WOD for Thursday 6-23-16

June 23, 2016

Thursday-  Olympic Lifting

A) Technique– 10 Mins Tall Snatch.


B) Work Capacity–5 rounds  for time of-  9 Snatch Grip Deadlifts,  3 Hang Power Snatches, 6 Overhead Squats @ Fitness athletes 95/65, Competitors 115/80.


Please recall that Olympic Lifting class is Thursday’s at 7pm.  Get Kayla’s expert eye on your efforts and improve these very precise, technical and athletic movements.





  1. WOD = 6:55 comp Rx

  2. Fitness RX – 9:32

  3. 7:56 RX Comp

  4. Work – 7:12 fitness

  5. 6:55 RX comp. OHS hurt!! I reopen the rip on my hand from C2B Themn a new one trying to avoid the rip!!

    • Then I made a new rip from trying to avoid the first one. My thumb hit send by mistake again on the first entry.

  6. 6:34 comp rxd

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