WOD for Friday 6-24. Weekend schedule

June 24, 2016

Yoga Saturday at 8:45.  Open Gym at 10-12.  Sunday, Open Gym is 10-12.


Friday’s WOD  (Last performed on 10-16-15)

4 Rounds for time:

40 KB Swings 24/16,  30 Wallballs 20/14 to 10/9,  20 Burpees,  10 Box Jumps @ 30″/24″

Mandatory 3 minute rest between rounds.

Scale the KB swings to Russian/Eye level swings.

Scale the wallballs with reduced height.

Burpees don;t scale.

Scale the Box Jumps with step-ups.

With the exception of the box jumps, all of these movements are something you can keep grinding through even when severely fatigued.  Remember you have a 3 minute break between rounds, so push hard and don;t pace too much too soon.

This workout caps at 40 minutes.



  1. This workout is the literal worst. Ever.
    I did 30 ad Cals instead of kb. And step ups. 42:35. (Was 3 into burpees at 40)

  2. 39:16
    round 1 rx, then got a sharp pain in my shoulder when catching the stupid wallball. Switched to jumping squats holding the stupid wallball for rounds 2 – 4. Balked twice and about ate the box one time. Had to seriously concentrate before jumping that high!

  3. 30:02 rxd

    Nice little morning burn to start off my last day of teaching summer school! Side note- anyone needs any odd or end jobs done over the summer and I can do it in my schedule – I’m ur girl (for a fee of course 😉 ) I am especially good at pet sitting/walking!

  4. Yikes- I remember hating this one the last time we did it.
    Previous score 366 reps RX
    Today 391 reps RX at 40 minutes. Finished in 41:04. Happy with my progress but doesn’t change how I feel about it!

  5. 29:17 Rx’d
    Previous 31:48 Rx’d

    • Great time! You own this workout

  6. 30:55 rx, previous was 31:40 with scaling, so happy with this improvement

  7. 37:03 RX. I can’t find the last time I preformed this WOD. I was out of town last year on the WOD date.

  8. Did this saturday 6-25. 30:37 vs 31:54 in october. 5 flat, then 5:20, 5:30 5:40 ish. Slower every round but never slower than 545. Burpees were awful every round.

  9. 3 full rounds just shy of 40 min cap. I can’t remember exact time, but I did note it on the board.

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