WODS for the week of 6-13 to 6-17. Team Games Saturday!!

June 13, 2016

Signup for team games is on the benchmark WOD board.   Please check your schedule and jump in if you can.   All are welcome, and the games are structured such that any ability level can make a contribution to the team.  This is NOT AT ALL just for veteran Fire Breathers.   Please DO honor the commitment if you choose to participate.  We set the teams based on the assumption that whosoever signs up, shows up.

MONDAY- Metcons

First- AMRAP in 6 minutes-  75 Wallballs, 75 Toes to Bar

rest 5 mins then

5 hang power clean,  Airdyne 20 seconds @100%  Rest 3 min x4

5 Hang power snatch, 1 Length Sled Push @ 100%Rest 3 min x4

Row sprint 45 seconds @100%

Tuesday- Technique

A) Overhead Squat Review or Find your 10 Rep Max in the OHS.

B) Rope Climb Technique or 2 Rope climbs AFAP.

WEDNESDAY- Weightlifting

4×5 Close Grip Bench Press- Ascending

5×2 Snatch Grip Deadlift.  First Rep 2-2-2-2, second rep optimal.


A) 10 Mins- Clean Pull Technique–All athletes.

B) 5RFT- 8 Power Cleans, 8 Split Jerks, 8 OTB Burpees @ 135/95

FRIDAY- Monkeystomper

The Reverse Summer Chipper

capped at 40 minutes.

10 Deadlifts 275/185, 20 Burpees, 30 Push Press 95/65, 400 m run, 50 Box Jumps, 60 KB Swings, 70 pushups, 80 situps, 90 Airsquats, 100 Doubles.




  1. Monday : 95 rx
    Accessory mini wods: hang cleans @145. Hang snatches @125
    Row cal: 15, 19, 17

  2. 5 whole HKR. and the other stuff too.

  3. Dipped my toe back into the metcon waters. I got 35 t2b or a score of 110. Joel beat me by a whopping 15 reps. Lame…

    • Beat Jill by 1 rep (after she’s been out the gym for a week AND fell during a trail run, AND has an injured thumb)! Hellz Yea!! Take THAT Jill!

      • Man I sound lame. 😂

      • …AND I tied you, so there’s a cherry on top!

  4. 35 T2B Score of 110.

  5. Super bummed the Nau’s can’t represent at team games. We have to go watch Kai shred the gnar on some epic surf 😉

  6. 117 rx

  7. 87 Rx. Yeah I did 12 whole T2B. It was on the skinny bar. I hope that still counts.


  8. 137 doing hanging knee raises to protect my shoulder

  9. Tuesday :
    Max 10 OHS in 10 min. Time flew by! Unlike many WOD’S 135×10, 155×10 then 165 x10 but I was told I was high and I was told it was good so I went with a do over. Failed on the 5th when my shoulder shifted out of lock! Definitely have 175 in me.
    Rope 12 seconds

    • 12 seconds is wrong. I can’t remember what I put on the board. I tied Steve M

  10. Monday: tennis match
    Tuesday: ohs instruction – 5 @ 65lbs
    muscle-up work: 4×5 strict pull-ups, 4×5 supine rows

  11. ohs work. Push up work. gimpy hip work.

  12. Monday 98reps rx

    Tuesday OHS 156
    rope climbs 15seconds

  13. OHS heaviest 10 @ 135. 8 # 145…I suck at these and I felt pretty weak today.

    Rope fastest 2 @ 13 seconds. Kept losing the rope between my feet.

  14. Tuesday
    Ohs – 75
    Rope climb 26sec

  15. Monday = 102 reps
    Tuesday = 135 and rope practice

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