 @ 55lbs – can cycle at 55, but can only do 1 at a time at 65 with my shoulder
    4×5 ring swing pulls

  5. Snatch max – 75lbs
    Fitness – 19:58 and that was with Whitney pushing me hard at the end. I probably would have quit if she wasn’t there. I was dying by round 8.

  6. Hang snatch 90 lbs
    Then FINALLY got a 100 lb snatch!!!
    Work 12:58 competitor wod

  7. Hang snatch – 65lbs, worked a lot on technique
    Work: 55lbs power snatch but bar facing burpees 12:54

  8. Hang Snatch = 135
    WOD = Competition = 13:53

  9. Heaviest hang snatch 135.

    WOD RX competitors 15:23 total suck fest.

  10. Hang snatch 115
    Wod 14:21 rx fitness

  11. Hang snatch 155
    Wod competitors 11:55rx

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