WODS for the Short week of 7/5 to 7/8

July 5, 2016

Tuesday- Short Duration, High Speed (normally our rx for Monday)

Three 5 minute couplets with a 5 minute break in between

A) 5 Power Cleans/5 Thrusters @ 85/55 Fitness, 95/65 Competitors.

B) 5 Overhead Squats/5 Pullups @ 85/55 Fitness, 95/65 & Chest To Bar Competitors.

C) 5 Deadlifts/5 Over the Bar Burpees @ 185/125 Fitness, 225/155 Competitors.

WEDNESDAY-  Weightlifting

Front Squat– x3, x3, x2, x2, x1 Go up every set if possible.

Bench Press– 4×8 across

THURSDAY – Olympic

A) Snatch Pulls — EOMOM x 5 :  3 Snatch Pulls

B) 10 Mins work to a heavy single in the Power Snatch.  Cap yourself at 90-95% full intensity.

C) Work-  Competitors:  21-15-9 Snatch/ HSPU  @ 115/80.  Power or Full.  Fitness, Snatch at 95/55, substitute wall walk-ups for HSPU’s at 6-4-2 each round.

Friday-  Long Duration

For time/ reverse ladder

25 Front Squats, 5 Toes To Bar

20 Front Squats, 10 Toes to Bar

15 Front Squats, 15 Toes To Bar

10 Front Squats, 20 Toes to Bar

5 Front Squats, 25 Toes to Bar

Both Fitness and Competitors @ 135/95  BUT,  competitors:  any breaks in the sets (so bar down or release from the pullup bar) 5 burpees before continuing.




  1. Tuesday metcons:
    A. 62 comp
    B. 71 comp
    C. 60 comp

  2. This was a nice welcome back wod.
    A 78 comp
    B 40 comp
    C 45 comp

    Clearly I ran out of gas after A.

  3. Tuesday metcons:
    A. 63 comp
    B. 50 comp/fitness( pull-ups)
    C. 40 comp


  4. Tuesday:
    A – 67 comp
    B – 44 comp
    C – 57 comp

  5. Cleans/thruster- 60-fitness
    OHS/PU- 32 w/ 35lb bar & not to depth- PU RX – whomp whomp- struggle greatly w/ overhead flexibility
    DL/otb burpees- 57 fitness

  6. i hurt my low back so i did the 2on/ 4 off airdyne intervals. i hate that thing.

  7. 78 Rx Competitor
    30 35lb OHS/C2B *i started Rx competitor but my wrist and shoulder gave out
    50 or 60 Rx Competitor (whoops!)

  8. Competition A 55, B 50, C 65

  9. Brock here. I did the Power clean/ thruster couplet as the first part of the Monster Mash on Sunday and liked it enough that I stole and programmed it today. I got 82 reps. This evening, 6pm let me jump in on the other two. I did the OHS/Pullup workout and got 95 reps rested 5 and got 76 on Deads/OTB Burpees but clearly those scores would’ve been worse had I done PC’s/Thrusters on the same day 5 mins prior, so asteriks apply. Its been several weeks since I’ve done multiple metcons in the span of a few days. I will resume some of the recovery protocols I’ve been away from (not cause I don;t believe in them anymore, rather I’ve just not been working hard enough to need their assistance).

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