WOD for Wednesday 7-5-26

July 6, 2016

A) Your choice of Squats (back, front or overhead) – x3, x3, x2, x2, x1.   Go up every set if possible.  Recall that Friday is very Front Squat-centric.

A1) Lunge Step forward, Return to start on the push back.  So, do NOT travel forward.  8 reps on the SAME leg.  Then Switch.  3 sets per leg.

B) Bench Press– 4×8 across.  Close grip if you prefer.

B1) Strict Incline Pushup-  Elevate the feet 3″.  Touch Chest but not thighs.  Maintain your rigid plank.  3x Max reps.






  1. Wednesday: OHS 155X3, 175X3, 185X3, 195X2, 205 X1 PR failed on 2nd, failed on 215×1
    Bench: 225×8, 225×8, 225×5, 4th set total fail!
    Accessories: push ups 35, 15 ran out of time on everything else.

  2. Front Squat: 125×3, 130×3, 135×2, 140×2, 145×1
    Bench: 85×8 for one set, 90×8 for next 3 sets

  3. Back squat heaviest set of 1 @ 255
    Bench 4 x 8 @ 205
    Lunges with 85 lbs
    Incline push ups 40,30,20

  4. Front squat heavy 265lbs PR

  5. BS 300×1
    Bench was light due to my shoulder. 135 across all reps.
    Push-ups 27, 21
    Lunges with heavy sandbags☑️

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