Wod for Friday 6-10-16

June 10, 2016

Friday (Long Monkey Stompers)

1 round of Cindy, 1 Clean and Jerk at 135/95.  1 Round Of Cindy 2 Clean and Jerks.  1 Rd/3 C & J.    up to a final cycle of 1 round of Cindy, 10 Clean and Jerks.   CINDY is 5 pullups/10 Pushups, 15 Airsquats

Fitness Athletes 115/75. Regular Pushups.    Competitors 135/95. Crossover Pushups.



  1. Friday 6am class A.K.A test out WOD class.
    25:43 RX COMP
    I thought the cross over push ups where tough due to sweaty hands. I had to move around the plate to find a dryer spot. I even had to move the plate to a new area. I would suggest putting the plate on the wood surface.

  2. 26:04 comp rx

  3. 31:59 fitness RX

  4. 29:02 @ 85 w/ crossover push ups

  5. 24:33 fitness rx

    On 2/21/11 I did this in 32:15 @65lbs, +2 band assistance & 90 degree push-ups

  6. A monkey stompin good time at 36:00 fitness RX. 5 hours later and still recovering.

  7. Hard endured 30:30 Competitive RX

  8. 26:31 Competition RX

  9. 29:00 Comp RX
    What a beat down!

  10. 22:23 RX comp

    Holy Smoker!

  11. Fitness 17:49
    Wanted to go competition but I’m laying sod this weekend and needed to be useful

  12. Comp 23:00rx

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