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Sunday 7-31-16. open gym 10-12 noon

July 31, 2016

A great chance to stick t it to the man and do whatever the F*&k YOU want to do.  Take that, Brock Wilson.


WODs for Thursday and Friday. Barbell Club Info. Programming Shift as of August.

July 28, 2016

WOD’s First

Thursday:  Instead of 2 technical periods, we’ll up the work factor and go 1 Technique period and Work Capacity thereafter as follows:

Technique: 10 Minutes On The Pistol Squat 2:25 Minute Video Here.  Progressions and scaled version in a 4 minute video Here.

If you have pistols, work on speed through the transition from right to left to right etc.

Work:  3 rounds for time.  25 Kb Swings, 75 Doubles (225 singles or 150 Heavyrope)

Friday-  The Long Day

Against a 30 minute clock– Run 1 Mile: then AMRAP 50 Box Jumps or Step Ups 24/20, 50 BackSquats 135/95, 50 Deadlifts 135/95.

Barbell Club

Kayla is taking the lead with our newly minted Barbell Club.  Any athletes interested in developing their Olympic lifting and possibly (but not necessarily) competing in an Olympic Lifting meet are highly encouraged to consider this programming option.

Some of the details pertaining to when have yet to be ironed out, but in essence, Barbell Club members will front-burner their Olympic Training, committing to 3 Olympic workouts per week.  The remaining four days you are free to do as much or as little CrossFit and/or other exercise as you choose.  The Oly programming will be done be Kayla and she’ll keep track of and adjust your exercises, drills and numbers as things develop.  Sport Specific concerns like weight cutting,  determining your competition day loading, and Olympic Etiquette will also be addressed.

As I’ve said many times now,  the more feedback I get about Kayla the more I want you all to get in front of her and let her help your lifts.  She sees many things that I often miss.

If you have specific questions, please ask away in the comments section.

Programming Pivot

As August approaches, the programming will shift somewhat.  As of August 1 we are roughly 7 months from next year’s CrossFit Open, and every year the level of athleticism and fitness demand increases.  As such, for those parties interested in giving their very best effort to the 5 week open season, they need to start addressing the competition right now.  For those athletes, your next 7 months will have 4 distinct phases to it.

Aug and Sept will be devoted to getting very strong.  Your CrossFit related slow lifts will dominate.  Deadlift, Front Squat, S2O, pullups.  “Get big, get Huge, let your metcons suffer”.  For the first time in CFCB history, I’m putting this aspect of programming in the hands of someone else.  Brandon, our powerlifting competitor, will handle the strength-related portions of the programming.  You will condition/metcon 1 to 2 days a week.

Oct and Nov Speed Strength is Prioritized.  Cleans, Snatches, Overhead Actions.  Now that you’re strong, let’s move the weight fast.  Olympic Lifting will be prioritized.  Kayla will be heavily involved in drafting those WODs.  Again, conditioning and Metcons will happen 1 to 2 x week.

December is about developing your weaknesses.  Any movement that’s a dead stop (muscleups, chest to bar, doubles, Overhead Squats etc) must be addressed NOW.  2 Sessions a week per “bad” movement.  Here there will be a lot of individual programming.  We must start the new year with the whole CFG Open toolbox at our command.

Jan and Feb is Metcons.  Rev the engine in the movements specific to the Open.  Count on a lot of repeat workouts from year’s past.  Time domain of 7 to 20 minutes.  Couplets, triplets, lots of muscle endurance.


Prepping for an event 7 months away runs counter to CrossFit’s original mission statement of being constantly prepared for the “unknown and unknowable”  and much like we do now, we will continue to program workouts that, across a given week, will cover the spectrum of fitness demand.  Feedback on this training block has been good, and frankly I’ve enjoyed the variety in workouts from day to day.  (On that note, I hope you have as well)

So we will stick to that, by and large.  We’ll still have a Sprint Day, a Long Monkey Stomper, and a Barbell Day.  We’ll install a partner or team based day and the remaining day will be a floating mix of strength, technique and wods.

Which should you do?  Far be it from me to tell you, but I will say that Dat Open Prep Lyfe is MUCH more dreary.  You’ll see a fun WOD, maybe one you’ve done in the past, and wish you were doing that cool-ass chipper instead of back squats and good mornings  AGAIN.  In my opinion,  CrossFit vs OPEN prep will be more fun.  Often, especially in the fall, CrossFit will be significantly harder on balance the Open Prep.  BUT if you really want to maximize your score in the Open,  if that’s important to you,  the focus and periodization of the Open Prep path is definitely the way to go.  You can of course, do either program and still do the open.  Please ask questions in the comments section or directly when you see me. I will check it regularly



WOD for Wednesday 7-27-16

July 27, 2016


Primary A- Strict Chin Up.  4 sets of 5-10 reps.  Chin Up = Palms facing you.  Strict = Feet remain in front of the bar.   Try to focus on pulling the elbow toward the waist (IE-movement at the shoulder joint) as opposed to pulling the wrist toward the shoulder (ie-movement at the elbow joint).  As always, when suspending your bodyweight, pinch the shoulderblades back and down.

Primary B- Strict Bar or Ring Dip.  4 sets of 5 to 10 reps. Strict = Shoulder, scapula and elbow are the only joints with significant movement.  Try to minimize leaning forward and any moving at the hip joint.  Full range on the rings is: deltoid contacts the top of the ring.  On the bar, full range is shoulder just below the elbow.  Don’t forget create some tension with external rotation at the top of each rep.

In both the primary lifts, if you can get at least 5 strict at bodyweight don’t add assistance.  If you can get more than 10, add appropriate resistance.

Accessory A- 3x Max effort static hold on the rings.  Simply jump to or start at the top position,  externally rotate.  Hold for time. If you really fight hard for it, this will be exhausting.

Accessory B- Barbell Bent rows 3x 8-10 reps.  Performed on the feet.  Slight knee bend.  Spine at or just above parallel to the ground.   Grip is pullup width or wider.

Shoulder Pre-hab-  2×20 Banded scapular retraction.  Please only perform after the primary and accessory work is complete.

Bonus/For Completion- Accumulate 50 GHD Situps, any set/rep scheme.  Either GHD machine.  NOT for time.



WODs For Monday 7-25, Tuesday 7-26, Wednesday 7-27. Please note: Olympic Lifting is on Tuesday this week.

July 25, 2016

Kayla’s out of town thursday, therefore this week, we’ll reverse the normal tuesday and thursday themes, with Oly Lifting on Tuesday, technique thursday.

Monday-  Sprint Work

Starting every 4th minute, 3 attempts total.

1 Lap bear Crawl, 15 Wallballs.  Squat Targets Mandatory.  Judges verifying depth and wall contact, mandatory.


Starting Every 4th Minute, 3 attempts total.

15 burpees, 15 Airdyne Calories (Men),  15 burpees, 12 Airdyne Calories (Women)

Tuesday- Olympic Focus

Technique- 10 Minutes on the Tall Clean.

For load- 10 Minutes to establish your heaviest unbroken Power Clean, Hang Squat Clean, Split Jerk.

Work- AMRAP in 8 minutes.  8 Power cleans, 8 Front Squats, 8 S20 @ 135/85.

Wednesday- Weightlifting

Primary  Lifts

Bar or Ring dip:  4 sets of 5-10 Reps

Strict Chinup: 4 sets of 5-10 reps

Accessory work to be determined.

Thursday will be technique and recovery and Friday will be a leg centric Long Slog.





No Open Gym Sunday

July 24, 2016

Please be advised that this week only, there in no open gym.

Wods for the week will post soon.




Weekend schedule

July 23, 2016

As of now there is no Open Gym on Sunday this week only.  If circumstances change I will post as soon as possible.

Saturday 8:45 to 10 Yoga with Heather.  10am to 12 noon Open Gym.



WOD for Friday 7-22-16

July 22, 2016

Jill was kind enough to test drive this workout and together we concluded that, as originally programmed, the best path to fastest score would be to go every other minute, and rest on the off minutes, which is not the workout effect I’m looking for on Fridays.  So, below are some changes vs. Sunday’s first draft

EMOM- 4 Clean and Jerk’s at 135/95 (competitors) 95/65 (fitness athletes).  With any time remaining in the minute, max reps pullups.  Score is time on the clock at 100 pullups.

  • Failure to complete 4 Clean and Jerks within a minute results in a penalty of -10 pullups.
  • There is NO penalty associated with getting no pullups in a minute.  So, the athlete could potentially choose to complete his/her Clean & Jerks, rest for the reminder of that minute, complete 4 more C&J’s as the minute rolls over and THEN resume pullups.

Caps –  You must achieve  the following minimums or we will cap your workout for safety’s sake.  50 or more Pullups at the 15 minute mark.  75 Pullups at 20 minutes.  100 by 30 minutes.