WOD for Thursday and Friday 6-16 & 17

June 16, 2016


A) 10 Mins- Clean Pull Technique–All athletes.  As slow and as light as necessary to control your alignment and bar path.  Clean pulls are particularly relevant to those of you who “pull” with your arms rather than Jump & Shrug.

B) 5RFT- 8 Power Cleans, 8 Split Jerks, 8 Burpees* @ Competitors 135/95 & *bar facing Burpees.  Fitness Athletes 115/75 *OTB Burpees.  Not fancy, not easy.

FRIDAY- Monkeystomper/Long Time Frame

The Reverse Summer Chipper

capped at 40 minutes.

10 Deadlifts 275/185, 20 Burpees, 30 Push Press 95/65, 400 m run, 50 Box Jumps @ 24/20, 60 KB Swings@ 53/35, 70 pushups, 80 situps, 90 Airsquats, 100 Doubles.



  1. Thursday 13:22 comp rx

  2. Thursday 10:48 comp RX
    burpees slowed me up, hard to breath with my cold

  3. Thurs: 10:57 fitness @ 75lbs

  4. At 14:04 I laid on the ground. 14:25: realized I only did 4 rounds. 14:27: contemplated cheating. 14:30: got my ass up and finished the last fucking round. 17:38 @80#. Counting to 5. Not my strong suit.

    • Good post, great effort!!

    • Awesome Michaela — both the hilarious post AND the fact that you got up and did the last round. 😁 See….now that you are 40 your memory is failing. Or is it your ability to count???

      • both kathleen. i blame the burpees.

  5. 14:33 @ 75lbs with bar facing burpees. I was lucky enough to have Whitney doing the WOD in front of me so I could pace with her. Although she went heavier than me so I really should have gone faster. I’m going to blame the heat.

  6. Max weight Squat clean to thruster: 125 lbs
    WOD 14:40 Competitors Rxd


  7. 12:03 Comp Rx…need some new lungs.

  8. Thursday = 11:20 Comp RX

  9. 12:17 @ 85 and bar facing burpees – in talking with Brock after need to pay attention to split jerks and making sure my feet are set before dropping the bar, so not sure all my reps were legit.

  10. Friday 25:26

  11. Friday = 27:53

  12. Friday 26:20 but very scaled
    115 DL, 55 SP, step ups, 30 AD calories in place of the DU

  13. 35:39 but subbed a shit ton of stuff:
    10 cleans@85
    20 reverse BP
    30 PP
    1/2 mi AD
    50 stepup
    180 heavy rope
    70 push ups
    80 sit up
    90 lunges
    100 JR (30 DU/200 singles)
    i spent like a decade on the flipping push ups.

  14. Friday:
    38:20 (I think) with singles and then had to cut sit-ups short after cramping at 30. Haven’t had that problem in a while, probably from lack of sit-ups.


  15. Reverse chipper- 36:58 rx

  16. I did this and got 25:43. Pushups and situps were horrendous. Doubles actually went ok.

  17. Friday chipper 24:52rx

  18. 32:14 Rx.

    KB and pushups were a mess! I was doing 2 and 3 pushups at a time and many singles. I am pretty sure I did 100 air squats. I got to the Double under in about 25 minutes, got through 45 of them in about 30 seconds and then I just lost it. It took me about 6 minutes to finish the last 55 of them. I need to apologize to those in attendance again today, I totally lost my cool and dropped an unnecessarily loud F-bomb. F*#K DOUBLE UNDERS! My bad.

  19. Friday: 29:13

  20. Friday 27:45
    I did this chipper in reverse (or the original order) two minutes faster! I’m pretty sore from yesterday, so I’m blaming that. (And maybe the lack of sweet 80s jams).

  21. Friday fun day! 24:26
    I did my best to count well. However when delirious that’s about all you can do.
    This workout was pretty ridiculous after step ups it was less than desirable. If you did box jumps good on ya!
    The only note that I have is that I think I may have broke my toe last night playing laser tag with my boys. No regrets.

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